all sorts of recipes, from me to you

all sorts of recipes, from me to you…

Monday, November 15, 2010

Ultimate Thanksgiving Stuffing

We may talk turkey at the Thanksgiving table but, what we really crave is stuffing or dressing, as I grew up calling it.  No Thanksgiving meal would be complete without a great stuffing.  It is definitely my favorite part of the dinner.

This is a re-post from when I first started this blog and didn’t have any followers, so I want to share it again as it is the absolute best stuffing that my family and I love. It has honors as our traditional stuffing.  By adding Italian sausage, apples, pecans and Triple Sec, it is a moist and flavorful stuffing ~ distinctive from all others.

Just one bite of this delicious stuffing will be enough for a chorus of “aahs” around the dinner table – it’s that good!  Give it a try and it could be your traditional stuffing!

Ultimate Thanksgiving Stuffing


1 cup dried cherries (or golden raisins or cranberries)
1 ½ cups orange liqueur (I use Triple Sec)
½ cup butter
2 cups celery, chopped
1 large onion, chopped
1 lb. Italian sausage, casing removed
1-16 oz. package stuffing mix
1 cup pecans, chopped
4 Honeycrisp apples, peeled, cored and chopped
½ cup butter, melted
2 cups water or chicken broth, NO orange juice
4 teaspoons fresh sage, chopped
Salt & pepper, to taste


Place cherries in a small saucepan and cover with 1 cup of orange liqueur. 
Bring to a boil, remove from heat and set aside.

In a large skillet, melt ½ c. butter over medium heat. 
Sauté the celery and onion for about 10 minutes. 
Transfer to a large mixing bowl.
Using the same skillet, cook the sausage until crumbled and brown.  Drain.
Combine the sausage and stuffing mix with the celery and onion mixture.
Stir in the cherries and liqueur mixture, pecans and apples.
Mix in melted butter, water, ½ cup orange liqueur. 
The stuffing should be completely moistened.
Season with sage, salt and pepper.

Preheat oven to 325 degrees. 
Butter a 15x10” baking dish well.
Place stuffing in prepared dish.

Cover with buttered foil and bake till heated through, about 1 hour.
Uncover and bake until top is crisp, about 15 minutes.
8-10 servings.

It is incredibly delicious, the ultimate stuffing!

Just one bite of this delicious stuffing will be enough for a chorus of “aahs” around the dinner table --- it’s that good! 

Check out my friend, Linda’s blog, at My Kind of Cooking for her great recipes and cookbook giveaway!

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bellini valli said...

A very timely post Pam with Thanksgiving looming.

Linda said...

Dried cherries, apples and sausage, all I can say is YUM! Great recipe Pam! I am glad you re-posted it. I am going to have to read your older posts to see what other treasures are hiding in the archives.

Bubba said...

Is it wrong that I've already started drooling thinking about your standard Thanksgiving meal?

Pam said...

bellini valli, yes! It's that time of year again!

Linda, thanks! This is definitely our favorite. Hope all is well your way and that you have a great day!

Bubba, no, drool on! I know you're drooling over the turkey and especially your favorite oyster dish also!

Terrianne, Call me Ree said...

I'm so excited for Thanksgiving. It has to be my favorite holiday--if only for the food. =)

Your stuffing looks wonderful. If my grandmother made stuffing anything close to yours, I'd eat it by the plateful.

Terrianne, Call me Ree said...

There's an oyster dish, too? Invite me over. Please! ;-)

Pam said...

Terrianne, Call me Ree, I so agree! All that good food! Yes, there is a great rich oyster dish that I will post soon. Come on over, there's always room for more!

JG said...

Stuffing? Oh yeah! Definitely anticipated on Thanksgiving. :) It looks good! Yummy!

StephenC said...

I don't know if we're having stuffing (dressing) this year. In any case we won't be putting it in the turkey. We're dismantling the bird and roasting it in pieces so as to get the breast meat exactly where we want it. Sounds good, though.

BigAppleNosh said...

Stuffing is my favorite Thanksving side, thanks for sharing!

Midwest to Midlands said...

Very different recipe but sound Yummy!

Julie said...

I love it...all the sweet and savory going on in there! I'd have no problem scarfing this down all by myself :)

Leslie said...

oh pam... I am always craving something new when i leave here.
I cant wait for stuffing!!!!

Zia Elle said...

it looks great Pam!! So yammy!!

V@WhimsyLamb said...

Oh looks yummy! I love stuffing!=))

Design Wine and Dine said...

Stuffing is my favorite part of the meal too - with the mashed potatoes a close second!

This stuffing sounds divine!

Chatty Crone said...

This stuffing sounds delish. Thanks. sandie

Pegasuslegend said...

Cherry and orange sounds fantastic with these flavors

Katerina said...

Since we do not celebrate Thanksgiving in Greece we make Turkey on Christmas. I am bookmarking this recipe for my Christmas table.

The Wife of a Dairyman said...

Pam, if I was hosting Thanksgiving this year, I would most definitely use your stuffing recipe....looks fabulous!

Jennifurla said...

Oh yum, I love all these ingredients. I bet the texture and taste is really good

Susan said...

Pam, this recipe is so totally different from anything I have ever eaten, but I keep going back over the ingredients and by gosh, I think I have to try it.

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

This does sound delicious! I never would have thought of adding Triple Sec but I'll be the orange flavor is wonderful.

^..^Corgidogmama said...

...Oh me oh my....this is so "gourmet" and high falutin' as dressings go! Looks divine! But too fancy for our humble household of men who think Stove Top is as good as it gets. Sigh.......

kitchen flavours said...

The stuffing sounds great! I love to see the various stuffing that everyone has on Thanksgiving! Yours sounds yummy, and I can imagine the aroma with the Triple Sec!

Zoe said...

Pam, the stuffing sounds delicious for Thanksgiving.

Raina said...

amazing combination of flavors. It must taste so good. Stuffing is definitely one of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving for sure. That and mashed potatoes and gravy:)

MaryBeth said...

YUMM-O...I have done this style of stuffing with cranberries and love it but I really think the cherries sound awesome.

Mags @ the Other Side of 50 said...

Stuffing with triple sec... how can you go wrong! Looks delicious.

Marguerite said...

What a unique stuffing recipe, that I have not seen before. Looks fabulous and I love the ingredients! Thanks for sharing1

scrambledhenfruit said...

Who needs turkey if you've got dressing this good? It sounds fabulous!

Monet said...

I have been wanting to do some "reposting" too! I'm so glad that you shared this recipe with us because it sounds amazing! I am sure that the fresh and dried fruit does wonders. Thank you for sharing, love. May peace and beauty shower down this week!

Pam said...

JG, you said it! Can't have Thanksgiving without stuffing.

StephenC, sounds like a winning turkey to me. I add some of the stuffing to the turkey and casserole the remainder.

BigAppleNosh, I concur!

Midwest to Midlands, it's definitely different and is filled with flavor.

Julie, I know what you mean!

Leslie, good! Love the Thanksgiving dinner!

Zie Elle, thanks, it is!

V@WhimsyLamb, great! Thanks for stopping by!

Design Wine and Dine, I so agree and could almost pass on the turkey because of all the good sides.

Chatty Crone, it is really good and everyone here likes it.

Pegasuslegend, it is. It is not a sweet stuffing at all probably because of the sausage.

Katerina, it is great for a Christmas menu also!

The Wife of a Dairyman, thanks! We like it!

Jennifurla, yes! Great texture also and the taste is even better.

Susan, I hope you make it! The ingredients definitely make it an amazing delicious stuffing. My family loves it.

SavoringTime in the Kitchen, yes. It's a perfect touch and the orange flavor is not over-powering; just right!

Corgidogmama, lol! This is not your stove top stuffing. I know what you mean!

kitchen flavours, the aroma is fantastic too! There are so many stuffing recipes I've tried, but this one is the winner!

Zoe, thank you!

Raina, yes all the way! Love those mashed potatoes and gravy also.

MaryBeth, it works fine with cranberries or golden raisins also. I usually add cherries though.

Mags @ the Other Side of 50, you got it!

Marguerite, thanks! It's really delicious!

scrambledhenfruit, I'm with you on that. I could make a meal of the stuffing.

Monet, I will be watching yours. The fruits make it moist and flavorful for sure. Thanks for the kind wish and I send the same to you!

Suldog said...

Sounds like a beauty!

From the Kitchen said...

It's my favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner--the stuffing! (or dressing). I use a recipe from a 1978 Gourmet (oh how I miss Gourmet).

We thought long and hard before getting Oliver after we lost Argos. It would be so much easier to travel not leaving a dear pet at a kennel. But, we just couldn't see our lives without a dog so.....the long and hard thinking only lasted about a month!


Valerie said...

Just tell me when and where, sounds like I'd like to come to your Turkey dinner!! haha! I'll have to try this! xoxo

Rita said...

I jsut love the sound of this; if only I could convince m yhusband we are rady for a change; looks wonderful Pam.

OohLookBel said...

Cherries in the stuffing - sounds delicious enough to eat on its own!

Julie Harward said...

The stuffing is one of my favorites parts of the dinner..I put Italian sausage in mine the kick! ;D

Karen said...

This does sound good, Pam. The dressing I make every year is the same one my Mom used to make and I love it. It's the recipe on Mrs. Cubbison's box of bread crumbs.