A Pause for Memorial Day’s “National Moment of Remembrance”

To many of us Americans, Memorial Day is the kickoff to a fun-filled summer.  It means it’s time to fire the grill up; and hot dogs, baseball, and a three-day weekend.  For some, it’s an emotional time as they watch uniformed veterans marching, or riding in antique cars, along the parade route down Main Street. 

Arlington National Cemetery

Originally called Decoration Day, Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for those who have lost their lives in our nation's service. Memorial Day was officially proclaimed by General John Logan on May 5, 1868 and was observed later that month, on May 30, when flowers were placed on the graves of both Union and Confederate soldiers, who were buried at Arlington Cemetery.

Therefore, as we contemplate our welfare and the blessings of our lives, it’s time to remember those members of the Armed Forces who stood up for our country and died while defending our nation:

In honor of them all, and in accordance with the “National Moment of Remembrance,” we are to pause for one minute, at 3:00 p.m., on Memorial Day.  It can be as simple as placing your hand over your heart, saying a prayer, or bowing your head ~ it’s an act of national unity, for us Americans, in which we honor those who died for our freedom…

Here's wishing you all a safe, happy Memorial Day!


  1. This is a lovely tribute to our servicemen and women (of whom I was one once). I will join you with hand over heart tomorrow.

  2. Stephen, thanks and happy Memorial Day to you!

  3. Pam... Amen!! Life is not just about picnics and parades. Our military has seen to it that we can actually be free so we can watch parades and have picnics... We owe them alot! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  4. We must remember those serving AND those who have served. Not to forget their families.

    Peace to ALL.


  5. Beautiful tribute Pam.


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