Luscious Lemon Lush

This is a heavenly blast from the past! 

I’ve made this luscious dessert for many more years than I care to count.  I don’t know where the recipe came from, but I do know that it always brings rave reviews when I serve it! 

You can use whatever flavor of pudding you wish.  I generally like to make this with lemon in the summer, as it’s light and refreshing, and chocolate the rest of the year for a richer dessert (omit lemon juice.)  Use walnuts or hazelnuts, instead of pecans, if you prefer.

The bottom layer is a shortbread crust filled with pecans. Smoothed over that is a creamy sweet filling of Cool Whip, powdered sugar and cream cheese.  Topping it is a layer of light cool lemon pudding, and more Cool Whip plus a few chopped pecans scattered over all.

Bottom layer
2nd layer

3rd layer
Top layer

Desserts don’t get much better than this ~ you’ll see ~ like it is here, there won’t be any left in the pan to put back in the refrigerator for dessert tomorrow!
It’s a luscious classic!

Lemon Lush

Bottom layer:

1½ cups flour
¼ cup chopped pecans, plus more for garnish
1½ sticks butter, softened

Mix all 3 ingredients.
Spread in 13” x 9” pan.
Bake 350 degrees for 20-30 minutes until golden.
(Can be refrigerated overnight.)

Second layer:

1 (8-ounce) package cream cheese, softened
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup powdered sugar
1 (9-ounce) Cool Whip, divided

Using electric mixer, mix cream cheese, vanilla, sugar and 1 cup Cool Whip.
Beat well and spread over first layer.
Put in refrigerator and let set 1 hour or overnight.

Third layer:

2 small boxes instant lemon pudding
3 cups cool milk
1 tablespoon lemon juice

Mix instant pudding with milk.
Mix until dissolved and spread over second layer. 

Top layer:

Spread with remaining Cool Whip.
Scatter ½ cup chopped pecans, over all for garnish.
Cover and refrigerate for several hours.



  1. I tried to resist checking this out when I saw it on FB! However, I have no willpower when it comes to dessert. Lemon is irresistible. So is chocolate.


  2. I love nut-based crusts. And this looks killer good. Wow.

  3. Pam, Looks great to me! Love the idea of the shortbread bottom layer as a contrast to the filling and toppings. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  4. This brought back memories for me, Pam! Lemon Lush is delicious! I cannot eat Cool Whip, so I'd always make an envelope of "Dream Whip" & substitute it. A great dessert- Yum!

  5. I love all with lemon !! and this look wonderreally delicious:))
    I saved this Pam!!

  6. Sinful Pam! You are such a "bad" girl serving this up this gloomy afternoon!!! I'm headed to the kitchen to check for the ingredients!

    Thanks for sharing...I think:)

  7. I love nut based crusts too.
    This looks like a crowd pleaser~

  8. Pam,
    Your Lemon Lush is wonderful. I made this recipe in chocolate earlier in the year. Like you say, this is a blast from the past. I used to make the pistachio pudding at Christmas time. I also made the lemom recipe in jars for a summer treat! a veery versatile recipe with rave reviews, too.

  9. What a wonderful lemony dessert Pam, I am definitely craving lemon right now. I bet your lush is delicious!

  10. Ooooo, I bet that is good.
    I am sure I have had the
    chocolate version before
    and it was yummy too!

    M : )

  11. My taste buds are crying right now....I desperately want a bite of this!!

    looks so good.

  12. I think I would leave lemon pudding, it sounds great!

  13. I think I would leave lemon pudding, it sounds great!

  14. I want some of this right now! Can you believe we're heading into Fall already Pam? Hope all is well your way.

  15. This looks really yummy, thank you Pam ~

  16. Pam.. You always make me so hungry!!! This looks delicious!!

  17. Totally scrumptious!!! In lemon OR chocolate :)

  18. My mom used to make this! She would make one pan chocolate, one butterscotch, so everyone could have their favorite. I have never tried it with lemon..but I bet that is delicious!

  19. Beautiful Pam, this would disappear in a NY minute!! Blessings dear. Catherine


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