Braised Green Beans

Growing up, Mom always made green beans with a little ham, bacon, or new potatoes; in any combination ~ or just plain bacon grease.  I still like them prepared any of those ways, but this new version makes me happy too!

The green beans are braised in chicken broth that’s doctored up with garlic cloves and thyme.  Add a drizzle of olive oil and a little salt and pepper, and enjoy this dish that is a Martha Stewart recipe. 

In my way of thinking, you can never have enough fresh green beans in the summer time ~ I hope you try this quick braise!

Braised Green Beans


1 cup chicken or vegetable broth
5 peeled cloves garlic
1 pound trimmed green beans
2 teaspoons fresh thyme leaves
Salt and pepper, to taste
Extra-virgin olive oil
Lemon slices


In a large skillet, bring broth and garlic cloves to a simmer over medium-high heat.
Add green beans and thyme and cover.
Cook until desired amount of tenderness.
Season with salt and pepper.
Drizzle with olive oil.
Serve with lemon slices.

Delicious!!!  I wonder how this would be with a sprinkling of shredded nutty, salty Parmesan over the top?

Be sure to visit my friend, Linda’s blog, @My Kind Of Cooking.  She has unique tips on Tuesdays and yummy recipes every Friday!


  1. lovely way to have beans looks wonderful

  2. These beans look fantastic! A great recipe to use with the beans that are growing in my garden. It's only a matter of time before we're full of these and looking for new recipes to enjoy them with.

  3. Pam, Thanks for this alternate way to serve green beans. I'm always looking for recipes that encourage my better half to eat her veggies. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  4. I have just brought a whole lot of beans in from the garden. Will try this out, thanks Diane

  5. Sounds like a great way to prepare the beans we picked up at the Farmer's Market.

    M :)

  6. Oooh.. this just gave me a great idea for the next time I grill green all of this except put it in an aluminum foil packet and grill! YUM!

  7. My daughter would devour these for sure.

  8. Torviewtoronto, thanks! They're good too!

    Ellen, I'm glad you like this recipe! Nothing quite beats green beans straight from the garden. I've picked a lot of them!

    Dave, this is a great way to eat those beans. Hope you try it!

    Diane, wonderful! Enjoy! Have a good day!

    Melinda, it is! Green beans are hard to beat.

    Top Cuisine avec Lavi, thanks so much! And thanks for stopping by!

    Jenn, that would work! Anything on the grill, easy and good!

    Jennifurla, that's great! I'm glad to hear she likes green beans! Bet the baby will soon too!

  9. green beans are one of my favorite side dishes....and when they're FRESH...WOW! I can see where the extra seasonings would make this a fantastic dish...

  10. Green beans fresh! amazing they look awesome!

  11. I have gotten into a vegetable rut...this yummy bean dish certainly isn't difficult and packs a delicious punch of flavor! Thanks for sharing, Pam!

  12. Shug, mine too! I love them when they're fresh, the best! Have a good rest of the week.

    Curt, thanks! Fresh green beans---another great thing about summer!

    Lizzy, this recipe is a little different for green beans and being easier makes it even better!

  13. You can't go wrong with fresh green beans! I like your idea of adding Parmesan cheese. You are a very creative cook!

  14. This sounds like a delicious way to cook beans Pam and we'll give it a try with our next picking of filet beans. "you can never have enough fresh green beans" is our neighbors philosophy as well and they can enough to have them a couple of times a week year round.

  15. Linda, thanks! I agree---you can't go wrong!

    Adam, thanks! They're good!

    Larry, wow! And I thought I helped can a lot of beans years ago. But, you can never have enough fresh green beans...

  16. Green beans are the one veggie I don't really eat enough of. Love this preparation of them!

  17. I love green beans, this looks like another way to enjoy them. Usually I just steam them.

  18. Joanne, thanks! Have a great day!

    DA, I love them too! I don't think I've ever eaten them steamed and will have to try it. Thanks for mentioning it!

  19. Hi Pam,

    Thanks so much for stopping by to visit my blog the other day, and your kind comment. My little cub is growing up so fast!

    These green beans look great. And I love that they're vegetarian. My husband is French and really loves his hericot verts, plus I have some growing in my garden. I'm sure they're super tasty. =)

  20. I definitely agree, can never have too many fresh green beans when they are available in season. These must be delicious cooked with chicken broth.

  21. Ree, thanks! Hericot verts sounds great to me! And, your babe is a doll!

    Judy, thanks! The recipe is a delicious twist for the beans!

  22. Mother made them the same way--and cooked them a long time. In one of my conversations with Edna Lewis (the great southern chef), she told me that green beans, back in the day, could stand up to long cooking. They were very flavorful. I rarely cook them so long. We like them most any way.

    I think you'd find the hoisin sauce to your liking. It is made of soy sauce, peanut butter, honey, rice vinegar, sesame seed oil and hot sauce. I find the already prepared very palatable and not too hot.



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