I usually only post recipes but today is an exceptional day!  For those of you who don’t know, DA BEARS are playing the Packers (cheese heads) today. 

The Chicago Bears are the NFC Division Champions and today, in Chicago, they are ready to take on the Green Bay Packers, for a spot in the Super Bowl.  To Chicago Bears and Green Bay fans around the country and around the world, this is THE GAME!  It may even be better than the Super Bowl!

In their 90-year rivalry, the Bears and the Packers have only met once to decide the NFC Championship, which was in 1941 with the Chicago Bears winning ~ so today is an amazing day for both teams.  

I have been a Bears fan for more than 30 years when we moved here and Bill has been a Packers fan forever, even though he grew up here in Illinois.  Later today, Bill will be wearing his cheese head and I’ll be wearing my Bears sweatshirt, ready for the action to commence. 

Jay Cutler may get knocked around but he’s one tough cookie who perseveres with his teams help.  May Da Bears send the Packers packing back to Green Bay to commiserate with their fellow cheese heads!  

History is in the making today at Soldier Field and here’s hoping Da Bears march victoriously out of Soldier Field on their way to the Super Bowl!  

Cheer on DA BEARS to win!   



  1. Pam: I've only become a football fan in the past few years. I've always been a soccer fan but those opportunities are limited. How can you live in Chicagoland and not be a Bears fan? Fortunately, my husband and I root for the same team. This is not true when it comes to baseball but that's another season!

    Go Bears!!


  2. At least one of you will go to bed happy tonight . . . hope it is you, Pam. Last week I was cheering for my old hometown team (Seahawks). Today I will be loudly cheering for my new hometown team.


  3. It's going to be a tremendous game!! Having lived in Wisconsin 20 years, I guess I am partial. But, I never take these things as serious as most. Enjoy your day. Be kind to each other.

  4. From the Kitchen, I so agree about Chicago Bears fans. Fortunately, Bill and I both be rooting for the Cubs later.

    Glenda, you're right and I hope it's me! Good luck to your Seahawks!

    Susan, it will be for sure! As Bill always says, "No matter who wins, the sun will shine tomorrow."

  5. Since my middle son now lives in Chicago, I'm rootin' for Da Bears too. :)

  6. scrambledhenfruit, great! Another Bears fan! :)

  7. Good luck to your Bears! I am also a huge football fan (lifetime Browns fan, don't EVEN get me started on the heartache we've experienced!), and I just LOVE the excitement these playoffs generate (even though my team is NEVER in them!). DA Bears!!!

  8. Go Bears! Wearing my Bears shirt down here in St. Louis!

  9. I'm a Bears fan for this game! Go Bears!

  10. Those photos are so cool especially the fans in next to the last photo. Such fun.

  11. Pam, Having lived in Chicago for over 27 years...including the Ditka years...we will be rooting for Da Bears. All we have in TN is the Titans, not too exciting. Today the Bears will move on to The Superbowl once again! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave (and Laurie)

  12. Anything Fits A Naked Man, you got it! Nothing like the excitement with these games. Hang in there with the Browns, we've been through it too with the Bears!

    April Westerhold, way to go down in St. Louis! Go Bears!

    Buttercup, woo hoo! What a game it will be!

    Donnie, thanks! Love the way the fans go all out for the Bears games!

    David, the Ditka days were the best, absolutely no one like Ditka was! Love your attitude with the Superbowl! Go Bears!

  13. my husband informed me that WE were for the Packers. So I haven't told him that I was rooting for the Bears ( since I noticed a super cute player in the lineup. haha)
    good luck to your team.

  14. Go Bears....I love the pictures

  15. Sorry about the loss---I was rooting for them though.


  16. bummer...I know how it feels. At least we have food! :)

  17. Sorry about the Bears loss, Pam! My husband and I both love the Broncos. Good year, bad year, we are still fans. We have high hopes for next year.

  18. After my family spent a few years in Naperville, I embraced the Bears as my NFC team. Sorry to hear about the loss-- I was rooting for them! Now that the Pats are out, it might as well be baseball season! Am I right, or am I right??

  19. We were rooting for da Bears, too! We were hollering like mad at the end--too bad they lost, but it sure was a great season!


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