Fresh Green Beans with New Potatoes

Two of my favorite vegetables in the summer time are fresh green beans and new potatoes. And when they’re combined and cooked with a little bacon grease, it’s pure bliss.

This is an old-fashioned dish that Bill and I both grew up eating when our Mom’s cooked it.  So it brings back great memories from our youth each time I cook it now.  I sometimes helped Mom stem and snap the green beans.  It was not one of my favorite things to do back then.  It was a chore!  Love it now though ~ it gives me time to ponder whatever needs pondering.

Mom may have added a ham hock or bacon for seasoning but I usually just add bacon grease or a ham hock. Red or white new potatoes ~ both work and if some of the potatoes are larger, cut them in half.   This is perfect comfort food!

Fresh Green Beans with New Potatoes


2 pounds green beans, stemmed, snapped and washed
¼ cup bacon grease or ham hock
2 pounds new potatoes
Salt and pepper, to taste

In a dutch oven, place green beans and potatoes.
Cover with water.
Add bacon grease or ham hock.
Bring to a boil.
Lower heat to simmer.
Season with salt and pepper.
Cook until done, about 45 minutes to 1 hour.

This is a delicious side dish for any meal!

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  1. Ok, thank you for posting this. I have been trying to cook fresh green beans all summer. But they were just kind of blah. Now I know, it was missing the bacon grease!! I should be ashamed of myself, being a southern gal, and not thinking to add that little sinful bit of flavor. Off to get some more fresh green beans!

  2. OH MY GOSH!!! I could eat that whole pot of green beans and potatoes. I don't make this often--don't know why but we love it. One of my fondest memories is of Ma-Maw telling us to go out to the garden and pick what we wanted her to cook--beans and potatoes was always one of the dishes she fixed. For that meal, we would have all vegetables that Pa-Paw grew, we picked and Ma-Maw cooked. Thanks for the wonderful memory.

  3. Ive never even name anything with fresh green beans but you just made me change my mind and try this! This sounds so good! And because it has potatoes!

  4. Sinful Southern Sweets, a little bacon grease makes everything better!

    Sheila, I don't make it often but we love it! I'm glad this brought back good memories for you with your grandparents.

    Kirby, it's good and thanks for stopping by!

  5. My mama used to make this when I was little. One of my fav's! It's so filling we just ate it as a meal.
    Thanks for the wonderful post!

  6. So true Pam! Wonderful comfort food...perfect for the coming autumn weather!

  7. Realmente delicioso este plato. Me gusta mucho la combinación de elementos. Saludos

  8. Oh my! This looks delicious. I can practically smell it from here.

  9. My mom always makes this, too! I love it.

  10. Love this!! Feels like home!! My mom and gram both makes this, though-instead of bacon grease or a hamhock, they use left over ham from thanksgiving!! Delicious!!

  11. Yes this is a dish that brings back memories of mom's cooking for me too! Nothing better! Food and memories!

  12. Yum! My mom makes this and so do I.

  13. My 'Nonno' used to make a very similar dish except he added Italian pancetta and some chopped green leaves like 'scarola'. All topped with tons of Parmeggiano ;o) This really brings comforting memories. I may just make up a batch next time I'm overflowing with beans and potatoes ;o)

    Flavourful wishes,

  14. I have never tried this. I will bookmark it so as to try it. I always like to try new meals.

  15. This is a simple and easy dish to be prepared! But a chore to prepare the greeen beans? What kind of beans are those? Over here we have a few: the long bean, french bean, snake bean...all quite easy to get them ready(we love to stir-fry them though). Yours look like our long bean variety.


  16. one of my favorites and I can eat a huge plate of this for sure right now looks fabulous!!

  17. I love potatoes and beans too, especially new potatoes. I could just eat a big bowl of this for lunch.

  18. I grew up with this recipe too and it's still one of my favorites.

  19. I had some of these at my mom's house last weekend! YUM!

  20. This is such a good dish...I always thought only folks from Indiana made this one! Hmrph!!

  21. Looks like pure comfort food. Delicious!

  22. Now that looks yummy!!
    I've got a few pounds of beans in the fridge, I think I will make that this weekend.

  23. Looks like a delicious comfort food! Perfect for family get-together meals. Thanks for sharing!

  24. I'm sorry, my mind sort of wandered when I saw the words in bacon grease! :) How could this NOT be good????

  25. This does look like comfort food! I have quite a few beautiful potatoes that my mom gave me recently. Now, all I have to do is pick up green beans at farmers market on Saturday and I'll be set. :)

  26. legendswife, it's definitely a meal in my book!

    Catherine, yes. Green beans are great pretty much any way they're cooked.

    jose manuel, gracias! Tocino o jamón de sabores bien!

    Sunshine, it definitely has an aroma!

    robin, great and have a good day!

    "pup", I've done it that way also. Yum!

    Lyndsey, some foods have a way of doing that.

    Adventures in Domestic Cooking, thanks for the visit!

    Frances, mom knows how to cook!

    Foodessa, I want your nonno's! It sounds delicious!

    Katerina, hope you like it!

    Meldylocks and Her Three Bears, they are just snap beans; bush beans. I meant that as a kid I would've rather been swimming or whatever instead of snapping beans. I like them stir-fried and roasted also!

    pegasuslegend, that's a meal!

    Biren, I agree and I could probably eat it for breakfast also.

    Mags, yes, that's the way mom cooked!

    scrambledhenfruit, bet it was delicious!

    Corgidogmama, nope! Indiana doesn't have the corner on this bean dish. ;)

    Dishesdone, thanks and have a good day!

    Leslie, yum! Thanks for the visit!

    kitchen flavours, it's a family favorite for sure!

    Jenn, bacon grease has a way of doing that!

    theUngourmet, great! Then you will have some good eating!

  27. Perfect for the insane quantity of green beans I have hanging from the vines right now. And bacon? everything is better with bacon. Yum!

  28. Otehlia, absolutely! I agree with you all the way!


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