Sweet Dumpling Squash, Honey-roasted

Sweet Dumpling Squash ~ how’s that for a cute little name?


I caught sight of a bushel basket full of these little green and white striped squashes recently at the market.  After looking at the labels, I saw that they were Sweet Dumpling Squashes.  Now I had some figuring out to do, as I scanned a plethora of recipes for them, while they sat adorning the kitchen counter for a few days.

This is what I came up with:  a little sauce of honey and butter with onions and seasonings.  The taste is magnificent ~ the blending of honey and butter is insanely tasty with the squash.  I’ve made it several times already for its sweet and savory appeal; plus, it’s easy to make. 

What more could you want?  If you like squash, but haven’t tried this one, add it to your list of must tries!

Honey-roasted Sweet Dumpling Squash


2 sweet dumpling squash
1 green onion, sliced
4 tablespoons butter, melted
2 tablespoons honey
½ teaspoon Mrs. Dash Extra Spicy
Salt and pepper, to taste


Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
Melt butter in a small pan over low heat.
Add onions and honey and whisk well.
Cut squash in half, scoop out seeds and place on baking sheet.
Sprinkle with salt and pepper.
Divide honey mixture evenly into each squash.
Baste squash with mixture every 15 minutes.
Roast until squash is golden brown and easily pierced with a fork.

Sweet and savory delicious!

Be sure to visit my friend, Linda’s blog, @My Kind of Cooking for great tips and delicious easy recipes! 


  1. I love squash season. I will add this fun recipe to my stash.

  2. Glenda, I bet you'll like it too!

  3. Love squash and this is making my mouth water. Have a good day Diane

  4. Diane, thanks! I know what you mean!

  5. How long total to bake them? Have you ever tried delicata squash, the ones whose skin you can eat? I'll only see your reply if you send it to scrout1944@msn.com

  6. Roasted squash is amazing. Your squash looks amazing too.
    Thanks for the reminder that it is squash season and I need to not pass it up at the farmers markets.


  7. This is so cool looking and what a cute name :)

  8. I looked at the store today and couldn't find this cute little squash. But you made me hungry for squash so I purchased acorn squash instead.

  9. What a delicious way to enjoy squash! With honey! Love it!

  10. Just the season for pumpkin... How lovely! Would love to give them a try if I can find them at the market.

  11. Looks like a nice way to fix these little guys - Chrome works fine.

  12. My brother grows these and he shares. :) I've made them before with honey, but not with onions or Mrs. Dash. I'd love to try them your way!

  13. wow healthy n yummy..first time here..
    happy to follow u...
    glad if u do the same..


  14. Hi Pam,
    Great suggestion and delicious squash!!

  15. Guess, more pumpkin dishes going to be up on the dining table soon. Time just flies, isn't it? We're just 2 months away till X'mas.


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