Alice’s Apple Slices

Kelly, in the middle, with her sister and cousin

Kelly, our sweet niece asked for Grandma’s apple slices recipe at Matt and Kathy’s wedding a couple of weeks ago.  In the picture above, Kelly was close to 4 years old; however, now she is a wife and the mother of 2 sons.

As I’ve told you before, Alice, my mother-in-law was a great baker and these apple slices are one of our favorites of her recipes.  They are absolutely delicious, filled with a great cinnamon flavor and topped with a tangy sweet glaze.  They’re also very easy to make and wonderful for a crowd.

Years ago, I made apple slices for Bill to take to work for his co-workers to enjoy on whatever the occasion was.  He commuted by train into work in the Chicago Loop every day, and then walked across the Chicago River to his office, a couple of blocks further.  Unfortunately, he didn't realize the baking sheet was filled with 6 pounds of apples until he had to balance that and lug his brief case also.  His co-workers were just happy he delivered the apple slices intact and devoured them quickly!

I use a mix of apples when I make this; mostly Granny Smiths, which are sweet/tart and about 5 or 6 Braeburns, which are also sweet/tart.   I have made it many times using only Granny Smith apples though.  I keep the sugar at ½ cup unless the apples are really very tart as the glaze adds just enough sugar to sweeten it up.  So there is a little tart with the sweet and that is what makes it so delicious, my friends!!!

Not only is the apple filling great, the crust makes it heavenly.  Let me tell you ~ if you bake these apple slices, yours will disappear quickly too!

Apple Slices


4 cups sifted flour
1½ teaspoons salt
1½ cups shortening
4 egg yolks
2 tablespoons lemon juice
9-16 tablespoons cold water (don’t think I have EVER used more than 9)


Cut shortening into flour.
Mix egg yolks and lemon juice with water.  Start with 9 tablespoons, add more later, if needed.
Divide dough in half.
Roll out one half of dough into a large rectangle a little larger than the size of the baking pan.
Gently fold the dough over in half and place into a cookie sheet with sides or a jelly roll pan, bringing the dough up the side of it.


6 pounds of apples (I usually use 4 or 5 pounds of Granny Smith with the remainder being Breaburns).
½ to 1 cup sugar
1 tablespoon flour
½ teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons cinnamon
Dash nutmeg
2 tablespoons butter


Peel and slice apples.
Mix together with remainder of ingredients.
Spread filling on pastry in pan.
Dab with butter.
Roll out the top crust, fold in half, ease it onto the apple slices.
Crimp the edges of the dough on all 4 sides.
Cut a few slits in the top crust.
Bake 375 degrees for about 45 minutes to 1 hour or until golden brown and apples are fork-tender.

Combine 1 cup confectioner’s sugar and 2-3 tablespoon lemon juice.
If not of glaze consistency, add a few drops of water at a time.
Drizzle glaze over completely cooled apple slices with a spoon.

I’m warning you ~ apple slices are very addicting!  Nothing like an apple slice a day!


  1. I think I could probably eat the whole tray of these!

    I love how memories can be passed on through food. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. I don't mind to have that whole tray, looks so yummy!

  3. Num num, that is a great looking dessert and the apple slices.. great idea!!

  4. Sweetest Photo I've seen this week. Who needs apples when you have these sweet faces? Loved seeing you visit my blog. I'm so happy that you did. Come back again and again and I'll do the same with you! Take care, Happy Sandwiching. Keri (a.k.a. Sam)

  5. very cute picture Pam!!Your apple slices looks so yammy!!
    I think sometimes we like a recipe for that it can remember us and not exactly for its taste......that's wanderfull!!

  6. Cute picture of the girls! The apple slices look yummy. Your recipe is a keeper:)


  8. I have never heard of Apple Slices. Sounds so good and a great recipe to make when my gang comes viviting; sure thi swould feed a few. thanks

  9. My mom talked about someone making something similar and always sounded so good. I know where to come for a recipe when are apples are ripe in the fall!

  10. Thats a lovely picture
    and the recipe sounds great!!!

  11. Joanne, me too! I definitely need restraint when it comes to devouring them. And love the memories with some foods also!

    Anncoo, that tray went pretty fast!

    lostpastremembered, thanks! I owe it all to my mother-in-law, she had some great recipes!

    Sam, Keri too, you are right on spot! The photo makes me smile every time I see it! Love your blog and wish they would work on updating it. It still says 8 months ago with the mayo post. Keep up the great sandwiching!

    Zia Elle, thanks and they're all still very cute, pretty! And the apple slices bring back a lot of good memories! Have a good day!

    The Fadjich Times, thank you. It's hard to believe they're all grown up with their own great families now. It surely makes me feel a little older. ;)

    anniebakes, thanks! Yes, they are Franciscan ware, apple patter and I've used them everyday for many years. Glad it gave you a flash back!

    Sage, you're welcome. Try it, it's better than regular apple pie!

    midwesttomidlands, yes! It's all about the delicious apples and this is a great dessert to try!

    Sarah Naveen, thank you! They are 3 cuties for sure!

  12. Isn't it true how time flies! You hubby is impressive carrying an entire tray of apple slices over that distance. Your apple slices sound absolutely fantastic!

  13. Love love your quote ' nothing like an apple SLICE a day'. I totally agree on that, Pam!
    Your blog is lovely! I'll be back often.

    Have a happy day!

  14. Anything that is made with apples is a winner in my book! I would love a slice!

  15. Oh how I would love to get up the courage to try these delights, Pam. I'm such a bad baker and when I hear "dough" I hide under the bed.

    I can't help chuckling at the thought of your husband carrying 6 pounds of apple slices. Whoa!!!

    Thanks for sharing...I'm going to save this link just in case:)

  16. Fresh Local and Best, thanks! Hubby did it for the cause! ;)

    saskia, thanks so much! An apple slice a day surely beats an apple a day to me! See you soon! xoxo

    Jacqueline, it is!

    Paris Pastry, thanks! Love those apples just about any way they're prepared.

    louise, the dough for this is so easy it's unreal. Hubby babied them all the way to the office, I'm sure!

  17. Looks fabulous! Granny Smith is a favorite, but Braeburn is tops to me! That is one nice, big tray of delicious!

  18. Sounds heavenly! I too, could eat the entire tray. Thanks for the great family recipe!

  19. I could eat the entire tray, too! :)That sounds delicious!

  20. Just for one moment there I was afraid you were going to say he dropped the tray! What a treat these are! They would not last long in my house. Thanks for sharing your memories.

  21. Food and memories go hand in hand. Great story.
    Apple slices sound like something I need to make.

  22. Dishesdone, thanks! I will have to try it with Braeburns sometime.

    Me, Myself and Pie, love your name! Thanks for the visit!

    Erica, I know what you mean!

    Cinnamon-Girl, he did fine! If it had been me, they would've been in the middle of Wacker! Thanks!

    Mimi, thanks! Apple slices make good memories! Hope you try them!

  23. These sound easy to make and very tasty, too ... mmmm ... I also loved reading your stories and memories behind the recipe !

  24. y'know, I spent the afternoon, shopping, down in my basement, going through smaller clothes, some that I haven't worn in 6 years. But this recipe...looks so good...I may just say "phooey" and make it up and eat to my hearts content. Life's too short not to have a little "smackeral" of something-something!!!

  25. Gosh, love those photos! Great little recipe and can BAKE girl! to root in my fruit bin to see if I have enough apples.

  26. Pam, this recipe is right up my alley...looks amazing! And that picture of the little girls is there little dresses and shoes, so cute!

  27. I love anything with apples...crisps...pies...cobblers...I will have to try this one!

  28. Heidi, you said it all! Thanks!

    Lynda, thank you! Glad you like the stories as I surely enjoy yours!

    That's Ron, you got it! They are yummo! Thanks for stopping by!

    corgidogmama, you are so right! That's why I gave the smaller clothes away! Too many yummy dishes out there! ;)

    Trish, I do love, love to bake! Hope you have the apples to try this; you'd love it! Thanks for the visit!

    A LA GRAHAM, thanks! I also love the pic of my little nieces, they are the best and now all have cute kids of their own.

    Bo, me too! I'm an apple addict! Hope you try it! Thanks!

  29. This looks fantastic. Can't imagine anyone saying no to a slice.. or two!

  30. Y, that's the thing! Sometimes it's hard to just eat one slice!

  31. Apple slices were a dessert staple at our house growing up. Better than an apple pie because you et so many more servings our of it!

  32. Eat! You're so right, there's lots to share! Thanks for stopping by!

  33. Ooo...they look so cute when they're little! And that pie is yummilicious...

  34. My Little Space, I love this pic! Cuties they are!


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