Baked Trout Filets and an Award

Imagine this:  meatloaf ~ covered with mayonnaise-filled mashed potatoes ~ cooked all day in a crockpot... and the grease, soaking the meatloaf, and partially covering the mashed potatoes piled on top.

That was my first newlywed cooking disaster years ago, during Bill’s Army days when he was stationed at Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri.  That meal was inedible ~ I can still taste the mayonnaise in that lump of mashed potatoes and so can Bill!  We laugh about it, and cringe, to this day…

The next fiasco I remember was when he was discharged from the Army, and we moved into an apartment in Louisville.  I wasn’t a big fan of fish or seafood, back then; however, I knew it was a nutritious source of protein for healthy eating, so I bought a package of frozen trout.  

I failed to get the memo that said trout always comes with its head intact.  When that trout’s head, with his bulging eyes, slid out of the package, I gagged, and fed him to the garbage disposal!  Sliders for dinner that night! 

That was the last time I had anything to do with trout --- until I saw it beheaded at the fish counter in Jewel the other day.  I had to try again and it turned out perfectly with this great recipe. Enough said, are you braver than me? Do you serve trout with its head still attached?  

Baked Trout Filets


4 trout filets
1 tablespoon mayonnaise
1 tablespoon olive oil
2 tablespoons Parmesan cheese
1 teaspoon cracked black pepper
1 cup Italian breadcrumbs
1 tablespoon lemon juice, fresh or concentrate


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Place filets in baking dish sprayed with a cooking spray.
Whisk mayonnaise and olive oil in a small bowl and spread on each filet.
Stir together cheese, pepper and breadcrumbs.
Sprinkle liberally over fish.
Drizzle with lemon juice.
Bake about 25 minutes, uncovered or until fish flakes and is browned.
May be placed under broiler to brown, if you prefer.


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  1. Love your cooking stories. I have just come to use a crock pot...maybe too many memories of what my mother cooked in them as a child. I did a whole trout on a cedar plank not too long ago, but it was fresh not frozen. Otherwise I started buying it already cut in a fillet at Fresh Market, so my daughter liked it before getting a whole one.

  2. jose manuel, gracias! El pescado es muy bueno. Saludos

    Lyndsey, thanks! I love salmon on a cedar plank and headless trout would have to be good also. And I bet your daughter always loves,loves your cooking!

  3. Bev also will have nothing to do with a fish with a head. Your dish looks delicious

  4. Dear Pam, The fresh baked trout sounds like it is prepared perfectly. I know I would enjoy it.

    Congratulations on the award!! and to all those who will receiving it. You are such a nice blogging friend. It really is a wonderful way to meet nice people. Blessings my dear, Catherine xo

  5. I don't mind the head being attached. There's a little (not much) meat in there. I mostly like it when their little feet are still there.

  6. I love trout this dish sounds like a nice change. Thanks Diane

  7. Larry, thanks! I knew there was a reason I like Bev and it's good to know I'm not the only one who feels that way. Go Bev!!!

    Catherine, thank you so much! You are always a sweetie and I so enjoy being a "friend" of yours! I'd sure like to taste some of your cooking!

    Stephen, I swear---if I ever see feet on fish, you don't really want to be around to see what happens! Now, probably the next time I eat fish, I'll be thinking about his feet... LOL! Love your humor always!

  8. Diane, great! I hope you try this. It's really good and I'm assuming yours are headless also.

  9. the trout looks delicious and perfect without the head...I won't even cut up a chicken so you know I won't do fish heads! Loved your newlywed stories - have a great day!

  10. Am I the only newlywed who prepared gourmet meals right from the start? And, if you believe that, I have a bridge.....!! To answer your question about fish with heads: Yes, I have been served a fish (kind?) with the head intact. It was at Christiana Campbell's restaurant in Williamsburg. Delicious! The meat course was roast suckling pig with, you guessed it, the head on. It, too, was delicious. I guess I'm just adventuresome--or will eat most anything.


  11. Oh my... my ex husband and I still laugh about the time I made green gravy. Don't ask. We catch our own trout and take the heads off when we clean them, but it doesn't matter to me one way or the other. We just smoked some trout this weekend - delish!

  12. Thank you so much, Pam! This dish looks divine!

  13. Pam - thank you again so much for the award. I feel truly honored and appreciated the recognition. I have really enjoyed reading your blog and your recipes are always fabulous and very much the way I like to cook:-). I will be thinking about how to pass this along in the next few days and will pass this on soon!

  14. Such funny stories about your early cooking days! I have a few of those myself and I never serve anything with the head attached, either. lol Congrats on your most deserved award! Great trout recipe that I will surely try! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Oh, we all have disaster stories in the kitchen.. it's admitting them that make you human :) And you know, I've never served trout with the head on it before.. I think it would scare Chris away from eating fish forever!! lol

    Congratulations on the award!!

  16. Hi Pam, your stories made me smile. Over here, we have our fish with its head intact and all. Your dish looks yummy.

  17. I don't think I could serve ANY fish with it's head still on...huge turn off for me! But thsi sounds quite delicious. I'm glad you redeemed yourself after your first trout fail!

  18. Sall, great minds think alike! I saw enough of that stuff growing up on a farm! ;)

    Bonnie, I bet your newlywed meals were much better than mine! You are one brave lady---I would definitely freak out if there was a pig's head on the table! Kind of like the mom in "A Christmas Story" at the Chinese restaurant.

    Karen, I'd love to hear that green gravy story-it has to be a good one! That would be great to catch your own trout--it's seldom even in the stores here. And smoked---yum!!!

    Anna, you're welcome and have a good day. You always post something delicious!

    Becki, you're welcome! I like your cooking too and am happy to be a follower of yours! Happy blogging!

  19. Marguerite, thank you! I imagine most of us have had our share of cooking disasters. I'm so happy to hear you serve food the usual way, I'd definitely eat at your table, esp. Cajun!

    Jenn, we know you're more adventurous with food than Ken is so I'm sure that would make him happy if you didn't. ;)

    Jen, thanks! Yes, I'm sure that is the norm in Malaysia and no one even thinks about it there. Your dishes always sound yummy!

    Joanne, thanks! Trout is seldom sold in the stores here and even though a red flag came up, it needed to be tried again.

  20. I have some beheaded in the freezer that I am planning to serve tomorrow night and here is the recipe I will used; thank you Pam. I do remember that is how they used to sell it. Not for me either.

  21. Great stories and recipe, Pam! I love trout, but I don't like to eat fish with the head still on. When we travel overseas, I am stuck eating it that way and I have to just grin and bear it.

  22. I messed up the first time I tried making homemade alfredo - I used the "parmesan" that comes out of a green can form the store. Turns out it doesn't melt, and the end result looked like a bowl of dandruff covered pasta! That too went into the disposal and we went out to eat that night! Glad you finally conquered your fish.

  23. We've been trying to eat fish once or twice a week for a while now and trout is one of our favorites. One fish market will cut off the head and filet them for me but otherwise, I am left to the task myself. I know some people save those parts for fish stock but I haven't tried it yet.

    This sounds like another great way to prepare trout - I'll have to try it.

  24. Without the head please! I would of done the same as you. This looks crunchy and delicious - perfectly prepared. So funny about the crockpot - I love mayo on my taters!

  25. Rita, glad yours are beheaded also. It surely surprised me when the frozen fish came out of the package! Hope you try this and like it.

    Linda, yes. Best to grin and bear it in that case and I would too, but I would try to avoid it altogether. :-)

    Jen, that's a great story, what an image I have of that---dandruff covered pasta! LOL! I guess, sometimes the best way to learn is by doing! Thanks for stopping by!

    SavoringTime in the Kitchen, we've been doing the same. I will definitely buy trout again after this, but not the fish stock. Have a good day!

    Reeni, funny with the mayo on taters. Curious how you do that, what type of potato. Glad you feel the same about fish heads! ;)

  26. Pam what nice look this, really nice:)

    Your header look beautiful!

  27. Still with the mayo, tho LOL. They look great, and I love trout. The first time I bought rabbit the head was still there - kind of tucked out of the way so I didn't see it until I opened the package.

  28. I made and he loved it! thank you Pam; it's a keeper.


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