Loaded Chewy Oatmeal Cookies and Home on the Farm

Mom baked all the time as I was growing up on the farm and we had dessert every evening with supper.  To her way of thinking ~ a meal was not complete without dessert.  When we had company she went over the top with a sweet ending.  Mom baked a multitude of fruit pies, cream pies, tarts, cakes and cookies for us to enjoy.

Our farm house

Mom and I, circa 1950

On the farm, “dinner” was served at noon.  Especially during the summer, with many workers helping with the crops on our farm and my grandparents’ also, my mother and grandmother served huge meals for “dinner.”  Physical labor consumed many calories on the farm and a welcome “dinner” provided energy and a short rest. 

The table was laden with several varieties of meat, always fried or mashed potatoes, fresh vegetables from the garden, casseroles, homemade pickles, fresh bread or rolls, fried sweet corn (my favorite), most generally pies for dessert and sweet tea to wash it all down.  There was a LOT of food and Mom and Grandma definitely spent many hours in the kitchen during those days.

Then times changed ~ we moved to Louisville ~ Mom usually only made dessert when we had dinner guests.  Going back to the “dinner-supper” thing; I remember to this day when Dad informed me after moving to Louisville that “dinner” was now called “lunch” and “supper” was now called “dinner.”  Huh?????   But then I drank “pop” in Ohio, a “soft drink” in Louisville, a “soda” up here and don’t remember what it was called when Bill and I lived in Missouri and Germany (beer!)

I generally only make dessert when the “kids” or others are here.  There are always cookies in the cookie jar though and through the summer, they’re store bought.  But come this time of year, I love to bake cookies and enjoy one every morning with a cup of coffee and so does Bill.  There’s nothing like the aroma in the air as they’re baking and these cookies are loaded with good things for a nearly perfect cookie!  Hope you try them!

Loaded Chewy Oatmeal Cookies


2 sticks butter, softened
1 cup light brown sugar, packed
½ cup granulated sugar
2 eggs
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1½ cups flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
½ teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon cinnamon
½ teaspoon salt
3 cups rolled oats
1 cup dried cherries
1 cup chocolate chip chunks
1 cup flaked coconut


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
In a large bowl, cream the butter, sugars, eggs and vanilla until smooth and fluffy.
In a separate bowl, whisk the flour, baking soda, baking powder, cinnamon and salt.
Stir into butter and sugar mixture.
Add remaining ingredients and combine well.
Place cookies 2” apart on a parchment-lined baking sheet.
Bake for approximately 12 minutes until edges are golden.
Allow them to rest on the baking sheet for 2-3 minutes before transferring to a rack for cooling. 
Makes 5 dozen

Pam’s note:  For a thicker cookie, refrigerate the dough for 30 minutes before baking cookies.  They make take a while longer to bake with the chilled dough.

Two questions for all you great folks out there:

Is it supper or dinner at your house?

Do you usually have dessert after the meal?

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  1. There's not much better than a good chewy oatmeal cookie!! What a wonderful post- I love those old pictures!! My grandparents still call lunch "dinner"- it's always been that way in our family!

  2. We have lunch and dinner, typical of South Africa but the English have dinner (for lunch) and then tea (for dinner). I can not get around to this way of thinking especially as I don't even like tea as such to drink!! Herbal tea is just fine.

    Those oatmeal cookies look wonderful Mmmmmmm.

    Love your big house on the farm, sad that times change. Dciane

  3. Great post Pam! It is dinner at my house. The only time we have dessert is when we have company or when I am writing the dessert section of a new cookbook.

  4. Maybe it was a Southern thing, but my grandmother always called it "dinner."

    Oatmeal cookies are my favorite!

  5. Estas galletas se ven maravillosas, que ricas, me copio tu receta


  6. I've been craving oatmeal cookies lately! Yours look delicious. And I love the old photographs!

  7. These cookies look fantastic...just the way I like them. I have been checking out cookie recipes lately (not much of a baker). This recipe is on my list.

    We would call it dinner when we ate the big meal at noon on Sundays. Supper was always during the week after dad got home from work. That was growing up in Michigan, and we called it "pop" too. Here in Florida it's "soda".

    I like hearing the stories!

  8. Lovely photographs. It's dinner and we do not always have dessert, even if we do, it will usually be fresh fruits. The oatmeal cookies looks wonderful!

  9. Pam, what a great story of your childhood memories. When I was younger, my grandmother called it "supper." I started calling it dinner one day and evenutally she caught on. =)

    When I lived in Arizona they said "Pop" but I always said "Soda."

    I wonder where the origin of lacational lingo comes from.

    These cookies look divine! I love a loaded cookie. Yum!

  10. I loved reading your post. All these memories from your childhood. These cookies help you keep the memories warm.

  11. Lovely post, oh to sepdn a day like you talk about.

    Lovely cookies too

  12. those oat meal cookies looks very delicious ...


  13. These look so delicious. And I really loved reading your little story as well. What a fun "look back" you did. Sounds like you had a very nice childhood on the farm.

  14. Pam what a wonderful family and memories behind it. Its dinner at our house and we always have dessert! I'd love to try the fried sweet corn, sounds amazing! Your cookies look delicious.

  15. Pam, these cookies look delicious and perfect for our charity cake stall in a few weeks' time. Not only that, I also understand all the ingredients and can buy them in the UK - not always the case !! Add to that the fact that I have worked out that a stick of butter is 4 ounces I just can't fail.

    We always had dessert at home as a kid. We called it a pudding. Midday meal was called "dinner" and would be meat and two veg followed by a pudding. After school we would have a lighter meal which we called "tea" then before bed we may have some "supper" of a few biscuits or toast and hot milk or chocolate. (Even so, we were skinny kids compared to the plump ones nowadays. Must have been the amount of vegetables we ate to fill us up.)

    To confuse matters, things changed once I became master of my own meals and now have lunch at midday or one o'clock, then dinner in the evening.

    Confusing, isn't it?!!

  16. These look great!
    I love reading your posts. They are so interesting.

  17. I love, love, LOVE oatmeal cookies..but I'm the only one in the house that does so I dont make them very often:) This recipe sounds like a winner!

  18. I so enjoyed hearing a bit more about your past and your family's traditions. I can only imagine how wonderful it must have been to sample so many delicious treats growing up. Oatmeal cookies are always a favorite around my house, and I'm sure they were enjoyed at yours!

  19. Oh how I love oatmeal cookies! I always have dessert after dinner or supper! :) It was supper growing up as a kid in our household, but you have to have dessert no matter what time it is! ha

  20. Those are loaded! They look delish.
    We call it dinner at our house...and we don't always have dessert. I think I eat dessert all day though:)

  21. These cookies really are loaded with a bunch of goodness! I was raised in New England and we always had (and still have) 'dinner' and have never have called any meal 'supper'. My mom always had dessert with every meal. My gardener and I *never* have dessert. If we have company, I'll make a dessert, but neither of us even eats it then!

  22. I loved your anecdote at the beginning :) All that food sounds incredible. And soda is also called pop here in Pittsburgh!

  23. I love oatmeal cookies! This sound wonderful!
    I catch myself calling it both dinner and supper, but for the most part I call it supper!

  24. Cherries, chocolate and coconut sound like perfect additions to chewy cookies. I think the best thing about fall is the baking.

  25. Now let me tell ya these are some cookies a farm chick could settle back with a cool glass of milk!

    I cook for the Strongbacks (farm hands) but not like the old days. I can remember the noon meal was finished and a cloth came out to cover the table leavin' the food out 'till supper. Fried chicken and all. If we did that today we would die, literally.

    Hubby works off the farm durin' the week so it's supper.

    When my kids were growin' up we always had something sweet after meals. Ya know the bribe, clean your plat or you don't get dessert.

    Now I make a variety of treats and individually wrap and freeze 'em to pop in Hubby's lunch. If there in the freezer I have no problem leavin' 'em alone!

    God bless ya and have an incredible weekend!!!

  26. Supper...but Sunday dinner.
    Pop, always...but, I grew up in Michigan and Indiana.
    Those cookies would really thrill my hubby!
    Loved this post Pam, the story line and photos were wonderful!

  27. Your farmhouse looks like a really big place!

    I made oatmeal cookies this afternoon too. Your recipe looks terrific!

    We call it dinner but I think supper sound more fun. :) My kids usually have a small dessert. My dessert is a nice glass of red wine.

    Have a great weekend, Pam!

  28. That is one classy farmhouse and what a great story, Pam.

    We've always called it dinner and dessert was never an every night occurrence and still isn't.

    Your oatmeal cookies sound fantastic!

  29. Wow, your mom's dinner sounded like it would have been fabulous to sit at her table to rest and indulge in a fantastic meal. Cookies included!
    For us it is dinner and it is up to the kids and hubby if they want to have dessert. I usually don't but then I don't have a killer sweet tooth like they do!

  30. What? Not everybody has dessert with every meal? We always have a sweet!!!

  31. Great post :)

    No dessert and we call it dinner!
    Your cookies look awesome!

  32. We only get treats like this during festive occasions when we were young! Glad I can now bake my own for my family's enjoyment. These cookies look like another keeper!

  33. At our place it's called "tea" or " dinner" but usually tea. We only have dessert when we have visitors for tea. Otherwise we have yoghurt and fruit but I LOVE dessert!!

  34. You have a good mom and Thanks for sharing your old story. Have this chewy cookie with a cup of tea must be very nice.

  35. I grew up on a farm as well, and at my house we had dinner in the middle of the day and supper in the evening. Lunch was something we only had at school. :) My mom didn't make dessert for every meal, but she did usually have some kind of cookie available for us to munch on. These sound delicious!

  36. Amy, I so agree about the cookies. Thanks so much for your nice comment!

    Diane, interesting with the difference between SA and England. I've definitely never called it tea. The large house was great and I have many good memories of it. Thanks so much!

    Linda, the same here with dinner and dessert. I can imagine you've made your share of desserts with the cookbooks and all. Sounds fun to me!

    TKW, love those "Southern" things and oatmeal cookies also!

    jose manuel, bueno y gracias! Espero que quiera las galletas!

    Danelle, thank you! I'm glad you like it!

    Lyndsey, Bill's family also called it dinner on Sunday and supper the rest of the week, growing up in Illinois. Funny with the areas and pop and soda.

    kitchen flavours, thank you! Yes, dessert is fruit a lot of times here also, especially in the summer!

    Ree, I bet you had a great grandma and I always like when you mention her on your blog! I'd like to know how we arrive at the lingo we use. Have a great weekend!

    Katerina, thanks! Absolutely! Love the memories!

    Jennifurla, those were the days! It was a busy life with a lot of work caring for the all the animals and the crops!

    Satya, thanks for the visit and have a good weekend!

    Betty Ray, thanks! Yes, I loved living on the farm in the wide open spaces with all the farm animals, etc. and missed it so much when we moved.

    Lisa, thanks! I want to have dinner at your house! The fried corn is delicious! Have a great weekend!

    Jean, great! I've learned from other blogs the difficulty of finding various ingredients in the UK. Yes, a stick of butter equals 4 ounces, equals 8 tablespoons. That's really interesting with your tea and supper! Not sure though exactly what a pudding involves but guessing it could be cakes, pies, trifle or bread pudding and so forth. Yes, the meals confuse me even more! ;)

    Robin, thanks so much, glad you enjoyed it!

    Holly, oatmeal cookies are a wonderful thing. Thanks for the visit!

    Monet, yes; it was wonderful! We always had cookies and Mom made the oatmeal ones quite often.

    Evan, you definitely think like my mom did with the desserts. Lucky you! Dessert works any time for me! ;)

  37. A lovely write-up on our family. These cookies look amazing--perfect for a sweet note at the end of a good meal!

  38. Clements Family, thanks; they are! lol Dessert is the best!

    Karen, interesting with the supper thing! It evidently depends on where we grew up. Like I said, I only serve dessert when there's company but unlike you and the gardener, I eat the dessert!

    SteelCityFlan, thank you! That's what Bill says too with the pop growing up. Have a great weekend!

    Kirby, supper sounds good to me and I still call it supper now and then.

    Nezzy, being a farm girl, you know what it's all about! I miss those days with the wide open spaces, etc. Funny, with the cloth covering the food. Yeah, that would not be a good thing to do now, the FDA would be knocking at the door! Funny how things change. That's a great way to do with the treats now, no temptation! God bless you too and you have a fun weekend!

    Corgidogmama, you and Bill too, Sunday dinner at noon and supper. You're a Midwest girl for sure! It's chilly here now, football weather! Glad you enjoyed this and here's wishing you a great weekend!

    theUngourmet, yes! It was a big house. Right inside the front door was a long hallway with a winding cherry staircase. I loved sliding down that banister until mom or dad saw me do it! Bet your kids really like the cookies you make. Wine sounds like a good dessert to me and less fattening for sure!

    SavoringTime in the Kitchen, thanks! It had large rooms with a fireplace in every room, even the bedrooms. A huge kitchen and pantry, screened in porch and a smokehouse attached to the rear. Glad you like the cookies!

    Bridgett, thanks! Mom was a great cook and there was always room for one more at the table! Great with your kids and hubby enjoying dessert! Have a good weekend!

    laurie, lol!!! I'm on way way to your dinner table! Thanks for stopping by here!

    Dishesdone, thanks so much! Enjoy your dinner this evening!

    Jeannie, I'm sure that makes your family happy! You sound like a great mom!

    Helsie, guess it all depends on where you live. Tea sounds good to me but we never called it that. I love dessert too but only enjoy it with company here.

    Sonia, thanks! She was a great mom! I just had a cookie with a cup of coffee! Yum!

    scrambledhenfruit, then yours was about the same. Mom most always had homemade cookies in the jar. I'm glad you like these loaded cookies! Have a great weekend!

  39. A SPICY PERSPECTIVE, thanks so much! Nothing beats a homemade cookie! You have a wonderful weekend!

  40. A light Lunch is around noontime. After dinner we do have dessert! Oatmeal cookies are the best. :)


  41. Sorry I haven't been by lately-busy busy.
    These cookies look awesome!

    Have a wonderful weekend and it is lunch and dinner in our world.

    Sometimes we have dessert. cookies, fruit, or ice cream but
    not every time.


  42. Me again--Just an FYI:
    I have you on my sidebar now and that will get to see you more!


  43. Your cookies DO have a lot in them! They look and sound amazingly delicious! I love the picture of the farm house. So picturesque! Thanks for stopping by my blog, do come back!

  44. This was a great post -- I loved the stories from your childhood. I really only bake once a week, and often bake snacks as opposed to desserts. It is just the two of us, and hard to finish whole cakes and pies!

  45. These sound fantastic! Loaded with all kinds of goodies!

  46. Yum! I love cookies with lots of stuff in them. Loaded is awesome :)

  47. What a lovely post! Thanks for sharing these memories and pictures with us, and of course this delicious recipe!
    I fully agree with your Mum, a meal should end with a dessert! If I do not have a sweet taste in my mouth, I always feel something is missing!!
    English is not my mother tongue, but we say dinner. I would love to see if the different use comes from region. In French from France the evening meal is a "dîner", whereas in the French part of Switzerland, where I live, we talk about "souper"!

  48. I've gotten into the habit of eating dinner for lunch because I like taking pictures for the blog at noon rather that at six pm in the dark! It's so interesting how the terminology has evolved over time. But one thing that will never change is my love of oatmeal raisin cookies. These look awesome!

  49. JG, I like your way of doing it! Have a good day!

    Country Dreaming, thanks for your comments and the sidebar. I've added yours also.

    Emily Z, thank you! I will and you do the same!

    newlywed, thank you very much! It's the same here with two people. Have a wonderful day!

    Reeni, thanks for the visit!

    Tiffiny Felix, you said it with the loaded!

    Sweet Artichoke, thank you! Your mum and my mom knew what was good! That's interesting with the different regions of your country, much like the regions of the US. Thanks for stopping by!

    Joanne, you made a great point there with the pictures, especially since it is getting dark so much earlier now. Love oatmeal cookies also! Thanks and have a good day!

  50. This was a great family story. I loved it. Like you, eating a few of those oatmeal cookies with my coffee in the morning would be really good.

  51. These cookies look heavenly and will have to go on my "must try list"! For us, it's lunch and dinner, and dessert is usually eaten for a snack, at a different time of day. Enjoyed your family story and photos!

  52. Hi Pam, thanks for stopping by my little place. I live in Ohio, and we call it supper most of the time..These cookies look good, maybe I will whip up a batch for my boys this week for the school
    lunches..Have a good w/e.

  53. Dessert is usually a special occasion treat in my house, but the cookie jar is always filled with homemade cookies. I like oatmeal cookies with lots of goodies added. This recipe is definitely a "must try." Thanks, Pam.

  54. There is nothing like milk and cookies, better than that is dunking them before placing them in one's mouth. These cookies look and I am sure they are delicious. well done

    Tried Tested Recipes Sharing

  55. They certainly look like perfect delicious cookies. Yum.

  56. Velva, thanks! They're great with a cup of coffee or glass of cold milk also! Have a good day!

    Marguerite, thank you! Dessert works as a snack for me. Hope you try the cookies!

    Faith, oh Buckeye country! These cookies would be a great treat for your boys! Have a good day!

    Cathy, dessert is a special treat here also. I'd like to visit your cookie jar as I bet it's always filled with a "goodie!"

    Rico, you're right on spot! Dunked them in milk or a hot cup of coffee, either one is yummy! Thanks!

    chayacomfycook, thanks! They are!

  57. The best kind of cookies, loaded with goodies:)

  58. looks like a fun place to grow up beautiful house and yummy cookies

  59. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog and giving me the opportunity to discover yours. You have a very lovely blog. Love the old pictures and stories about the noontime "dinners." So nice and the cookies look delicious!!!!

  60. thanks for sharing more of yourself with us, its nice to learn more about our friends! Your oatmeal cookie sounds so good! Oatmeal has always been my favorite cookie, and yours are calling to me!
    thanks for sharing

  61. It was breakfast, dinner and supper at our house when I was growing up.

    These cookies looks fabulous, but of course I'm a sucker for ANYTHING with oatmeal!

  62. Loved this story of your mom and the farm house. Wow what great memories you have and your pictures are really wonderful.
    Girl I love oatmeal rasin cookies and now I am going to bed wanting them. hahaha
    It is the prefect time to be baking cookies and I have to admit cookies are my weakness especially for breakfast.
    Thanks for the sweet comments I do appreciate you

  63. These sounds amazing. I have made oatmeal cookies and different variations with them but never with this many tasty ingredients in them.

  64. Pacheco Patty, thanks so much!

    Chow and Chatter, it was great! Thanks for the visit!

    Debbie, thanks for stopping by and have have a good day!

    Chef Dennis, thank you! Glad you like the cookies!

    Mags, thanks! I so agree about the oatmeal!

    Grandma Yellow Hair, thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. There's nothing quite like homemade cookies, especially this time of year!

    Esi, me too!

    Kristin, they're great with the dried cherries!

    Shanthi, you said it all! Thanks!

  65. Supper at my home is always followed by a touch of sweetness. My Mommy also baked quite a lot and I guess, although I try to minimize the calories...I do follow the same traditions of treating myself ;o)

    Speaking of treating...mmmm...those cookies sound absolutely delicious. Bookmarking again Pam ;o)

  66. We do the dinner supper thing here, we were raised in a farming community where lunch was what you had mid morning and in the afternoon before chores. We just haven't been willing to give that part of our heritage up.

  67. Foodessa, here's to super and desserts! The cookies are a yummy treat!

    Jody Blue, that's a good part of our heritage to keep! Thanks for the visit!

  68. Those cookies sound so good! I love that they're so loaded with goodies!

  69. I made something a lot like this a little while ago but it turned out pretty bad/: Probably because it didn't use flour in the recipe. Yours look way better!

  70. I have been out of town and I am just now catching up. Boy those cookies look good. I am going to hard copy this. sandie


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