Happy Birthday to Our Special Little Guy, no recipe today…

Our perfect, (of course! ☺) grandson, recently turned 2, so today it’s photos of him and his gorgeous fun cake, no recipes here today…

Matthew is the apple of my eye and it’s apparent he has his dad’s sense of humor and his mama’s loving, caring ways and good looks. 

He has such a sweet soul ~ a good little boy who loves to share.  After a bite of his birthday cake, he placed another bite on his spoon for Grandpa, and grinned with delight as Grandpa devoured it.

Matthew likes to be barefooted, even pulls his shoes and socks off in the car in the dead of winter.  He loves his 2 dogs, Bella and Coco; Sesame Street, and his favorite---Elmo!

As he grows up, it reminds me the years are adding up for me also.  I am so proud of Matthew and my entire family. 

Grandma and Grandpa love you, little guy!  We are looking forward to the years ahead, watching you grow up.  

Bless your little heart ~ you are a huge joy in our lives ~ and may God bless you all the days of your life…


  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet Matthew! He is adorable and, obviously, a great joy!!


  2. Matthew, you've got a great grandma!

  3. Love the cake and what lovely photos. Have a good day Diane

  4. Pam, Your grandson is a cute kid for sure! Looks like he had a great birthday... Amen to the potty training! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  5. Bonnie, thanks--he is a great joy!

    Stephen, thank you and have a good rest of the day!

    Diane, he loved the cake, especially when he got to play with the 2 cars that were on it.

    Karen, thanks and glad you stopped by!

    Dave, thanks, you know all about what grandsons are like!

  6. Pam,
    What a cute cake and Grandson of course! Enjoy him! The time goes so fast. good Luck with that potty training!

  7. Becky, thanks! We are enjoying him to the fullest!

  8. He is so adorable and the cake is awesome! My kids had Sesame Street cakes at that age! Happy Birthday Matthew!

  9. Thanks, Marguerite! He is a huge Sesame Street fan!

  10. How cute he is! Our youngest grandson just turned one yesterday :)

  11. Happy Birthday to your sweet little grandson! Being a grandma is so much fun. :)

  12. ST, thanks and I can imagine how proud you are of him.

    Scrambledhenfruit, thank you! You are so right!

  13. What great photos..he's a cutie!

  14. Happy Birthday Matthew!

    Oh Pam......you sure have a cute little fella there. Love this age.....so much fun.
    Did you make his cake? So cute!
    Thanks for sharing your photos

  15. Happy Birthday, Mathew! A lovely cake for a sweet boy.



  16. Happy Birthday to Matthew! He is so adorable and cute!

  17. Happy birthday, and happy potty training, and all the wonderful things that came a two, like a stream of words!!!!


  18. awwww....what a cutie patootie! Enjoy that little one Pam :)
    I think we're going to be enjoying that overnight French toast below...lol!!

  19. Awwwhhh!!! Great photos, Pam!! And of course, Happy birthday to Matthew!!!

  20. What a cutie, Pam. You must be one happy and proud grandma.

    Take care.

  21. laurie, thank you! We think he's the best!

    Shug, thanks so much! No cake decorating here. My MIL made many birthday and wedding cakes, etc. but, I never got the hang of it, even after watching her time and again.

    Rosa, thanks! He is!

  22. Joyce, thank you and have a good weekend!

    Alessandra, yes, he is starting to talk now!

    TSKG, thanks, I will and you enjoy the French toast!

    Jenn, thank you! Hope you have a great weekend!

    Mary, thank you, I am! Glad you stopped by!

  23. Happy Birthday to Matthew! He is a little cutie! So FuN to look at the world through the eyes of a grandchild. :)

  24. Surround by such a loving family, I know his day was special. You have a wonderful family, Pam. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings...Mary

  25. What a cutie! I bet you have tons of fun with him!

    M :)

  26. He is a sweetie pie and a blessing, you are so lucky to have such a lovely little grandson!

    As they say in Gaelic ~ Sláinte!

  27. Aww happy birthday to the little cutie!! He is adorable.

  28. Judy, thanks! Grandchildren are the best!

    Mary, it was a special day for our special little guy, for sure. Good weekend to you!

    Melinda, thanks! There's always fun with him around!

  29. Mary, thanks! We are lucky to have him in our family!

    Joanne, thank you! Have a good weekend!

  30. Aw, you are so blessed! Matthew is a doll! I can't wait to be a grandma...but hoping to have a wedding first ;)

  31. Liz, thanks! You'll love it all, I'm sure.

  32. He is beautiful, beautiful and beautiful again.


  33. Dear Pam,
    Happy Birthday to little and very handsome Matthew and lots of happiness and joy for all the family.
    Amazing cake!!!

  34. He is so cute!!!!! You are a blessed woman!!!!

  35. Ooo。。Happy belated birthday to you grandson Pam. Oh my, can you imagine how time flies! The little guy has grown so much. Still remember when you first hold him in your arm,was so little. However, wishing him the very best.


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