Herb Crusted Tilapia and a Baby Shower

Aside from the 15 degree temperature and VERY windy, snowy weather here yesterday, it was a fantastic fun day for Bill and me!  If you follow my blog, you may recall that I am going to be a grandmother for the first time. 

Kathy’s baby shower was held yesterday and what great amazing gifts she and Matt received for their baby boy who is expected the middle of February.  I had no idea there are so wonderful things for a baby! 

I’m hoping the little guy will like fish as he grows up as baked fish is a great choice for any meal and healthy too!  Tilapia is popular and noted for its capability for absorbing other flavors, especially herbs; dried and fresh. 

This recipe is easy and tasty.  It has a kick of flavor from the light coating of Dijon mustard along with herbs and horseradish.  Panko bread crumbs makes a delicious crunching topping for the tender flaky tilapia.    I’m crazy about baked tilapia!

Herb Crusted Tilapia


2 pounds tilapia filets
3 tablespoons Dijon mustard
1 teaspoon horseradish
1 teaspoon onion powder
1 teaspoon dried parsley
½ teaspoon thyme
½ cup Panko bread crumbs
Olive oil


Pat dry tilapia with a paper towel.
Mix mustard, horseradish, onion powder, parsley and thyme in a small bowl.
Spread mixture over filets.
Scatter bread crumbs over top.
Drizzle over all with olive oil.
Bake 375 degrees for 15-20 minutes until fish is fork tender and golden.


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Also, check out my friend, Linda’s blog, at My Kind of Cooking.  She is also hosting a Tate’s Bake Shop giveaway!


  1. I am thrilled that you are going to be a grand mother...it will be the most exciting thing in your life! I just might try this, I am not crazy for fish but this sure sounds good! ;D

  2. I love baby showers and it must be even more fun when it is for your new grandchild! Tilapia is one of our favorite fish to eat. There is always a fillet or two in the freezer. I will have to use your recipe next time I cook them.

  3. Dear Pam:

    WOW it's cold out there ! But I'm happy to hear you're having a great time "expecting" your grandson .I should say the last baby shower I went to was a surprise to me too, so many things I didn't know existed, isn't that too much? But I suppose moms and babies do enjoy all these stuff.

    Tilapia is great, I try to cook as much fish as possible, so I'm copying these idea right away, big hug

  4. I LOVE bay showers! congrats to them on their little boy! Lovely fish here, I dont eat enough of it.

  5. Baby showers are the best!! You will love being a grandma. And this fish sounds so delicious!

  6. The fish looks delicious and how adorable is the mama to be? She's one of those "cute pregnant" women--I'm jealous!

  7. How can a young woman like you be a grandmother? Nonetheless, congratulations. I'm not a huge fan of tilapia (I like it fine, but prefer catfish). Also, the festive top of your page is holiday-rific.

  8. Being a grandma is the most wonderful thing in the world. And lucky little baby to have such a sweet grandma. Happy Holidays.

  9. I hear becoming a grandmother is like falling in love all over again :-) Awesome.

    Great tilapia dish. You are right, this is a healthy and light fish that absorbs flavors well.


  10. Pam! Thank you so much for everything!! I know the baby is so lucky to have great grandparents like you!! The fish looks delicious!! I'm going to have to try this at home!!!
    Love you! Kathy

  11. Sounds like the baby shower was fun.

    I love tilapia but have not seen it in the shops here. Diane

  12. Clements Family, thanks!

    Julie Harward, it's a thrilling thing that I can hardly wait to meet Baby Boy! I used to not be crazy about fish either but have learned to love it in recent years.

    Linda www.mykindofcooking.com, we had so much fun at the shower and I was just amazed by it all. I'm so proud of Kathy & Matt! Glad you like the fish also!

    Pamela, yes! It's bitter cold and windy today also but nice and sunny! Yes, I had no idea to the wide range of baby gear; they received a nice variety of good things. Hugs to you!

    Jennifurla, me too! Thanks so much! The tilapia is good!

    Deborah, I'm sure and just counting the time until he arrives on the scene!

    TKW, yes! Kathy is adorable and will make a great loving mom! I didn't look that good back in the days either! She's amazing!

    StephenC, lol! Thanks! Flattery always works for me, especially when I'm not so young. I love catfish also and have it often.

    Cathy, that's what I hear from so many people and can't wait to experience it!

    Velva, you said it perfectly! I'm sure it is! Thanks for that and about the tilapia too!

    Hi sweet Kathy!!! What a fun exciting time yesterday! The baby is lucky to have great parents like you and Matt will be. Glad you like the fish. Love you...

    Food, Fun and Life in the Charente, thanks! It was! I'm sorry you're unable to find the tilapia. It's so mild and delicious but there are others that are also that this recipe would work with.

  13. Pam, congratulations! How lovely to be a grandmother. I can't wait!!

    We are seafood lovers here and your recipe sounds delicious.


  14. Congratulations to your daughter and son-in-law. Anlso, congrats to you and your hubby in becoing first-time grandparents.
    When will the child be born?
    The fish looks good!

  15. I know there are so many cute baby things around, and when I see them I seem to go all gaga and feel like holding a baby... again!




  16. From the Kitchen, thank you! I know exactly what you mean.

    Dedene, thanks! It is my wonderful son and great daughter-in-law who will be the proud parents. Bill and I are so looking forward to his birth around Valentine's Day!

    Alessandra, it made me go gaga also! There's nothing like a baby!!! Thanks so much.

  17. Congrats! So exciting! How much fun will it be to cook for a grandbaby? That is the nicest :)

    The tilapia looks great. Love fish with horseradish!

  18. Wow this fish dish sounds delicious, love the idea of dijon mustard and horseradish...so tasty :-)

  19. this fish is exactly the way to make it perfection as you have done. I love it!

  20. aw, nothing more exciting then a new baby! how fun!

    the fish looks wonderful, i love all of the flavors!

  21. Your herb crusted fish sounds delish! You must be excited to be a grandma soon :)

  22. Congrats to you first time grandma! sandie

  23. Pam, this fish with dijon mustard sure sounds and looks delicious, love the idea of panko :-)

  24. Baby showers sounds like fun! Over here, the gifts will come after the baby is born. Both you and Bill must be excited to be grandparents! Your grandchild is very lucky to have grandma that makes delicious yummies!
    Love your tilapia!

  25. Congrats on the coming grandson! The herb crusted fish sounds so good right now!

  26. Love your holiday header! Your daughter is lovely, and the tilapia looks easy and so delicious! Stay warm!

  27. You've been to my site at least a few times :) so you know my love for tilapia...I'll be making this one for sure!!

  28. Pam, I think that little guy will love whatever grandma is cooking for him! I'm sure he will brings joy to the family. Have a great day!
    Blessings, kristy

  29. Becoming a Grandmother for the first time is a great way to start a new year :)

  30. congratulations and enjoy.
    I am going to have my second baby in march.


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You know, nobody can ever cook as good as your mama. Paula Deen
Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/paula_deen_431843?src=t_cook


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