Crispy Stovetop Iron-Skillet Salmon

I was lucky enough to inherit two cast iron skillets ~ a 10-inch skillet from Grandma and a 12-inch skillet from Mom.  They're way up there in years, probably 70 years at the least, and I handle them with TLC!

If you'd tell me that I could only have one cooking utensil in my kitchen, 
this is what it would be!

Easy Baked Sugar-free Chocolate Cake Donuts


Mom loved Krispy Kreme donuts, 

so did my boss at work.  

I didn’t get it ~ seemed to me ~ might as well 
eat a cup of sugar.

Even mini chocolate chip calories can add up quickly.  Recently, I was happy to discover Lily’s chocolate chips, a mere 50 calories per tablespoon.

Stuffing-topped Baked Pork Chops with Gravy

These delicious savory fork-tender chops 
are topped with 
stuffing and gravy, 
they’re right up Bill’s alley!

Bill is a huge fan of pork chops and I’m always thinking of new ways of preparing them.  If stuffing is involved, that’s all the better in my way of thinking!

Chow down on Cowboy Chicken Casserole


Here’s a casserole with great ingredients that 
any cowboy would like to chow down on.
 And so do we when it's a chilly night here.  
It’s Cowboy Chicken Casserole!

It’s a wholesome concoction of chicken, black beans, corn, cheese, salsa, tortillas and seasonings that come together to make this a tasty hearty filling dinner.

Cowboy Chicken lives up to its name with bringing to mind the good flavors of the Southwest. 

Homemade Baked Cinnamon "Sugar" Donuts

Lately, (like the last 5 years) I’ve seen a plethora of bloggers praising how good their baked donuts ~ I secretly wondered ~ how good are they, really?  

The food blogger side of me is just a touch embarrassed to admit I’m more than a little late in hopping on the baked-donut-band-wagon.

Spicy Cormeal-battered Baked Catfish w/Really Lousy Photos!

Fishing around for a seafood dinner for tonight?  Then consider this crispy baked catfish!

Ready for baking----photos do not get any better than this!

I might live in the Midwest now, but my roots run deep in Louisville, where catfish is abundant at all-you-can-eat fish fry’s at family restaurants about year round.  

Vinegar & Sweet Valentine's & Profiteroles

Valentine’s Day is known as the time 
to send love notes and cards, 
including anonymous ones signed by 
your secret admirer. 

But not always the case in the Victorian Era...

”Vinegar Valentine’s” were sent anonymously in those days, by ladies who didn’t want the attention of a specific suitor. 

Hungarian Pork Tenderloin with Roasted Potatoes and Cabbage

 A chilly winter-time day calls for comfort food: 
potatoes and cabbage roasted alongside
pork tenderloin for a tasty meal. 

I’m a big fan of pork tenderloin, it’s an excellent cut of meat for cooking, simply because it’s versatile, fairly inexpensive, tasty and friendly with a wide variety of spices...

Tilapia Baked with Cannellini Beans and Black Olives

Tilapia has been around since 1500 B.C. ~ it's not surprising then that the fish has history connected to the Bible.  It has been fished in the Sea of Galilee for thousands of years.   

Supposedly the fish that was caught by St. Peter was thought to have been tilapia.  This is one reason why the fish is also known as "St. Peter's fish" and is separated from meat according to Lenten standards.

Here's why most cooks like tilapia:  it's inexpensive, easy to prepare, widely available and "goes with everything."  It's also a good source of protein and has a low to moderate fat content.  It tastes pretty good too. 

Old Fashioned Chuck Roast w/Potatoes, Carrots and Onions

I remember it vividly!

It’s “chuck roast,” Mom corrected me, on the day I blurted out “pot roast.”  Must've been because she didn't want the cattle on our farm to be offended... 😉

Perfect Baked Chicken Breast

Looking for a recipe for baked chicken breast?  
This is the only recipe you'll need!

The ubiquitous chicken just might be the most popular meat around.  Cooks love it for its versatility and folks, young and old, love the flavor of it.  I’ve cooked a lot of chicken in my lifetime, and we think this is one of the best!

You know,

nobody can ever

cook as good as

your Mama.

~ Paula Deen

You know, nobody can ever cook as good as your mama. Paula Deen
Read more at:
You know, nobody can ever cook as good as your mama. Paula Deen
Read more at:


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