Asparagus with Pine Nuts and Cranberries

Usually, I like asparagus steamed and served with just a touch of butter and salt and pepper.  For guests, especially at Easter, I like it gussied up a little.

Some folks claim that pine nuts have a mild pine taste; to me they are sort of sweet and nutty.  Whatever the flavor is to you, it pleasingly complements other flavors, particularly after toasting.  If you prefer, substitute slivered almonds for the pine nuts.

Slightly tart and tangy cranberries round out the dish, making it a delicious side dish which goes along nicely with ham, turkey, and salmon, just to name a few.

This asparagus is simple and quite elegant.  I hope you like it too…

Asparagus with Pine Nuts and Cranberries


1 pound asparagus stalks, trimmed
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 teaspoon lemon juice
1/3 cup pine nuts
1/3 cup dried cranberries
Salt and seasoned pepper, to taste


Steam asparagus in a steamer, covered, for 4-5 minutes, to your desired degree of doneness.
Remove to serving dish, and keep warm.
Meanwhile, in a small skillet, heat oil and sauté remaining ingredients until pine nuts are toasted.
Arrange over asparagus.
Serves 4


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  1. Look beautiful Pam and really spring time:)

  2. I love pine nuts, I just made a stuffing with them over the weekend. This asparagus dish looks delicious.

  3. Love the taste (not piney to me) and crunch of pine nuts. And, I can't wait for fresh asparagus to pop up in the markets. This recipe sounds delicious!


  4. Very clever... I like for my food to look tasty and these photos sure make this dish a winner..

  5. Pam, We love asparagus with butter and a bit of salt and pepper. Shaved parmesan works well too, especially if the asparagus is roasted. I like this variation... Sounds interesting with a whole lot of flavor going on! Thanks and Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  6. Can we join you for Easter please, that looks wonderful :-) Have a good one Diane

  7. Wow, your asparagus looks so pretty. I always do asparagus dishes for Easter and this is a must-try.

  8. Asparagus = Spring! It looks delicious, Pam.

  9. Asparagus is one of my favorite spring treats. This looks delicious! :)

  10. Oh, this has my name written all over it! What a great side dish!

  11. Love asparagus and this looks fab with the cranberries and pine nuts! Yum! Might just have to add this to my Easter menu. Thanks and have a Happy Easter!

  12. Our asparagus should be popping out shortly and I'm always needing new ways to serve it. Thanks for this one.

  13. Our asparagus should be popping out shortly and I'm always needing new ways to serve it. Thanks for this one.

  14. I have served asparagus in many ways but never would have thought of this lovely combination. The little crunch of the nuts and sweetness of the cranberries would compliment it perfectly. And it's easy to prepare on top of it! Thanks, Pam. Happy Easter.

  15. Gloria, thanks! It will be even better when local fresh asparagus is ready!

    Stephen, thanks!

    Rhonda, me too. And your stuffing must've been great!

    Bonnie, thanks! I love the addition of pine nuts in recipes and it's great with asparagus. Can't wait for spring and fresh veggies!

    Shug, thanks! They spruce the asparagus up for sure!

    jose, gracias! Que tengas un buen dia!

    Dave, thanks! There's lots of good flavors in it and crunch too!

    Diane, yes! I would love that and wish you could! Good day!

    Sam, thanks! I bet you'll really like it!

    Sue, thanks!

    Judy, yes! Asparagus is a sure sign of spring; now if only it would warm up.

    scrambled, me too! I so agree.

    Mary, great! We all think it's a winner here.

    Marguerite, thanks! I hope you make it and it's a hit there too!

    Mary, thank you!

    Larry, I know what you mean. Sometimes you just need to cook it a little differently!

    Cathy, yes! It's easy and filled with good flavors!

  16. A little gussying up can definitely be fun! This looks super tasty!

  17. I love new ways to serve asparagus and this one sounds delicious, Pam! I love pine nuts.

  18. A great side dish for the holiday AND

    M :)

  19. What a lovely vegetable dish! And it looks so delicious! Love it!

  20. I LOVE this recipe!! It is another one I have to print out. Thanks, Pam!!!


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