Bill’s Ham (?) Salad

I’ve said before that my Mom knew her way around a kitchen and was a great cook and baker.  Her pies had quite a reputation.  She loved ham salad and made it now and then.  I thought it was great until…

I was at Aunt Marge’s house one day back in the days when we lived on the farm in Picktown and Aunt Marge served ham salad sandwiches for lunch.  I thought it was the best thing and wondered why hers was so much better than Mom’s ~ but I didn’t tell Mom that.  Years later, when I met Bill, I found out!  His Mom made ham salad with bologna. 

So, now since Bill is the sandwich maker in the family; that is his way of making ‘ham’ salad:  with bologna. This is a pretty simple way of making it.  There are neither hard-boiled eggs in it, nor onions and it has to have Miracle Whip.  Years ago, he put the bologna through a grinder, then later started grating it on a hand-held grater and now shreds it in the food processor.  He says the only other requirement is that it be served on toast, that’s a necessity!

Bill’s Bologna Salad


1 pound chunk bologna
1/3 cup pickle relish
½ to ¾ cup Miracle Whip
Pepper, to taste


Shred the bologna in food processor.
Place all ingredients in a bowl and mix well.
Spread on your favorite toast.


How do you like your ham salad?

Be sure to visit my friend, Linda’s blog, at My Kind of Cooking for her great recipes and cookbook giveaway. 



  1. Pam,
    I will be making this - it sounds yummy. Thanks for sharing it!


  2. I'm laughing at the deception! I'm not a ham salad fan, but I have an aunt who is crazy for it. It always looked suspicious to me...I guess for good reason, eh?

  3. I have never had this version of ham salad, though I have had Spam salad. I think they are all good! Miracle Whip and relish make almost anything better.

  4. I am not crazy about processed meats, is not bologna a processed meat. I doubt if it is available here though. Diane

  5. I'm with the comment above - add some Spam. Heck, you only live once.

  6. Bill's Balogna Salad is just the kind of quick and easy recipes I love! Don't you love it, when your husband helps in the kitchen!

  7. I'm definitely going to try this! I LOVE bologna, but my husband hates it, so I could make a batch of it for lunches without him eating it all first! :) What a genius idea -- love this one!

  8. We love bologna! I'm going to have to make this one!

  9. Carol at Serendipity, right on! It is yummy!

    TKW, sometimes suspicious things are a winner! ;)

    Frances, I draw the line there with Spam. I hardly allow it in the house although Bill sneaks in a can once in a while. I definitely will not be telling him about Spam Salad!

    Food, Fun and Life in the Charente, bologna is a 'mystery meat' about as processed as you can get! Unfortunately, I love it and would eat it more often if not for that!

    StephenC, you should go over and join Frances for a Spam salad sandwich. Like I told her, no Spam here unless Bill sneaks it in!

    Linda, it is quick, easy and good! Yes, I love it when he helps in the kitchen. He sticks mainly to grilling, the smoker, salads and sandwiches. Who knows, maybe pies and cakes will be next...

    Cassie, great! You will love it!

    Kirby, excellent! Another bologna lover!

  10. I used to eat bologna all the time when I was a child - on RITZ crackers w/Amercan Cheese and yellow was my favorite treat! I love the picture with the pickle and chips! When's Lunch!?!?

  11. I haven't had bologna since I was a kid!....but I do still have PB&J only with chocolate or cinnamon peanut butters now:)

  12. jose manuel, gracias! Me gusta bologna!

    Design Wine and Dine, ummm! That sounds really good! Lunch will be ready shortly, come on over!

    The Wife of a Dairyman, PB is great also! Yours sounds good with the flavored PB's! I'll have to find one with cinnamon. Thanks!

  13. Now that is being creative with bologna; I bet it tastes realy good. My husband loves a fried balogna toasted sandwich with a think slice of sweet onion.

  14. Rita, now I'm drooling, fried bologna and and onion sandwich! Hope you're having a great day!

  15. Ah yes, Miracle Whip or Mayonnaise?
    I use approx 1:2 ratio and get the best of both worlds - creamy, and a litle tangy. ~~nick

  16. Sin duda una sandwich delicioso.
    Un saludo

  17. Wow, very tasty spread...would use with toast :-)

  18. Hummm never had it that way?/ My DH loves his with dill pickle relish, hard boiled eggs & miracle whip.
    I'll have to try this on him!

  19. Have never thought about making ham salad with bologna! sandie

  20. Bologna? In ham salad sandwiches? Very interesting!! I love bologna, so I'm all up for trying this one!

  21. I make this same recipe, only using ham. Unfortunately it only gets made at Christmas and Easter!

  22. This reminds me of my moms sandwhich...she ground bologna with cheese and onion. Then spread it on bread and put it under the was SO good!

    I HAVE to try this one!

  23. I have never heard of this! I so enjoy reading other people's blogs because I'm introduced to so many different food ideas and traditions...thank you for sharing this one with us!

  24. Nick, sounds good to me and must try the combo.

    Annie, sin duda. Es deliciosa!

    Juliana, yes. Have a great day!

    Tangos Treasures, your way sounds delicious also. Thanks!

    Chatty Crone, it's different, for sure!

    Jenn, hope you try it!

    Mags, that's about how often we have it here.

    laurie, yum! Your mom knew how to do it perfectly!

    Monet, you are right. There are all kinds of wonderful creations out there in the blogging world!

  25. This is so interesting! I love ham salad but never even thought of using bologna. And yes, I agree, has to be Miracle Whip. I made egg salad the other day and only had mayo (which I do like also - it depends) but it's so much better with Miracle Whip. This sounds great!


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