My Simply Delicious Green Beans

I’m not sure which fresh vegetable I like most in the summer time.  It could be green beans or sweet corn or maybe tomatoes.  They’re all great but green beans just might be my favorite. 

There was a time I liked green beans out of the can and gussied up a little bit.  Mom always canned the beans years ago and they were great but not the same as various commercially canned green beans.  None of it can compare to fresh green beans though!

I remember many years ago when Dad started planting broccoli.  I was used to frozen broccoli and was surprised how different it tasted straight from the garden.  The same can be said for green beans.

Anyway, my way of cooking the green beans is probably Southern but this is the way Mom made them and the way we enjoy them.  You can’t get much simpler than this recipe with just bacon grease, salt and pepper.  I have a hard time controlling myself when I start eating these and don’t know when to stop sometimes.  And, I love them leftover, if there is any!

My Simply Delicious Green Beans


2 pounds fresh green beans, ends trimmed, snapped in half and washed
1-2 tablespoons bacon grease
Salt and pepper, to taste (I use McCormick’s Seasoned Pepper)


Fill large pan with water almost to level of green beans.
Add bacon grease, salt and pepper.
Bring to a boil.
Reduce heat to medium low.
Cook until tender, stirring occasionally, about 30 minutes.

The only thing that would make this better, is adding new potatoes!

How do you like your green beans:  with bacon, a ham hock, bacon grease, butter, garlic or maybe just S&P?


  1. How fresh do those look?!? I am just a plain jane kinda girl, and like salt and pepper and a little butter!

  2. You show on my blog as a follower and this green bean recipe is there. I'll include my url for you to double check.

  3. I love green beans with butter but with bacon grease? My husband will think he died and went to bacon heaven. Must try your version.

  4. I love fresh green beans. They were always the most successful thing growing in our garden when I was a kid :)

  5. Pam, That's exactly how I've always cooked green beans. So tender they'll melt right in your mouth. I use bacon grease if I have it or a little piece of fatback or ham hock. Can you tell I'm from the south y'all? These look delicious!

  6. just how I like them and with a splash of lemon...when on a diet I eat this for calories...omit the fat

  7. That sounds a long time cooking to me! My green beans from the garden go into boiling water and are out again around 5 minutes! The bacon flavour sounds good though. Diane

  8. I'm a product of my upbringing and like my beans cooked for several hours. Mom always used bacon in hers but somewhere along the line I discovered smoked country ham hocks. I also prefer a those with a large bean in them, with Blue Ribbon pole beans being my favorite.

  9. I love green beans, my mom's garden is full of it.I like them with garlic and a little bit of olive oil.

  10. Yum! I think green beans might be my favourite summer veg of all! I like them cooked then cooled with tomatoes and a dressing of garlic, olive oil and lemon juice, but I wouldn't turn them down at any time. Thanks for following my blog- I'll be reading yours with interest too! x

  11. pam! where have you been all of my life? i have been poking around your site for a bit and LOVE all of your recipes. My husband is a mid-western boy and hates the way i make my "california" green beans (that is what he calls them)...because i like em' crunchy and barely cooked. I told him about your recipe and he said...yep..that is how aunt ethel made them and how you should too!. it just so happens i have a fair bit of bacon grease lying about.
    thanks for stopping by. i'm off to dig into more of your recipes.

  12. I could wax poetic on my love for fresh, summertime green beans, especially with a little fresh cracked pepper and sea salt. Mmmmm!

  13. mmmm bacon grease :)

    i think my green beans southern style...cooked down a ton, with some olive oil, s&p, and a dash of lemon juice

    thanks for visiting my blog, hope you'll continue to follow it :)

  14. Pam,
    Great post, However, I have just one little comment... Bacon grease her in my kitchen is always referred to as " BACON OIL" it just gives that French sound or feel to it...
    Anyway, Great post, thank you...

  15. I love green beans with tomatoes in them!...Have a great day!

  16. Pam
    Your site just makes me so hungry.
    I am so happy that we found each other though because when it comes to cooking now I can use all the help I can get. When the kids were at home I thought I could cook but now with me alone nothing seems to turn out right. lol
    Thank you Pam for the encouraging email and thoughts for my sweet Kaci.
    I hope you entered my Mola giveaway while you were on my site

  17. Clements Family, way to go! I'm sure that's much better for you than BG!

    Chatty Crone, thanks!

    StephenC, thanks! Have a good day!

    Sage, it is like a little bit of heaven!

    baking.serendipity, I know what you mean! I've picked many a green bean from the garden!

    Food, Fun and Life in the Charente, kind of funny, Diane. Look down below at BIG DUDE! I sometimes cook them much longer. Guess it's a Southern thing since that's the way I learned in Louisville.

    Big Dude, yes! I many times cook them much longer and with a ham hock sometimes too. Slow cooking just improves them!

    Lilly, that sounds good to! Love your avitar!

    Emmalene, I've never done that with fresh green beans but in the winter with canned, make them with tomatoes and garlic all the time. I even posted it a while back. Yum!

    Christy, LOL! We don't eat crunchy veggies here unless they're raw! Hope you like it when you try it! Have fun digging around!

    Sunshine, I salivate just thinking about cooking them! Thanks for stopping by!

    Jaime, yeah! I cook them much longer a lot of times and know just what you mean! Lemon juice just might work the next time!

    Michael's Kitchen, you had me going for a second, didn't know what was next! LOL!!! I love it and will refer to it as BACON OIL from now on. It actually sounds pretty exotic! And thanks to you!

  18. These look really great, but then again, all of your stuff looks good!


  19. Pam, how right you are! Fresh Green Beans are a big fav in my home, too.

    There are two other veggies that come in real close - local fresh Carrots and also local steamed Butternut Squash in the fall. Each served only with a little butter.


  20. I will have to lie about the bacon grease when I cook these. My husband would die if he knew!

  21. For me, I usually do salt and pepper :)

  22. mmm green beans are MY FAVORITE veggie I think! I actually get so excited over them that my college roommates STILL give me a hard time about it!

  23. I LOVE green beans..
    and spinach!!!!

    and your's look delicious!
    Have a great Thursday Pam!

  24. Green beans at their finest!

  25. Jacqueline, I do too! Hope you're having a good day!

    Grandma Yellow Hair, thanks! I know what you mean! When the kids leave home, it's like learning to cook all over again. I entered your Mola giveaway and they are beautiful! Thanks for being so nice!

    otehlia cassidy, great minds think alike! Thanks!

    Jane, thank you and I hope you're having a good day!

    JG, I love carrots, raw especially and squash too. The only one I have a hard time with is brussel sprouts. And yes with a dab of butter.

    Farmchick, I understand that completely for several reasons! There are some things they just don't need to know! ;)

    tigerfish, great and I bet they're the best!

    Phoenix Peacock, funny! You're definitely a girl who is easy to please! They're actually my older son's very favorite veggie also.

    Leslie, ummmm! I love spinach also, just add a little S&P!

  26. Mimi, thanks! Aren't they the best!

  27. I love fresh green beans...with anything, in any form! YUM! =)

  28. Sweet and simple way to treat a great ingredient. Cooked to perfection.

  29. Ahhh! Bacon grease makes everything taste better.

  30. Pam - you've won the Jonny Walker cd. Do send me an email with your address. I'm away from tomorrow until Tuesday, so I'll get it sent next week. Sarah-Jane x

  31. Brownieville Girl,thank you! You are a sweetie!

    girlichef, the same goes here and I thank you for stopping by!

    Lazaro Cooks! Yes! It's simple and good!

    Celeste, you are right on spot. It has some great flavor!

  32. I think bacon fat makes EVERYTHING taste so much better.

  33. YUM! These look delish! :)

    PS Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  34. Oh yeah, bacon grease in the green beans is what its all about.

  35. I love green beans and I usually stir-fry them with lots of garlic.
    Your green beans looks good! Delicious home-cooked dish.

  36. This is one of my favourite too!!!!! Incredible! I'm just cooking them in this moment!!!!!!

  37. Sarah-Jane -, great! Thanks!

    Fresh Local and Best, me too! It's a good thing!

    BigAppleNosh, you're welcome and thanks for stopping here!

    Julie, a little bacon grease does wonders!

    kitchen flavours, they're great stir fried also. Yum!

    Zia Elle, I'm sure yours are delicious! Love them fresh in the summer time!

  38. What an awesome recipe! Summer green beans are so amazingly tasty.

  39. You can't beat the flavor of fresh green beans and bacon. I add some sauteed minced onion along with the bacon bits. This is so good I could eat it for breakfast.

  40. My mom used to saute them up with slivers of almonds. I loved that! I am allergic to almonds now as an adult, but I still daydream about those fancy green beans!

  41. It's the simple things.....I love green beans that way:)

  42. Joanne, thanks and you're right!

    Cathy, you said it! I could eat it cold out of the refrigerator too!

    newlywed, yes! They're great with almonds also!

    The Fajdich Times, me too! Have a good day!

  43. Fresh green beans are so wonderful in the summer time. I love them fresh, steamed and a little butter.

  44. Jenny, that works too! Thanks!

  45. Makes me wish I would have saved the grease from my bacon, egg and spinach salad! I've never had them cooked that way but it sure sounds like I've been missing out. I just add a little butter, s & p after cooking them.

  46. SavoringTime in the Kitchen, it adds great flavor although I like them with a little butter also!

  47. Hi Pam,

    Growing up in a home where my tradionally Irish-American grandmother believed cooking vegetables was a matter of opening, dumping and heating veggies from a can and cooking within an inch of their life, I actually never really "tasted" a vegetable until my twenties. I actually never tried fresh green beans at all until my twenties. Now I make them (steamed with butter, salt, pepper and garlic) come every holiday. I love them.

    I would have to say tomatoes are my favorite summer vegetable. There is nothing like a sweet, home-grown tomato. But I'm not picky, I could live on veggies all year round.

    Simple and delicious!

  48. Funny with your grandmother and it's a great thing you like your veggies now! Fresh green beans are the best instead of canned and yours sound really good. I love tomatoes also but can not eat them like an apple as do some family members! Hope you're having a good weekend!

  49. Bacon grease makes everything better, doesn't it?

  50. Chris, yes! Bacon grease works for me!


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