Galena Street Chicken Burgers w/Lime Mayo

I was sort of burned out eating the same old grilled burger on a bun.  Ground chicken was swapped for beef, onion and bell pepper was added and then Galena Street Rub furnished the seasoning for a mouthwatering chicken burger.

Penzy’s Galena Street Rub is a favorite seasoning of mine.  It’s an authentic Southern-style seasoning with hints of nutmeg, sage, paprika, a little red pepper and cayenne.  It’s great sprinkled on ribs, chops or chicken, and a perfect addition for ground chicken patties like these.

The piquant spicy lime mayo topping the burger revved up our appetites for sure…

Toast the bun on the grill, and Voila!

Galena Street Chicken Burgers w/Lime Mayo

Ingredients for burgers:

2 pounds ground chicken breast

1 sweet onion, chopped

1 red bell pepper, chopped

2 garlic cloves, minced

2 teaspoons Penzy’s Galena Street Rub

1 teaspoon seasoned pepper

Ingredients for Lime Mayo:

½ cup light mayonnaise

2 teaspoons lime juice

½ teaspoon lime zest

1 tablespoon chives, chopped

½ teaspoon Penzy’s Galena Street Rub


In a large bowl, combine all burger ingredients, and mix well.

Form into 6 patties.

In a small bowl, whisk mayo ingredients thoroughly.

Refrigerate until serving time.

Heat grill to medium heat.

Cook patties about 15 minutes, turning once, until cooked through.

Place on buns and top with spicy mayo.



  1. Well doesn't that look delicious! We've got some leftover chicken breasts from last night...and I think that mayo recipe would be killer on some chicken burgers for tonight :) Always can count on a delicious idea from you Pam!!!

  2. Pam, I don't know why I never think of chicken 'burgers' but it's probably because its hard to think beyond the norm when thinking burgers. These burgers look good and the spicy mayo and seasoning would make them pop! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  3. How fun. So healthy and I love the lime mayo.

  4. These look absolutely yumm Pam!!

  5. Hi Pam....
    ever time I click on your blog, I just want to grab one of those big ol' cherries and eat it. Geez, cherries are expensive in the stores around here.
    I'll have to check out the Penzy's Galena Street Rub. I've not seen it around here...looks tasty!

  6. This does sound better than a plain old burger! The lime mayo would be good on lots of things.

  7. Galena Street is one of Penzey's spices that I have yet to try. Now I need to take a trip to their store :) I love how many of Penzey's spices take names from parts of Milwaukee and Wisconsin.

    Your chicken burger and lime mayo sound delicious!

  8. I love homemade chicken burgers. They are fantastic. Yours looks killer good.

  9. Pam,
    Your chicken burger looks amazing, especially with the spicy Mayo. We always make turkey burgers, but will have to try the chicken burger.

  10. Tasty and savory! The lime mayo sounds delicious to go with that chicken burger. Yum!

  11. Every time I visit your blog... I leave HUNGRY! : ) The lime sauce sounds amazing! I'm gonna throw some chicken in the slow cooker this morning.. easy dinner!

  12. I love chicken burgers Pam! These look so very good!

  13. This looks delicious! The spice rub sounds so flavourful with all the wonderful spices! I can imagine how tasty this burger is!

  14. We haven't had beef here in such a long time! I just baked a chicken meat loaf, and it was delicious with some Italian seasoning added.

  15. These look delicious. I've not heard of this rub before, but I will be looking for it. Definitely could use some new ideas to perk up my cooking.

  16. Great way to change up the pace and break the burger monotony.

  17. I've made garlic mayo and had lemon but never lime. What an interesting idea. Thanks.


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