The Storm from Hell Meant No Cooking for This Week!

HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! We’re back on line in more ways than one!!!! If it had to happen, fortunately it was the day after the cookout for Bill’s birthday!

Our power is finally on after being off for 103.5 hours.  It all started Monday morning during a fierce thunderstorm that ripped through here and left us without power at 7:45 a.m.  The power came back on this morning at 10:45 ~~~ 98 hours later, only to go out an hour later.    Thankfully, it came back on a while ago at 3:00 p.m.!

The thunderstorms ripped through Northern Illinois Monday with wind gusts up to 70+ MPH.  It lingered around for a while and left our neighborhood with incredible damage.  Trees uprooted, roofs ripped off and fencing blown over.  We lost part of one of our 50-foot maple trees.  Luckily, it didn’t hit the house.  A 24-foot section of fencing in our backyard had 4x4 posts sheared to ground level.  All in all, our damages were minimal compared to a lot of people involved in the storm. 

Our entire town was not without power, the homes one road over were fine.  But, most of our town and the counties south of us toward Chicago were in the same boat:  Food thawed out in freezers, restaurants that were opened were packed, surrounding hotels booked solid and no bags of ice available for miles.  Thanks to Bubba ~ he helped stock our ice supply by schlepping ice from his town.  On top of all of this, of course our land-line phones were dead but our cell phones had no service from the carrier, making it an adventure to contact our family. 

So, this has been my week…  I’m sorry I was not able to visit all your great blogs but, I will be playing catch-up soon.  Here’s hoping you’ve all had a much better week!

Praise the Lord for electricity and air conditioning!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Bless your heart...what a horror to endure!

  2. Thanks, Mr. Bill! Just glad it's over!

  3. None of out here is lacking in sympathy for what you've been through. Such unexpected mayhem can visit any of us any time. We all should count our blessings. After all, Pam can still count hers, bless her heart.

  4. We drove through this!! Sheesh. I'm glad that you are safe and no one was injured.


  5. OMG! Pam what terrible strom you has, thanksfull you are OK! Im glad you are safe dear Pam! Hope you have electricity and air conditioning! I know there is really hot this summer! thanks a nice wwekend, gloria

  6. What an ordeal! So glad that you didn't have any serious damage! Hope you have a wonderful weekend in the air conditioning!

  7. Thank goodness no damage to your family or your home Pam!! I was just thinking of you the other evening wondering what you were I know. I am glad all of you are safe and sound.

  8. Wow Pam! That must have been awful! Thank goodness you are okay! Incredible pictures.

  9. WOW...What a storm, so glad everyone is ok and that the power is back on.

  10. So sorry to hear about the storm, I am glad that you are ok, but what a clean up to do!!

    Take care


  11. We don't realize how much we depend upon electricity until we are without! And that was a long time to be without!!! Glad you're back on!!!

  12. Glad to hear you guys are ok!

  13. I understand how bad storms are been through several hurricanes and we have rebuilt our home twice... glad your ok... its something I wouldnt wish on anyone, very scarey!

  14. OMG, god blessed you all are alright! That was pretty scary, isn't it? Guess, still a lot of work need to be done. Do take care and happy belated brithday to Bill!
    Best wishes,

  15. I thought you were on vacation having fun. I wish you had been! What a mess! I am glad you and Bill are safe and sound!

  16. I had read about it opn Facebook Pam. Thank goodness things are getting back to normal again. It sure makes us appreciate the simple things in life.

  17. Oh my word.. Just glad everybody is O.K.. ~tina

  18. Sorry to hear about the storm damage and I can't imagine being without power for more than 4 days in the summer. Glad you're ok.

  19. OMG!! Thank God y'all are OK! In Poland is the same!

  20. OMG, 103 hours without power! The storm wasn't too bad here but my husband and I drove out to Lake Geneva to play golf that afternoon and we were surprised at all of the trees down.

    Thank goodness your power is back on because it's supposed to be awfully hot this next week!

  21. How awful! We seemed to be in the non-destructive path of that storm. So near to it--as near as our next-door neighbor who had a real mess and no electricity. We had no damage and kept our electricity. Our houses are separated by only 20 some feet!! They were able to run an extension cord to our garage and run their appliances. We offered them a guest room but they sweated it out at home--two days. I say "enough" to this turbulent weather!

    Hope you have a nice (and cool) weekend.


  22. What a nightmare! Hope that you guys are doing well,

  23. Just glad to hear your two are OK.

  24. I'm so sorry to hear about all of the damage. On the flip side, so happy to hear that you're ok!

    We've had some wicked storms in our area of NC, too. I'm ready for summer to be over and for fall to move in.

    Welcome back to bloggie land!

  25. That was some storm! My son (in Chicago) sent me some pictures he took of downed trees and such. So glad you have your power back and that your damage was minimal!

  26. Stephen, thanks! It was not a fun week for sure. Wednesday was a cooler, breezy day for a little relief.

    SnoWhite, thanks! I'm glad your drive was safe. Can't imagine driving in it.

    Gloria, thank you! It is very humid and warm here this morning with a hot week to follow. I'd still take summer over winter weather!

    Marguerite, thanks! You got it, in a/c today for sure.

    hbs1991, thanks! Nothing is right! We had our fill of fast food, etc.!!!

    Raina, thanks to you also! Have a good day!

    MaryBeth, thanks so much! Just glad it's over!!!

    Alessandra, thanks! It was a big clean-up job. The county was great, they picked up the rubbish not long after it had been dragged to the curbs.

  27. Martha, thanks! Yes, it was a long time and it's not to be taken for granted.

    Bo, thanks! Have a great day!

    Claudia, I feel for you! We were through the tornado in '74 in Louisville which was far worse than this. I definitely wouldn't wish it on anyone!!!

    Kristy, thanks for the birthday wishes for Bill. The clean-up is a lot of work but so thankful it wasn't worse.

    Linda, thanks! I was thinking that myself; wishing we were on vacation then for sure! Somewhere by the ocean on a nice beach!

    Tangos Treasures, thank you! The great thing is that there were few injuries due to the storm so the news said.

    bellini, thanks again! It sure was a fantastic thing when the electricity came back on!

    Tina, thanks! Hope you have a great week ahead of you!

  28. Larry, thanks! Like I said before, I wouldn't wish it on anyone ever!

    Gosia, thanks and I hope all is well by you!

    Susan, glad the storm wasn't bad by you. I love Lake Geneva; we had planned on going up there this last week so will go soon. Yes, it's hot today and supposed to be brutal this coming week. Have a good week!

    Bonnie, that's incredible with your neighbor. It was kind of like that here in some areas. So glad for your neighbor that it was only a couple of days and that you escaped it all! I will do my best at keeping cool and the same to you. Have a great week!

    Jane, thanks! Yes, it was like a nightmare come true!

    Melynda, thanks so much!

    Tami, thank you! I'm so happy to be back at bloggie land; I missed it! Here's to nice weather the rest of the summer!

    scrambledhenfruit, thank you! Chicago was definitely the "windy city" as your son well knows. Have a good day!

  29. Woah! So glad you & Bill are safe. That is scarey!

  30. Judy, thank you! It was scary and hot!

  31. Man, I thought we had it tough when the power was off for 24 hours last month! Glad ya'll are safe!

  32. omg That is a long time to not have power. Glad you are safe.

  33. Chris, thanks! It was not fun as I'm sure you know. Stay cool and have a good rest of the weekend!

  34. Jennifurla, thanks! It was way too long and I hope it never happens to anyone! Have a good week!

  35. Oh dear! I'm so sorry to hear about this ordeal but I'm so glad to hear that you are okay. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  36. Monet, thanks so much! I hope all is well your way and you have a good week ahead!

  37. The storm was still loud by the time it got to us in the city . . . but our electricity stayed on.

    I am a big baby without air conditioning. How did you do it?


  38. Glenda, glad you didn't have to suffer through it! It wasn't easy!


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