Beef & Potatoes with Rosemary and It’s a Small World!

In Valerie’s words, “this is just too weird!”

Here’s the story:

A couple of months ago, Valerie sent me an email introducing herself and telling me she was a new follower of my blog.   She explained that she stumbled over my blog while surfing the net and that she is from Reynoldsburg, Ohio and now lives in Louisville, Ky.  I thought “Wow!”  Reynoldsburg is the next town over from where our farm was located in Pickerington.  I later then moved to Louisville, KY.  What a coincidence!  We both lived in the same area in Ohio and then we both moved to Louisville.

I emailed her back and told her exactly where our farm was and my grandfather’s farm with their farm house just down the road from us.  I explained that it has all changed so much now.  Both farm houses are still there but there is a funeral home and a bank across the street from my grandparent’s house and a church by our house now.  Plus it is all built up with houses and stores now ~ not all fields as when we lived there.

She emailed back and said the house has an in-ground pool and is across from the funeral home and church with a shop near the house.  I told her yes, that was my grandparent’s house.  They built it many years ago and the pool was installed much later by Uncle Jake and Aunt Phyllis.  Her next email told me that her aunt bought my grandparent’s house years ago and the shop next door is her embroidery shop.  Her aunt lives in my grandparent’s house!  She said her aunt loved the old wallpaper in the dining room so much that it’s still there. 

Like she said, WOW!  This is just too weird!  This proves it is a small world in blogger land.  I’m so glad to have met Valerie and to see photos of the area as it looks now. 

Valerie has a great blog in which she talks about her life in Louisville with her husband and 3 cute kids.  This is Valerie’s recipe for pot roast @In His Image.  You may recall I just bought a slow cooker after many years of not having one and this is a perfect recipe for it!  It all turned out beautifully.  Cooked to perfection!  Bill really likes it when I make pot roast so check back next week to see what he does with it!  Yum!

Here’s her recipe:

Beef & Potatoes with Rosemary
This a great pot roast recipe w/ a bit of a twist. The Dijon mustard just makes it so different from your everyday roast.
1 lb medium red potatoes, quartered
baby carrots, or lg is fine too
3 tbsp Dijon mustard
2 tbsp chopped fresh rosemary leaves
1 tsp chopped fresh thyme
salt & pepper
3 lb beef boneless chuck roast (I like shoulder)
1 small onion, chopped
2 cans beef broth

Arrange the potatoes & carrots around the edge of your slow cooker.
Mix mustard, rosemary, thyme, S&P, and spread evenly over the roast. Place beef in cooker, sprinkle onion on top, & pour in beef broth.
Cover & cook 6-8 hours.

Thanks so much Valerie for the great memories and the recipe also!

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Check out my friend, Linda’s blog, at My Kind of Cooking for her great recipes and cookbook giveaway!


  1. That is amazing! What a small world afterall.

  2. I've had similar things happen in the blogging world! It's fun what a small world it can be sometimes!

    The roast looks awesome! Thanks!

  3. Ahhh yes, the small world that we live in amazes me all the time! I love the sound of this dish..then again, I love anything with rosemary in it!

  4. how a small world! this dish look awesome!

  5. You are right it is a very small world; there have been many coincidences in our life that prove it. One day Nigel was standing waiting for a lift in his office in Johannesburg, S. Africa; on arrival who should walk out but a guy he used to share accommodation with in the UK when he first left school!! Diane

  6. Ellerinize, emeğinize sağlık. Çok leziz ve iştah açıcı görünüyor.


  7. Wow, it is a small world! Great story, Pam, and Valerie's pot roast sounds delicious!

  8. Hey Pam! Thanks so much for the post! It really IS a good roast! Glad all of you lovely bloggers like it! ;) Pam is awesome and I'm very happy to have met her! I'll continue to post pics of the farm for you as the new barn & porch get finished! Lots of love ;)

  9. Great story, Pam, it's definitely a small world, and the internet makes it so much smaller!

    Meat and potatoes, that pot roast looks great!

  10. It's a small world alright, and great too! Amazing! The beef and potatoes looks delicious! Would have to try it with pork since I don't eat beef! Looks really good.

  11. wow what an amazing story and this looks like a perfect British roast YUM

  12. It truly is a small world!! Love the story. The pot roast looks so delicious. Take care.

  13. What a small world story!

    What a coincidence - I'll be posting my 50's style pot roast this afternoon.

    We have a slow cooker, but don't use it. Just a low and slow oven.

    This should be a pot roast throw down.

  14. Que platito más completo, se ve estupendo.


  15. "it's a small world after all" so true, nice & simple recipe. I will check out her blog too!

  16. Pam,this kind of story just gives me goose bumps. I am so glad the two of you have found each other. And for you, especially, it is a connection to your grandparents that will not go away. Love it!!!

  17. I so enjoy blogging for the friendships it creates. What a great story and a SMALL world! Love it! Your recipe sounds so wonderful on this cold Indiana night!!!

  18. OMG, isn't that funny! I love pot roast, but usually make it with venison. Do you like your crock pot?

  19. Thanks so much for stopping by, I'm your newest follower.

  20. Love the "small world" story. Isn't it funny how coincidences happen like that? I've always told hubby that if he ever planned on having an affair, even traveling to a remote village in Africa to meet the woman wouldn't work because there is ALWAYS someone, somewhere who sees something. (It keeps him in line.)

    Great comfort food meal you got there girlie.

  21. What a great crockpot recipe...perfect for fall!

  22. What a small world it is! That pot roast sounds delicious. :)

  23. Pam, I can smell the fragrant from here, hehe...

  24. Amazing story! I am going to check out her blog. I can't wait to see what Bill makes from the leftovers!

  25. Isn't it amazing to see the connections we can make in this wonderful blogging world? What a great story. Thank you for sharing! And this rosemary and beef sounds delicious. I love that herb!

  26. It is a nice feeling to have this great connection with another blogger, I wish I might too someday...

    Anyway, this dish looks solid and delicious for any meals of the day!

    Sawadee from Bangkok,

  27. It really is funny, isn't it? How small the world is.
    How fun for you.
    I love your apple blossom plates... my brother has my grandma's. I always wanted them, but I got the Desert Rose pattern instead.

  28. That is an incredible story. I definitely think it is a small world, and I always feel like many of us food bloggers have some kind of connection.

  29. Pam, it is for sure!

    Debbi, thanks! It is an amazing thing with this blogging.

    Jenn, me too! Have a good day!

    Sonia, thanks, you're right!

    Diane, that's amazing with Nigel! When Bill was in the Army in Germany, he discovered a new buddy of his was my aunt's brother! Amazing!!!

    Fuat Gencal, I don't understand but thanks for the visit!

    SavoringTime in the Kitchen, thank you! The pot roast was delicious!

    Val, hi! I'm so happy to have met you! This just amazed me. I'm looking forward to the pics. The pot roast was great. Love to you!

    Dishesdone, what would we do without the internet? Have a good day!

    kitchen flavours, yes, amazing! This would be good with pork also.

    Chow and Chatter, you're right with the British thing. It was really good and is one of my favorite meals.

    Sheila, thanks! It is!

    StephenC, funny! We know what's good! This is the first time I've made it in a slow cooker; so easy! I'll be checking yours out!

    jose manuel, gracias! Es mi favorita!

    Jennifurla, good! Valerie has a great blog and is a sweetie!

    Susan, I was in awe when learning all of this as it brought back great memories from my grandparents! It is a small world!

    Quit Eating Out, thank you! This is good eating for those cold Indiana nights and Illinois too!

    aumie, welcome and thank you!

    Mags @ the Other Side of 50, too funny! I've said similar also. You just never know! Glad you like the roast and veggies.

    laurie, it is good and easy!

    Chatty Crone, you said it!

    scrambledhenfruit, that's right! It is great!

    Little Inbox, and isn't it wonderful? Yum!

    Linda www.mykindofcooking, Good! You'll like her blog! Bill definitely knows how to prepare the leftover beef perfectly! You'll see next week.

    Monet, yes! I was stunned and amazed! Glad you like the pot roast!

    Kris Ngoei, thanks! You just never know when the connection might happen!

    Debbie, it is funny and a wonderful thing! Thank you! A neighbor at one time had the Desert Rose, they are beautiful!!! I've had these for many years, just because red is my favorite color.

  30. Raina, you are so right! Connections like these just add the perfect touch to blogging!

  31. THat looks great. I LOVE crock pot recipes.

  32. I love these Pam look amzing and tasty! gloria

  33. Deee-Licious! Great for this time of year. A great story!

  34. A perfect example of synchronicity! Sometimes it is a small world! Great recipe for the crock pot! Love it!

  35. This is such a terrific story! It truly is such a small world! I've been thinking of cooking up a nice beef recipe. This looks like one my husband would love. I really like the rosemary and Dijon in here.

  36. Wow, definitely a small world, but is it nice to know it?


  37. Love the Dijon and rosemary in this. They are two of my very favorite ingredients.

    Don't you just love it when coincidences come along? I sure do. Makes life interesting don't you think?


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