Parmesan-Crusted Chicken Breasts Dijon

Our Italian butcher, here in town, makes the best Chicken Dijon ever.  It’s the shops’ biggest seller, and for good reason ~ it is delicious, and the smell of garlic as it’s baking is over the top with aroma!

It is delicious, much better than it looks!

Richie won’t share the recipe ~ this is how close I came to it.

I realized too late, I should’ve lightly pounded the chicken to flatten or cut it in half horizontally.  

This turned out close to the shops’, but there are some spices missing that I haven’t figured out yet.  And he probably adds more garlic.


Meanwhile, this was very good, Bill and I were happy with it!

Parmesan-Crusted Chicken Breasts Dijon
Printable recipe


2 tablespoons olive oil
3 tablespoons Dijon mustard
½ teaspoon dried thyme
½ teaspoon Kosher salt
½ teaspoon cayenne pepper
4 boneless, skinless chicken breast halves
1 cup panko breadcrumbs
1 cup grated Parmesan cheese
1 tablespoon garlic powder


Preheat oven to 450 degrees.
Butter a baking sheet or rack.
Mix oil, mustard thyme, salt and pepper in a small bowl.
Add chicken breasts and coat both sides, set aside on a plate.
In a shallow bowl, combine panko, Parmesan and garlic powder.
Dredge chicken in Parmesan mixture, coating heavily, patting it into the meat.
Place chicken on prepared rack set over a baking sheet.
Bake until chicken is golden and cooked through, about 20 minutes, depending upon how thick chicken is.
Let rest for 5 minutes before serving.



  1. I love chicken baked w/ a coating..I now slice mine horizontally;)

    1. Me too! Now I have to try it horizontally! Thanks, Monique!

  2. Looks good. But all your stuff looks good.

  3. Hi Pam,
    Another delicious recipe from your kitchen. Love all the ingredients and the cayenne pepper gives it that kick...Your dish looks wonderful and very inviting. Thanks for sharing your recipe..Have a great day! Good Job!
    Dottie :)

    1. Hi Dottie! Thank you! Yes, there is a bit of kick to it, and it was really delicious. Love that Parmesan! Take care and have a great day!

  4. Hi Pam , tried to pull a piece off the screen , no luck , will have to make this delicios dish for dinner tomorrow ...thanks :)

    1. Nee, now that would be great!!! I'd be pulling all the good things from your blog! Have a great day!

  5. I bet it was delicious Pam. Parmesan and Dijon are always fabulous together.

    1. Thanks, Sam! Yes, it's a perfect marriage with those two! Take care

  6. Delicious! And those greens beside it look pretty tasty too!!

    I think our ten days of "summer" are over!! It is nice and cool again here. I'll take it!!


    1. Thanks, Bonnie! Yep, it is downright chilly now! Take care

  7. Good morning Pam.....I'm guessing with all your expertise in cooking, that you came pretty close to the taste. Looks delicious from where I am....and the greens too!
    I always enjoy your wonderful recipe. I even try them I show you? Negative.....because my results never come out looking like yours! Enjoy the day..

    1. Thanks, Shug! This was pretty close in taste, but theirs is much more photogenic. A photographer, I am not! Glad you've tried some and I bet they were great! Have a good rest of the week!

  8. Yours may not have matched the butchers exactly, but the crust looks delicious and the meat looks juicy.

    1. Thanks, Larry! The crust was great, and we devoured it for sure. Have a great day!

  9. Hi Pam, you have your kitty back up! so this recipe, the crust looks perfect.

    1. Cheri, I do, couldn't resist him! Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Pam, I"m catching up after a trip to visit friends in Florida. I love chicken prepared like this! The distinct flavors of the mustard and Parmesan with a touch of garlic and cayenne are right up my alley! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  11. I love crusted chicken breasts! I need this now!

  12. Perhaps dried basil and oregano? This sounds delicious and Dijon makes everything taste better!

  13. Dear Pam, Looks delicious and I am sure it was. Have a wonderful week. xoxo Catherine


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