Vertans Day Tribute to Bill, and all Veterans!

Happy Veterans Day!

Private, Ft. Knox, KY 1965

Sgt, Bamberg, Germany, 1967

Sgt. E5, Machine Gun Instructor, Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo 1968

With a special shout-out to Bill, my favorite veteran,
thanks to all veterans out there, who served in defense of our great country, for protecting our freedom!  

You are all heroes!

Happy Veterans Day!


  1. Lovely tribute Barbara. A heartfelt thank you to your husband Bill and all veterans!!!!

  2. A special thanks to each of our veterans, what would this world be without them. BTW I think I have a closet full of those little creatures sewing my clothes…so funny. :D

    1. Ha, Karen! That makes 2 of us! :-) We definitely owe a lot to our veterans!

  3. Pam, Veteran's Day is huge here in East Tennessee. It is as it should be! Nice tribute... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  4. Happy Veterans Day - love the photos Pam.

  5. Thanks to Bill!
    best... mae at

  6. A huge thank you to all our veterans for keeping our country free and great!

  7. We went to our local service yesterday, life would have been very different without these brave men. Take care, Diane

  8. Thanks to Bill and everyone who serves our country. I am thankful.

  9. Thank you for this very important tribute to those who serve our great nation and our freedoms!


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