Peachy Keen Ice Cream

Dad loved his ice cream!  I love ice cream!  It’s my favorite “food.”  I could eat it any time of the day.  I am sure I inherited this trait from Dad.  

It was a wonderful thing when Mom went to the basement and pulled out the ice cream maker on a hot summer day.  She mixed fresh fruit with milk and cream to make a custard, then placed it in the tall metal can and inserted the paddle.  Dad packed lots of rock salt and ice around it and then the hard part started ~ the hand cranking.  It was a messy experience with the melted rock salt and ice slurry that I thought was great fun!  As the crank became hard to turn, after about a half-hour, the ice cream was ready to eat.  I do it the easy way now with an electric ice cream maker!

Old way -
hand crank

                                          My way -

Peaches are great also.  Remember the other day when I made peach cake?  I bought enough peaches to make peach ice cream also.  They were excellent juicy Michigan peaches packed with flavor and perfect for ice cream.

 Cooling over ice

Here’s the recipe:

Peach Ice Cream


2 cups fresh peaches, peeled and chopped
1¼ cups sugar, divided
1 tablespoon lemon juice
2 tablespoons peach brandy
2 cups heavy cream
1 cup milk
1 teaspoon vanilla
4 egg yolks


In a bowl, combine peaches, ½ cup sugar, lemon juice and peach brandy. 
Cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours or overnight, stirring occasionally.
Remove peach mixture from refrigerator and drain juice into a small bowl.
Return peaches to refrigerator.
In a saucepan, combine ¾ cup sugar, heavy cream, milk and vanilla.
Bring just to boil.
In bowl, whisk egg yolks.
While whisking, slowly stream in about 1/3 of the boiled cream mixture.
Mix well.
Continue whisking and add remaining cream mixture.
Return to the heat and cook while stirring constantly.
Mixture will thicken as it returns to a boil.
Remove from heat and strain into a bowl set over ice.
Add the reserved peach juice.
Transfer the mixture to an ice cream maker and follow manufacturer’s directions to freeze. 
After the ice cream begins to stiffen, when almost done, add the peaches and continue to freeze until ready to eat.


Peach ice cream is the real scoop!

By the way, the average American consumes more than 23 pints of ice cream a year.  Are you the average American? 

Visit my friend, Linda’s blog, My Kind of Cooking, for the prize winning recipe at the fair and for a chance to win her great cookbook!


  1. I absolutely love peaches! My mom used to make ice cream in the old hand crank makers. I want your machine!!!

  2. I think I might be above average when it comes to ice cream!! I'm with you, I could eat it anytime of the day. When I was a kid my grandma had the hand crank maker...and my cousins and i would see how could crank it the longest and the fastest!! lol Good times!

  3. I have wonderful memories of cranking the icecream makers! I had 18 cousins and we gathered often at my grandmothers for family events. My uncles did the cranking and kept the makers full with block ice that had been purchased at a local "filling station". What wonderful memories you have blessed me with today, plus, a great recipie! Thanks.

  4. Hi, I recently made peach ice cream too! Ice cream makers are a God-send, I love mine, great recipe!

  5. I'm an ice cream addict myself. I inherited that from my mom. I love to make homemade ice cream. I cannot imagine cranking the machine by hand though! WOW.

  6. Your recipe sounds so refreshing. The peaches this year have been so wonderful:)

  7. I really need to get myself an ice cram maker! I love your memory of your mom and dad making the picture of the old school tool too! Very cool. Looks delicious!!!

  8. I love homemade ice cream!!! ( but, I'm addict the ice cream in general :) ) Peach ice cream, it's a kind I have not tried ! Sounds sooo delicious....

  9. Yummy peach ice cream, good for recent hot weather

  10. Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE ice cream...especially homemade. That looks amazing.

  11. Pam this look awesome and delicious!! gloria

  12. Oh I'd love some of that beautiful ice-cream now Pam!

  13. Peach ice cream just screams summer to me--I'm going to bust out my Cuisinart "lazy machine" and make some today!

  14. I have an ice cream maker but I haven't used it yet. I was actually planning to make peach ice cream, too! :)

  15. yuuumm!!! i need an ice cream machine!!! lol

    what a refreshing treat!

  16. I could eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner! This looks very yummy. Diane

  17. This looks delicious - I love homemade ice cream!

  18. Que maravilla los helados de frutas, son muy refrescantes y sanos. SAludos

  19. I have never said no to ice creams before, and this one certainly gets a yes! from me...with all the natural goodness in it, should taste out of this world!

  20. It seems that peach ice cream is in my future.

  21. This made me smile. My grandfather really loved ice cream too. He had polio when he was younger and as a result never swallowed well, but ice cream was one of those treats he could enjoy and loved.

    I especially love the thought of peach ice cream in the summer time and given how amazing they have been at the farmers market lately why not make it!

  22. Thanks for visiting - however did you find me? Love your blog - what fabulous recipes and I've only been through the first few pages! I read cookbooks, too - take me to a bookstore and point me in the direction of the cookbooks or the cooking magazines and I'm lost for several hours. Nice to meet you!

  23. WOW that looks GREAT!!!! : )


  24. I'll never forget the thrill of making homemade peach ice cream, the old fashioned hand crank way, we usually made it on the 4th of July! We never had peach brandy in ours, what a nice addition;-)

  25. I am in awe of how fabulous this ice cream looks, and peach is one of my all time favs, love the taste of cream with peaches..This really looks so creamy. I love the blog, homemade ketsup wow! I will be here for awhile thanks for leading me here through Lazaro and your your blog

  26. I wish I had a scoop of that delicious ice cream! I kept meaning to get a scoop of ice cream at the Iowa State Fair but I was so busy I never did. After reading this post I think I will hop in the car and try to find an ice cream shop somewhere near my hotel.

  27. Oh, this sounds absolutely fabulous! And I grew up on fresh, juicy Michigan I totally know I'd love this ice cream! mmmmmmm.....

  28. This looks and sounds DELICIOUS!!! Have a happy Thursday. xx

  29. I don't think I've ever had peach ice cream before, but your ice cream looks great!

  30. What fond memories you've brought back Pam with that old hand crank ice cream maker. My dad loved to make ice cream and peach was my mother's favorite. Life is sure easier now, but I would give anything just to have a taste of my dad's ice cream.

    We mostly eat sorbet in our house now. But I sure wouldn't pass up a bowl of your peach ice cream!

  31. Dedene, those were the days, mine's a whole lot easier!

    Jenn, yeah! I remember that too with the cousins!

    Cheri, that's one big family and I can't imagine how much ice cream that took. Love those memories!

    Sally, yes, it makes life much easier!

    Alwayzbakin, it was hard work to make homemade ice cream back then but so good when ready to eat!

    The Fajdich Times, yes it has been a perfect summer for peaches.

    Design Wine and Dine, thanks so much! We had a blast back then!

    Victoria, peach is great if you like peaches! Try it!

    Jess, yes, it makes the hot weather easier to tolerate.

    Clements Family, I hear you!

    Gloria, thanks so much!

    Brownieville Girl, wish I could deliver it through this machine to you!

    TKW, lazy machine works for me!

    Lindsay @ Pinch of Yum, way to go and I hope you like it!

    Priscilla, hope you get one soon and try it!

    Food, Fun and Life in the Charente, me also, Diane. It's a perfect 'food!'

    BigAppleNosh, thanks. Wonder if there is such a thing as apple ice cream? ;)

    jose manuel, gracias! Saludables si sin azúcar!

    Jeannie, me too! I'm sure I've never turned ice cream down!

  32. There is no bad time to eat ice cream. Your peach ice cream looks fantastic. YUM. I want a scoop or two now... :)
    Have a great day. Michael

  33. Hey kitchen goddess! Just stopped by for a bowl of that homemade peach ice cream, and an itty bitty favor...

    I've entered a contest to win a role on the retro-fabulous TV show "Mad Men" - but I need your votes to win!

    If you don't mind taking two seconds to vote for me, please go to my blog or use the link below, which takes you right to my photo page.

    Thanks so much!

  34. 23 pints of ice cream! Well, if it's as good as your peach ice cream, then 23 pints is too little!

  35. bellini valli, and I see you having a wonderful future!

    Kelly, great! So good that your grandfather enjoyed it and that this brought back memories for you. Yes, make some!

    Pamela, it must have to do with the name as I have a huge thing about those cookbooks and mags!

    BusyB, cheer to you! Have a good evening!

    Pacheco Patty, you're so right; nothing like holidays and cranking the ice cream. We didn't have brandy in it back then either.

    pegasuslegend, I see your name and think of the Pegasus Parade at KY Derby time in Louisville. You have a wonderful blog and so does Lazaro!

    Linda, I hope you found the ice cream. Too bad you weren't in the neighborhood when I made it!

    girlichef, then you know what it's all about. MI peaches are the best!

    saskia, thank you and you also!

    Garcon de Croissant, I'm guessing you like peaches and if so you will have to try it!

    My Carolina Kitchen, bet your dad's was the best and I know you get great peaches down your way. I like sorbet also! Yum!

    Michael Toa, great minds think alike and I'm thinking about peach ice cream for breakfast! ;)

    Mad Men Girl, lol with the kitchen goddess. I'll check it out!

    OohLookBel, that's some great thinking and I'm with you all the way!

  36. We used a hand crank too- and had to chip our ice off of a huge block, using a sharp ice pick. Do they even sell ice picks anymore? That ice cream of yours IS peachy keen! It looks delicious- peach is one of my favorites.

  37. scrambledhenfruit, yes, I remember that also. I haven't seen an ice pick in years. Thanks so much and have a good evening!

  38. I also made some Peach Ice cream on the weekend!! isn't it delish!!

  39. Never used the hand crank, but I have that Cuisinart and that peach ice cream would make my husband very happy! One of his favorites! Copied and saved!

  40. My grandparents used a hand crank, and it made me think back to all those wonderful bowls of ice cream we shared. Peach ice cream sounds divine on a warm summer night.

  41. I love peaches - just love them. And of course I am from the south where they grow peaches.

  42. I REALLY want an ice cream maker. Your ice cream looks so good! I just bought a bunch of {michigan} peaches at a road side stand on my lunch break today - i can't wait to bake with them. But I really wish I could make them into ice cream.

  43. Love the peach ice cream! It's a perfect late summer treat.

  44. Peach ice cream takes me back to my aunt and uncle's farm in Missouri when I was 11. That was Aunt Herma's specialty flavor. Boy was it good on a hot muggy day. Your version looks wonderful.

  45. My Mom used to make homemade peach ice cream, too! Thanks so much for this excellent recipe! It just looks heavenly.

  46. Chocolate Freckles, Yum! Bet yours was great!

    Dishesdone, great and I hope you like it!

    Monet, using those hand cranks was fun as you well know!

    Chatty Crone, yes! I know your peaches way down south are great ones also!

    megan @ whatmegansmaking, the MI peaches are great for baking also and I'm wondering what you're baking!

    baking.serendipity, yes! It's a perfect summer treat!

    Kristen, here's to Aunt Herma! She knew the cure for a hot muggy day!

    Marguerite, thanks! It was heavenly delicious!

  47. I have been wanting an Ice cream maker for so long! This looks delicious!!

  48. Love this ice cream post; haven't made it in years and this recipe sound so good,

  49. I have never had home made ice cream! Poor me! My father loved it too, ate it every day (as did I when allowed). Land-O-Lakes New York Ice cream.... wonder if they still make it.

  50. I am on a peach kick right now and this sounds absolutely divine (not to mention refreshing, thanks for sharing :)

  51. I have so many peaches right now and would love to make this wonderful delicious ice cream! Excellent!

  52. Oh Pam, this looks divine! I made peach ice cream a couple of weeks ago but this recipe is so much better. I'm going to have to try this one. Yum!

  53. Looks fantastic, peach ice cream is not easy to find...I must say I would have to use your method rather than the crank method :)

  54. I'm tellin' you I love my Cuisinart ice cream maker!

  55. Thanks so much to all of you! Glad you're peach ice cream fans!

  56. We just went peach picking last weekend, this ice-cream would be a wonderful way to use some of them...

  57. Ice cream - aahhhh ! Everyone's favourite & a hit everytime ... thanks for this great recipe and inspiration - I've never made peach ice cream before ....

  58. Ice cream - aahhhh ! Everyone's favourite & a hit everytime ... thanks for this great recipe and inspiration - I've never made peach ice cream before ....

  59. I've been looking for a peach ice cream and my search is over, this looks delicious. Thanks for the recipe and unfortunately at our house no doubt, we exceed the 23 pints a year mark . . .


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