Snickers Trifle for the Super Bowl Party

People like Super Bowl Sunday for many reasons:  It could be just for the love of the game itself; or, maybe it’s all about betting on quirky things like how many times Peyton Manning will yell “Omaha.”  Perhaps they like it for watching the half-time entertainment, or possibly just to see the new TV commercials.  But, then there are those of us who love the day for the FOOD!

I’m contributing this Snickers Trifle for the Super Bowl party since about everyone loves chocolate.  The chocolate pudding layer in this trifle is whipped with sweetened condensed milk, and that sends it right over the edge into decadence! 

Add to it layers of caramel, another one of chocolate hot fudge sauce, some whipped cream topping, layers of chewy brownies and bits of chopped Snickers bars to top it off.

If you’re searching for a dessert that takes a minimum of time and effort, tastes heavenly, is luscious and gooey ~ a showstopper of a dessert, this is for you!

Snickers Trifle


1 box of brownies
1 (3.9 ounce) box instant chocolate pudding mix
1 (14 ounce) can sweetened condensed milk
½ cup water
2 (8 ounce) tubs Cool Whip
Caramel topping
Hot fudge topping*
12 mini Snickers bars, or more


Bake brownies according to package directions and let cool completely.
Cut into squares.
Meanwhile, prepare the pudding layer by mixing the instant pudding with the milk and water.
Blend on low speed until mixed and fluffy, about 5 minutes.
Fold in 1 container of Cool Whip and refrigerate until ready to use.

To make trifle layers, layer half the brownie squares on the bottom of a trifle bowl, or any clear deep bowl.
Drizzle with half the caramel sauce.
Drizzle with half the hot fudge sauce.
Spoon half of the chocolate pudding mixture over the brownies.
Top with half of the other container of Cool Whip.
Chop 6 mini Snickers and sprinkle over Cool Whip.

Repeat layers with the remaining brownies, chocolate pudding mixture and Cool Whip.
Drizzle the top with remaining caramel and hot fudge toppings.
Chop remaining Snickers and sprinkle on top.
Garnish with one mini Snickers in the center of the trifle as garnish.
Refrigerate for 8 hours or overnight.

*Heat hot fudge sauce in micro just slightly, just until spreadable, then cool a bit before drizzling.

It’s sinfully delicious!


  1. OH MY GOD PAM!!! i don't know what to say:) this is just delicious!! my god, my god thank you for sharing a piece of heaven :) kisses

  2. Hi Coradinha! It's great to see you here! This dessert is a piece of heaven and I'm glad you like it. xoxoxo!!!

  3. Pam, My better half would love this dessert! It is beautiful and I'd like it too... However, I'll stick to rice and sesame seed chips and salsa. I did make sure that I had a couple of candy bars on hand for her though! Go Broncos! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  4. Pam!! This look absolutely georgeous! I love this Trifle!

  5. I will not make this. I will not make this!! Well, maybe just once. I LOVE Snickers. If it weren't snowing like crazy, I'd ask for your address and join you tomorrow afternoon.


  6. Hi Pam, again:) yes i really love your dessert!! now you can read my blog in english too:) kisses and thank's my dear

  7. Oh, my heavens, Pam! What decadence! This would be the death of me! Yum!

  8. Oh my goodness Pam - I am a chocoholic so I'm drooling at the screen right now! I'm not going to a party this year, but I'm all about the food. I'm bookmarking this yummy treat-thanks!

  9. I know who's house I'm coming to tomorrow!! This sounds divine.

  10. I have everything I need to make this and it's taking every bit of will power I have NOT to go into the kitchen right now and make it. It would be gone by game time tomorrow. And I wouldn't share. :)

  11. Your gorgeous trifle will lure a lot of people straight to the dessert table.

  12. It sure looks tempting Pam and I'm sure it will be a a hit.

  13. This looks amazing! I could dig right in!

  14. Wow, that is a gorgeous dessert! Perfect for a party too.

  15. Oh my goodness.. this looks and sounds absolutely decadent!!!!

  16. Pam,
    This dessert is perfect for any chocoholic, like me, and I like the caramel with it as well, Just like those yummy Snicker Bars. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Dear Pam, This looks so good!
    Blessings dear. Catherine xo

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