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GIVEAWAY on My Blogoversary!

One year and 292 posts...

Woo hoo!!!  Today is my one year blogoversary!

One year ago today, I had no idea what this blogging was all about.  I just saw a couple of food blogs and thought it would be a great way to finally organize my recipes and have fun doing it.

First of all, I must give much credit to my older son, Bubba (Bill, Jr.) who has a blog of his own.  He helped me with the start up and answered my multitude of questions.  Thanks Bubba!!! 

 After I decided to go ahead with it, I told Bill about it.  He rolled his eyes and I knew what he was thinking, “Here we go, another impulse thing.  I wonder how long this will last!”  Surprise, surprise Bill!  I’m still at it and enjoying every minute of it.  I love it!

I want to tell you what is incredibly wonderful with this blog ~ it is meeting all of you caring, smart, loving and often times funny people out there.  I just want to thank you all very much for your support and your comments.  I am very humbled by it all and I just wish I had the chance to meet each and every one of you! 

For those of you who follow me, you will know that it has been an amazing year with the changes in our family.  In celebration of it all, I have a giveaway…

“My New Orleans, the Cookbook” by John Besh

I love, love New Orleans, the food (imagine that!), architecture, gardens and people and have visited the city many times.  I told you about this cookbook on June 23rd and it is way up there, in the top 10 of my favorite cookbooks.

“My New Orleans” is a masterpiece created by the award winning chef, John Besh.  This is a hard-cover book that’s almost 400 pages long, filled with amazing photographs of food and New Orleans.  It chronicles the history and culture of New Orleans with archival photographs as well as current ones. 

French Crawfish Boil

French Quarter Ironwork

Thanksgiving Whole Roast Stuffed Turkey

Here is what Besh says in the very first line of the cookbook:  "This book is the story of a dreamy, starry-eyed boy brought up in the shadows of New Orleans surrounded by cypress knees and tupelo trees, good dinners and great friends…  I wrote 'My New Orleans' in the same spirit in which I launched my restaurants; it's a book dedicated to roots and rituals, to the way I cook."

I could go on and on about this cookbook ~ it is indeed incredible with a great story, scrumptious recipes and fabulous photos and I thought it would be the perfect cookbook for my giveaway.

Here are the easy giveaway rules:

  • This contest is open to everyone.

  • Leave me a comment and tell me what your favorite city to visit is.

  • You must be a follower through Google Friend Connect.

The contest is open through Monday, November 8, 2010, midnight CST.

The winner will be chosen by and announced on Tuesday, November 9th, 2010.

Bill made a comment saying if I picked it by using the Chicago political style, Bill would win!  I’ll stick with!

Thanks so very much to all of you kind folks ~ for all your support and comments during the past year!  I’m looking forward to another year of it!


  1. Congratulations Pam!

    Although visiting cities is not my favorite vacation destination (I'm more of an outdoorsy girl), I would have to say San Francisco. I've been there a few times. The weather is perfectly comfortable year round. The scenery is great and the food is amazing.

    One more thing, what is Bubba's blog? I"m curious to see the inspiration for this wonderful spot in the wild, wild, web.

  2. M @ Betty Crapper, thanks so much! I love SF also and being an outdoorsy girl is great!

    Bubba's blog ----- BEWARE! It is a political blog.

    Here's the link:

  3. Congratulations on your first year anniversary, Pam. I've enjoyed your first year and look forward to your second.

    I have to say that my favorite city, the one I dream about returning to is Paris. My daughter and I went for a visit last year and it was just magical. Closer to home, San Francisco and Chicago are favorites as well.

  4. Congratulations on the blog!! Wow a year, that's wonderful! Love reading!

    I would have to say even though it is not a city is Disney World, it was the first vacation that my husband and I went on, and also a stop on our road trip Honeymoon, but since you asked for a city I would have to say Nashville, and Washington DC two more stops on our road trip honeymoon.

  5. Congrats on your first year! Looking forward to your many wonderful recipes in the next one...have enjoyed your site!

  6. Congratulations on your first year, may there be many more to follow. I am not a city person but I would love to go back to Paris and spend a bit more time looking at all the 'things' I missed in my last 'flying' visit. Diane

  7. Congratulations on your first year anniversary, Pam!!
    I would love to go back to Paris, I was there for my honeymoon, but so much time has passed since then!

  8. Hi Pam

    Happy 1st anniversary ! I have been a silent follower and have enjoyed your blog this one year.

    I look forward to many more of your blogging = )

    My favourite city would be Napa Valley. I love the crisp air and the beautiful vineyards.

    Thank you for your giveaway.


  9. Oh, I love San Francisco - and guess what! I just moved to the area last month. It was a dream come true! :)

  10. Happy 1 yr! Awesome and a real accomplishment!

    New York City is close to my heart! :) Always and forever.

  11. Congrats on the first year! I'm coming up on that in just a few weeks.
    My favorite city is Nashville and its little suburb Franklin. I love the excitement and the people there.

  12. Congratulations, Pam! New Orleans is a wonderful city. It's been quite a few years since we've been there but I can still recall the sights and wonderful restaurants vividly.

    I'll have to agree with several others on San Francisco. So much to see and do there and in the surrounding areas.

  13. Congratulations. I for one have enjoyed your blog as much as any other I visit. My favorite city to visit is San Francisco (where I once went 6 days after hernia surgery; you can imagine how I coped with the hills). I love John Besh and would love to win the book. Keep up the inspiring work!

  14. All the best. May you have many more happy blogging years.

  15. Pam, Congrats on 1 year!! We are so proud of you!! You have done an amazing job with the blog. I have truly enjoyed reading it and seeing your passion for cooking. You are a true talent and a wonderful person!! So lucky to have you as my mother in law!! This is a day to celebrate!! Congrats! Love you!! Kathy

  16. Happy Bloggy Birthday! I've been a follower for a while now.

    My favorite city to visit is just a small town...Eureka Springs, AR. It's fun and very eclectic, tucked in the beautiful Ozark Mountains.

  17. Congratulations on your first giveaway and it is a great one! My favorite city would have to be Paris, I would love to go there.

    hillaryanna at yahoo dot com

  18. Cathy, thank you! I love Paris and would really love to return. I'm really glad you like Chicago! I always say it has one of the most beautiful skylines of any city and is a friendly city to visit (in the Loop).

    Sharon, thanks! I haven't been to Nashville in several years and DC in many years. Their both great. Never been to DW though. Have a good day!

    Pegasuslegend, thank you so much for EVERYTHING!!!

    Food, Fun and Life in the Charente, thanks so much! Paris is fabulous but it has been a long while since I've been there.

    Barbara, another Paris! That city rates! I bet you had a wondrous honeymoon there!

    Christine, thanks! The Napa Valley is fantastic! We took the wine train tour there several years ago, so beautiful!

    Courtney, lucky you! I've always told Bill I would love to live there!

    Design Wine and Dine, thanks so much! NYC, I'd love to go there just for the Broadway shows!

    Robin, another Nashville! It's a beautiful area and a unique city with the music connection.

  19. I have my one year coming up too! Good for you!

    We are very boring about traveling. Our favorite place as a family is Wisconsin Dells, we go there every year. Duluth would be the second favorite, just GORGEOUS this time of year! Not very exotic but practical for this family!

  20. happy bloggiversary chica! It's SUCH a huge accomplishment and I'm SO happy to have "met" you through blogging! My favorite city to visit is SF. Love the food there.

  21. I'm a follower and I love Chicago.

    Happy Halloween.


  22. Happy blogoversary!

    I fell in love with Vancouver when we visited earlier this year. Would go back in a heartbeat!

  23. Pam congratulations for the aniversary.
    Big hug

  24. SavoringTime in the Kitchen, thanks! I love NOLA for it's southern charm, all the fabulous old architecture and beignets. SF is awesome!

    StephenC, thank you! Oh, I remember walking those steep hills in SF. Going up was OK, going down was another story. I just knew I was going to fall and roll down the hills into the streets! Ouch! Not a good time for you to be in SF after the surgery. I'm glad you like John Besh also!

    Lazaro Cooks! Thank you and I certainly hope so!

    Kathy, how wonderful to see you here! You amaze me away with your nice comments! We are so very proud and lucky to have you as a daughter in law. Here's hoping you have a great rest of the day! Love you too!

    Annie Jones, thank you! Oh, the Ozarks, a beautiful area of the country! I just looked at the ES website; it sounds eclectic and I would love to visit there!

    Hillary, thanks; I'm glad you like it! Hope you get to Paris, it's fabulous!

    Debbi Does Dinner Healthy, good for you too. This year has flown by! The Dells is a great place with so many fun things to do. Plus it's a really pretty area. Duluth? I've been to Duluth, GA but I bet you're talking about Duluth, MN. and that sounds a little cold to me! ;)

    Joanne, thanks chica! And I'm so happy to have met you. Love your blog with your cool sense of humor! SF rocks!

  25. Congrats on your blogaversary!

    My favorite place to go back and visit would be Sedona, AZ!

  26. Happy blogaversary to you girl!!!

    Dallas would have to be one of the best places to visit for all the wonderful eateries and shoppin'.

    For a beach thing...probably South Padre Island baby! :o)

    Woohoo!!! What a wonderful cookbook that would be here on the Ponderosa!!!

    God bless ya and have a fantastically fun weekend!!!

  27. I'd have to go with a European one actually even though I'm born and raised in the States, like London or Paris. Thanks for the giveaway


    zekks at yahoo dot com

  28. Pam, Happy Blogoversary!

    It's not easy picking just one city, but if I had to, it'll be London. It's a fantastic place to shop, sightseeing and most importantly, EAT.

    Again, many congratulations. I look forward to reading more of your delicious posts.

    Have a great day. Michael

  29. Congratulations Pam! I pray you have many more blog anniversary's! I love reading your blog and I am always wondering what new and creative recipe you will be posting!

    It is hard to pick just one city, but if I have to, I would pick Cape Town, South Africa. The people are warm and friendly, the food is fantastic, and there is so much to see and do.

    I hope you and Bill have a great weekend!

  30. WOW Congratulations on your first year!!! I love reading your blog & the recipes are fabulous!!

    I love Vegas!! I've been twice & there's so much to do & see, Oh & eat!! I love it!!

  31. Happy Blogversary! Sin city is fun, fun, fun!

  32. Hello, Pam, Congratulations on your first year of blogging! It is great knowing you even if it is from across thousands of miles! I have always enjoyed your posts. I like your no-fuss style, delicious home cooking yummies. The cookbook certainly looks fabulous! I am not much of a travel person, but I would really love to visit any city in Australia!
    Here's to another year of wonderful blogging! Cheers!

  33. First of all... congrats on your blogiversary. I'm not sure that those who don't blog realize how important this timeline is to those of us who do this.

    Secondly: "you caring, smart, loving and often times funny people out there" (I are one!)

    Giveaway or not, I've learned so much from your blog and have enjoyed reading each and every post.

  34. Pam you sure have accomplish a lot with your first year of your blog. I can't believe how regular you post! Great job! I am looking forward to many more to come.
    As for my favorite city to visit...I would say Islamorada in the middle of the Florida Keys, but I don't know if that would qualify as a city, so maybe Key West, or Traverse City, Michigan. It's hard to say just one!

  35. happy birthday to your wonderful blog, great giveaway I also love New Orleans oh and join me on twitter u will love it :-)

  36. Happy birthday Pam! :)
    Love your blog. Wonderful book too, I would really like it. But I am very very far away, Hungary Europe... :(
    New Orleans is one of my favourite cities in USA. :)

  37. What a wonderful reason for you to celebrate! - Happy Happy 1 yr. Anniversary Pam! :-)

  38. Oh I just love traveling but since I left Seattle, going back there has been my favorite city to visit.

    Happy Anny!

  39. Congrats on the one year Pam! I do enjoy your keep it up!
    I'm a follower ... I haven't traveled much in my life, but I think of all the cities I have visited, I like San Francisco the best. (great giveaway gift too.. I hope I win!!!)

  40. Congratulations Pam. Your blog is wonderful and thanks so much for stopping by mine. I am from New York and it will always be near and dear to me no matter where else I might live.

  41. congratuations Pam. Here's wishing you many more happy years of food blogging x

  42. Congratulations! I really enjoy your blog and am looking forward to more of your recipes and stories:)

    I love Sanibel Island in Florida. It is on the west coast. When I am there, I feel like I am on a Caribbean island but yet I am still in the good old U.S.

  43. Happy Anniversary! You are such a pro at this...I thought you had been blogging so much longer. Your blog always brings a smile to my face. Thank you for sharing with us. And I love visiting San Francisco and New York. My grandparents grew up in New Orleans though, and I love eating the cuisine of that vibrant city!

  44. Hi Pam

    congratulations on your blogoversary!! I am so glad we connected in this crazy blogosphere of ours! My favorite city has to be Paris, it was our first city in Europe we visited and has always retained that magical feel for me, I could live there.
    Hope your weekend is going well

  45. Congrats Pam...what a wonderful milestone and what a great way to celebrate. Have heard great reviews about the cookbook. One of my fave places to visit is Sydney... among a bunch of others!

  46. My favorite city to visit is Paris -- food and art can't be beat. If I didn't live in New York, I think it might be on top. Love Rome,and Madrid's great, too.

    Many more great years for your blog. So enjoy visiting here!

  47. I'm so excited because I gave away a copy of that book this year and I wanted to keep it for myself instead. It's a great book and I'd love to win it here.

    My favorite city to visit would probably be St. Augustine, Florida. I grew up nearby, I love the history, and it is one of my favorite East Coast surf breaks at Anastasia Island.

  48. Congratulations on your one year blogerversary! I love to try your recipes.
    I love Portland, Oregon to visit. The flowers at the farmer's market are wonderful and inexpensive. Ikea and a huge Williams-Sonoma store and of course the largest bookstore in the world. Also, it's a good place to branch out to see the Oregon coast which is absolutely breathtaking. And nearby Multinomah Falls is so beautiful and a must see.

  49. Happy anniversary and happy blogging for many more years to come!

  50. May you enjoy another wonderful year of blogging. Happy blogoversary!!!

    I love visiting San Diego, CA. It is such a beautiful city.

  51. check out my new post on :

  52. Congrats on your one year blogoversary. Keep the great recipes coming.
    My favorite city to visit, San Francisco

  53. Congrats! I must say my favourite city is Montréal. Great food, great people and also amazing shopping!

  54. Yay! I think blogging is so much fun, too and mostly it's the people. My favorite "city" is Yellowstone Natl Park :)

  55. Congratulations on your blogaversary! I'm just back from down south. Didn't get as far as New Orleans but sure enjoyed a lot of southern cuisine including country ham and red eye gravy with buttermilk biscuits!!


  56. Congratulations! Well done and all that. It's a milestone!

  57. I'll tell you why first--it's where my son and his wife and my 2 grandkids live! So--it's Covington, VA--and about 20 minutes from them is a restaurant called THE CAT and the OWL--and it's mighty good! So that's my favorite city for now--as long as they're there!

  58. Happy Blogoversary, Pam; so sorry I missed the actual day, just been so busy with the new job and trying to adjust to the extra hours...I haven't looked at Facebook in about 2 weeks and am totally behind on comments, but still trying to stay ahead on my blog with scheduled posts..I hope you are happy and well...Have a great weekend and kiss M/M for me!...New Orleans is my birthplace=love it there!...Maui is a favorite too :)

  59. Hey Pam, Happy Belated First Blogoversary! Wow, 292 posts in one year! What a great work! Hat off to you. Wishing you the very best and looking for more to come 300th, 400th, 500th.... Have fun!
    ((hugs)) Kristy

  60. congrats!!! wohoo!

    i love new orleans! my mom went to LSU and my father went to school at tulane, so we eat a lot of delicious creole/cajun goodies!

    my favorite city is Prague! it was beautiful!

    Keeping my fingers crossed!

  61. Two Harbors, MN.
    I'm a GFC follower :)


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