Fried Green Tomatoes

Corn meal above cracker crumbs

“I miss the smell of coffee, and bacon fryin’. Oh and what I wouldn’t give for a plate of fried green tomatoes like we used to have at the cafe.”  Remember that line by Ninny from “Fried Green Tomatoes?” 

I love fried green tomatoes ~ I’m referring to the great vegetable now, not the movie; although, the movie is one of my absolute favorites.  Right now is the time of year to be frying up some green tomatoes as they’re the perfect size and they’re firm enough that they remain firm after frying. 

Bacon drippings or lard is the traditional way to fry green tomatoes but, there are a lot of variations with whether to dip them in milk or eggs and to bread them with cornmeal, flour or cracker crumbs.  I’ve always made some with corn meal and some with flour.  This time though, I made half with corn meal and the other half with cracker crumb breading.  I could not believe how delicious they were with the cracker crumbs!  It’s a bit of nostalgia for me because it reminds me of Grandma’s fried green tomatoes dipped in egg and then breaded and fried to perfection in lard. 

“Towanda!!!”  “I’m older and I have more insurance!”  What an incredible scream from Evelyn when she was cut off in the parking lot and crashed into the snippy girls’ car in “Fried Green Tomatoes!” 

Here’s the recipe:

Fried Green Tomatoes


5 green tomatoes, sliced ½” thick
1 cup flour
1 teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon McCormick’s Seasoned Pepper
1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1 cup saltine crackers, crushed
2 eggs, beaten
Cooking oil or bacon drippings


In a small bowl, stir together flour, salt, black pepper and cayenne pepper.
Crush the crackers into another bowl.
In a third bowl, beat the eggs.
Melt oil in a large skillet over medium heat.
Dip each tomato slice in the egg to coat.
Then into the flour mixture.
Dip the floured tomato slice back into the egg mixture.
Now finish by dipping it into the cracker crumbs.
Place the breaded tomato into the hot skillet.
Fry until golden on each side, about 4-5 minutes for each side.
Serve hot.

These fried green tomatoes will make you scream ~ TOWANDA!

Visit my friend, Linda’s blog, at My Kind of Cooking for her great recipes and a chance to win her cookbook.  She’s in Minnesota now at the Mid-States Trade Show, showcasing her new cookbook. 


  1. I have never eaten them with bread crumbs or cracker crumbs! They look great!!

  2. Great post! Especially with the movie references. You're preachin' to the choir here - we love f.g. tomatoes.

  3. Fried green maters is one of my all time favorite things to eat and yours look delicious.

  4. Green tomatoes! I was just going through a magazine which has a recipe for green tomatoes salad and thought that I would like to try it! Now I think your version is yummier!

  5. They're so good when fried in bacon fat...ah, my arteries. But worth the indulgence once in a while!

  6. We love fried green tomatoes here too. I loved the movie too--especially the part in the parking lot. Gosh--now I'm hungry again!

  7. "pup", try them with cracker crumbs! Yum!

    StephenC, glad I don't have to preach to the choir here! Great tomatoes, great movie!

    Big Dude, love those maters too, especially in bacon grease!

    kitchen flavours, thanks! The salad sounds pretty interesting! I've never had that and must check it out.

    TKW, does Dad like these also? Just wondering...

  8. yum... I haven't had fried green tomatoes in ages and I craved for some now. It's just not that easy to find green tomatoes here. :(
    Have a great day. Michael

  9. I've only had fried green tomatoes once and remember how I loved them. I'll have to look for green tomatoes at the farmers market this weekend!

  10. Pam these look absolutely amazing! delicious! gloria

  11. Every year I think I'll make fried green tomatoes, I have yet to do it. Maybe this year.
    In a crowded parking lot, my kids always remind me that "I'm old and have more insurance." Such a classic line.

  12. Wow. The bacon fat must put these over the top. Dumb question - where can you buy green tomatoes?

  13. We have been wanting to make these! Thanks for sharing the recipe!!

  14. I have to admit I've never had fried green tomatoes...but I want to try them so badly! These look fantastic.

  15. Green tomatoes? Wont they be sour? But in your pics they look so yummy! I bet they don't taste like tomatoes.

  16. Michael Toa, that's so sad. I hope you find some green tomatoes! They're great!

    SavoringTime in the Kitchen, wonderful! It's just another good summer dish!

    Gloria, thanks for stopping by!

    Mimi, you're right! It's a classic line! It makes me laugh every time I think of that scene. My sons would say this is a "mom movie" so I am saved from hearing that in a parking lot. I hope you yell Towanda when your kids say it!

    Miss Meat and Potatoes, I buy the green tomatoes at the farmer's market. They have bushel baskets full of them. Bacon fat rules!

    Clements Family, hope you try them and enjoy them!

    Joanne, thanks! Hope you have a good day!

    Meldylocks and Her Three Bears: no, they're not sour at all. Just a little tang to them but the breading and bacon grease flavor them up wonderfully!

  17. This looks like a great lunch for today! And the recipe in the post below looks good too :D

  18. I still have yet to try fried green tomatoes. They look and sound so delicious to me. Too bad we don't live closer, I just know you'd have me over for some of your delicious treats. =)

  19. Looks delicious! You're making me hungry! Too bad my husband doesn't like Tomatoes except in sauce or salsa. I might just have to fry my Tomatoes since many are still green in my garden, short growing season up here and the weather is cooling down. Have a great week! :)

  20. One of my very favorite dishes.. I'm looking forward to trying your recipe!

  21. I love green tomatoes; I'll have to try this recipe...Have a great day, Pam!

  22. Nothing better than a Fried Green Tomato BLT on fresh baked bread! Can't get more Southern than that!

  23. I have seen the movie and liked it a lot. I have never tried this dish. It must taste great. I am nor sure we have such tomatoes here in Greece. Next time I will check in the farmer's market.

  24. Girlfriend I am so happy you came by because I have tried for days to open your site and it would not open for me. But when I clicked your on today I found your site.
    Sometimes I wonder about Blogger.
    Oh my now I am hungry again.
    I was trying to make beef tips and rice and wanted to see if you had done a post about that so I tried to get on. lol
    Needless to say my tips did not turn out...I needed your help.
    Hope you are doing well

  25. yum! I've always wanted to try these!!!
    summer comfort food :)

  26. I just got to know that green tomato is poison, so it must be cooked and not to be eaten raw.

  27. This looks great, I have to try your recipe, I have a few green tomatoes in the garden;-)

  28. The joys of summer eating. Know what's on my list to look for at the Farmer's Market this weekend.

  29. I am going to try this. I never liked tomatoes, then about a year after I quit smoking ( 5 yrs ago) I aquired a taste for them. Now, I just love anything with tomatoes. Wierd.

  30. I have heard people rave about fried green tomatoes for years, but I've never been tempted to try making some. But after seeing your post...I'm out the door and ready to go!

  31. Fried Green tomatoes has always been a favourite movie of mine.Since giving up my gardens I can't seem to find green tomatoes but I do remember this special treat!

  32. I have always wondered what fried green tomatoes tasted like, when growing up we had italian friends just couldnt wait for them. I wasnt very venturous as a child, now I wish I had know more about what I missed out on, you have inspired me to get some and try this!~ looks awesome!

  33. Julie Harward, thanks! Hope you try them!

    Terrianne, Call me Ree, I would invite you over for sure and feed you!

    ~Carrie from Cottage Cozy~ Thanks! They are!

    Priscilla, your hubby doesn't know what he's missing. ;) You'll just have to make them for yourself and enjoy!

    Sinful Southern Sweets, great! Glad you like them!

    Jacqueline, way to go! I love them too!

    Mr. Bill, that sounds great to me! Love that Southern food!!!

    Katerina, hope you find the green tomatoes and give it a try! They're delicious!

    Grandma Yellow Hair, sounds like there was a big glitch somewhere for sure but, I'm so happy to see you here now! Beef tips and rice is great and I will have to post it soon. I'm here to help. lol! You have a great day, Maggie! Love

    M., you got it! Comfort food!

    Little Inbox, not sure if green tomatoes are really poisonous but like any other unripe vegetable it would be very bitter and could make a person sick. People have been eating fried green tomatoes and pickled green tomatoes for hundreds of years with no problem. In fact, I've got pickled green tomatoes in the refrigerator right now.

    Pacheco Patty, good! Hope you all like them as much as we do!

    Buttercup, don't you just love seeing all the good things at a farmer's market? It's one of the joys of summer!

    Leslie, great that you like tomatoes now! I actually seldom ate them growing up but love them now! Congrats on your 5 smoke-free years!

    Monet, you must give them a try and hopefully you'll like them!

    bellini valli, I agree! We need more movies like it! Have a good day!

    pegasuslegend, here's hoping you give them a try as they definitely have a unique flavor!

  34. Towanda! - I can just see Kathy Bates saying that. I've never tried fried green tomatoes and this may be the year for it. Spring and early summer here were so cool that tomatoes are very late to ripen.

    Dipped in crumbs and fried - can't think of a single reason why I wouldn't like it.

  35. I LOVE fried green tomatoes and I LOVE the movie, it's one of my favorites!

  36. I have always wondered how to make Fried Green Tomatoes (I love the film too) and now I know! Thanks Pam! I have a lot of green tomatoes at the moment which are taking ages to ripen so here is a great way of using them up rather than making chutney!

  37. Never had fried green tomatoes; but you tempted me and I made these and we Loved it! what a treat;thank you so much.

  38. I haven't made any yet this year, but I fully intend to!

  39. Cathy, they're really good and I hope you try them! Towanda!

    Jenn, thanks and the same here!

    Sue, lucky you with all the tomatoes! Hope you give this a try!

    Rita, it's a great side dish but I could probably make a meal of it.

    Karen, they're great!


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