Veterans Day

It was the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918 when hostilities ceased between Germany and the Allied nations.  November 11 became Armistice Day that recognized the end of World War I, the “war to end all wars,” and later evolved into Veterans Day.

Veterans Day honors ALL American veterans, both living and dead.  Actually, Veterans Day is mainly intended to thank the LIVING veterans for loyal and dedicated service to their country.  On this day, November 11, of every year we ensure veterans know that we deeply appreciate the sacrifices they have made to keep our country free.

Please remember, if you cherish your rights, thank a veteran, the ones who sacrificed and continue to sacrifice.  I am thanking my favorite veteran, my dear husband Bill, who proudly served in the United States Army from 1965-1968 and all of you fellow veterans also!  

God Bless our troops ~ past and present.  

 God Bless America!


  1. Perfect!

    I had a History teacher in High School who always taught us the importance of thanking our veterans. She said you would be surprised how many vets were never told, "thank you."

    Send my thank you to your husband Bill too!

  2. Design Wine and Dine, thanks so much! I will tell Bill. Your teacher was so right, all veterans should be thanked. We owe our freedom to them! Have a great day!

  3. Thank you Veterans and current service men and women! sandie

  4. As a veteran myself (US Navy '66-'70) I take your gratitude as directed toward me as well. Thank you.

  5. Beautiful post Pam. As an American overseas, I add myself too, to thank and congratulate all the veterans.

    Have a wonderful afternoon :)

  6. Well done, Pam. May God bless all of our vets!

  7. Great tribute to the military on this Veteran's Day! (I did one too.)

  8. It is good to remember these things, these people.
    Lest we forget, as they say here in NZ.

  9. Wow, this post packed a punch.
    Thanks for writing it for today.

  10. A very wonderful post indeed...God bless all of our men and women of the military.

  11. God bless America! Thanks for the beautiful words!

  12. Give your husband a hug for all of us! What he did is so admirable.

  13. Thank you Bill and all Veterans everywhere.

  14. Your blog is so pretty! I thought I'd say that!


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