My Favorite Chicken Salad Sandwich!

My favorite meal of the day is breakfast, but it may be slipping fast after eating this great sandwich for lunch!

 I can make chicken salad myself but I’ve come to the conclusion that what really makes Bill’s chicken salad sandwiches so good is that he dices the chicken into larger pieces than I normally do.  But then, there’s something else ~ he uses MAYONNAISE!  If you’ve read a few of my posts, you know I’m a Miracle Whip kind of girl.  I forgive him though as he makes a great hearty delicious chicken salad sandwich!

Here’s his recipe:

Bill’s Chicken Salad Sandwich


1 cup chicken breast, roasted and diced
½ cup mayonnaise
2 teaspoons lemon juice
2 tablespoons pickle relish
¼ teaspoon each, salt and pepper
Your favorite bread, toasted


In a mixing bowl, add first 5 ingredients.
Toss gently until well combined.
Assemble the sandwich.

Yum!  It’s a great filling sandwich!

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  1. I LOOOVE chicken salad!!!! My husband and I have a fight about miracle whip and mayo all the time. He is 100% Dukes all the time and I love miracle whip. I have to admit though on certain things he is right...mayo is better. I think chicken salad is one of them. I also like celery, grapes and apples or raisins in mine sometimes! :)

  2. Simple and favorite thing!!!

  3. Thanks Pam you have given me an idea for a meal tonight. We have been eating far too much and this will be just right. Diane

  4. I love chicken salad. I used to use Miricle Whip in my salad, but a few years ago I switched to Mayo-guess my tastes changed.
    I also like to add grapes and pecans; so yummy!

  5. Way to go Bill! Nothing like mayo when making chicken salad! Great looking sandwich there!

  6. A great way to make a sandwich! And I love mayo!

  7. Expert opinions aside, my favorite meal is breakfast and I'm a big fan of chicken salad so I have to believe this chicken salad sandwich would make a fine breakfast. :-)

  8. Thanks so much for stopping by. I love new visitors. I make my chicken salad with mayo, too. My dad always wanted Miracle Whip when I was growing up and then my husband was using mayo and I am hooked.

  9. Besides the great ingredients, I think Bill's sandwich tastes so great is because he puts a lot of love into it. I love it when my husband does the cooking. I am going to give him Bill's recipe and have him whip us up some of the sandwiches on Saturday.

  10. Oh, this is so timely. Gonna make chix salad tonight with some leftover store-made chicken. Yours looks delicious. I like carmelized onions in mine, and I'm sorry, but it's got to be mayo. Although I have fond memories of Miracle Whip from living with my grandparents. :)

  11. That sounds and looks delicious, especially with the toasted bread. It makes ordinary sandwiches seem really boring, I must try it !!

  12. Bill's Chicken Salad Sandwich sounds delicious! I use only Hellmann's mayo and I usually add boiled eggs and finely diced onion and celery. We love chicken salad sandwiches but for some reason I don't make them very often. Thanks for the reminder.

  13. Thanx for visiting our blog..simple n lovely sandwich

  14. Okay, okay - I LOVE chicken salad too. Let's just say I kind of love food. sandie

  15. Nothing beats a good chicken salad sandwich...Mayo is best!

  16. I'd have a bite from that gorgeous sandwich anytime! Mayonnaise and chicken go so well together!



  17. Pam, this chicken salad sounds delicious!! What kind of pickle relish... dill or sweet? (Is that a dumb question?)
    Thanks for your visit today and for becoming a follower. Wow!
    You'll be seeing more of me too, new friend.
    Ladybug Creek

  18. Terrific blog - will come back later and go line by line!

  19. Looks great, Pam. I make mine with apples and seedless grapes.

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  21. Yummy!!! Love the pickle relish on this sandwich:)

  22. I love chicken salad...Have a great day Pam!

  23. I love sandwich for my meal too. :)

  24. mother would love this. I can't say I ever crave chicken salad but always appreciate a good recipe for my loved ones to devour!

  25. This actually looks really good! I've got some left over chicken in the so making this tomorrow!

  26. yummy.. luks delicious
    first time here .. u have a lovely space and good collection of recipes.. happy to follow u ...if u find time do visit my blog

  27. Bill can make me a sandwich any day!! This looks great. I have never considered what is good in a chicken sandwich before - I think roasted chicken with mango chutney would be nice.

  28. Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle, all of your additions sound great! My Mom always added grapes, loved it! Thanks!

    Jenn, pretty simple and it works! Glad you stopped by!

    Jess @ Bakericious, me too! Thanks and have a good day!

    Food, Fun and Life in the Charente, same here. Lucky you with that great garden for all those good veggies!

    Lynda: Oh, I like that! Will have to try the pecans! Thanks!

    Lyndsey, thanks! It was a great sandwich!

    busygran, this was good with the mayo and he did it just right! Thanks!

    Big Dude, LOL!!! Guess it would work for breakfast, you try it first and let me know! Maybe with a fried egg on top and a little bacon? ;)

    Kim @ Savvy Southern Style, funny how we change! Thanks for the visit!

    Linda, I'm sure that's why it's good, all the love! Hope you get the sandwich Saturday!

    Betty Ray, the caramelized onions sound good. That's a new one for me and will have to try it! Thanks!

    Jean, that's definitely what Bill says, have to have a sandwich on toasted bread!

    Sheila, we don't have it often either but love it. Eggs would work for me! Thanks!

    Vrinda, thanks for the visit and have a good day!

    Chatty Crone, LOL! I can say the same!

    Bo, guess you guys know what's good!

    Rosa's Yummy Yums, thanks! It was a good lunch!

    Karen, it was sweet relish. Thank you for the same! I'm glad you stopped by!

    Bernideen, thanks so much! And for following also!

    Recipe for Delicious, I've not had it with apples but it sounds great!

    Vincent, thank you!

    Holly, it's a good thing! Thank you!

    Jacqueline, good to see you! Have a great day!

    Little Inbox, nothing like a sandwich! Thanks for the visit!

    À LA GRAHAM, I'm not sure I ever craved it either but really like it! Thanks!

    Morellocherry, great! Enjoy! Thanks for stopping by and following!

    Guna's kitchen, thank you! I will be checking yours out shortly!

    Cakelaw, come on over! Chutney would be interesting with it! Yum!

  29. Can you believe I have never had a chicken salad sandwich ? It's something that has to do with its appearance that has stopped me from doing so.

  30. This sounds delish. It is no wonder you love it. Best of all prepared by that someone special!

  31. My sister is a Miracle Whip girl but I usually prefer mayo. Your husband makes a mean chicken sandwich. :)

    I just posted an Asian chicken sandwich with wasabi that's pretty tasty too. I also like mine with apples and celery.

  32. Cat: yes, I can believe it. I feel the same about some foods! Thanks for the visit!

    Biren, you got it! It's about all the love! Thanks!

    theUngourmet, he says thanks! Apples and celery works for me. Your chicken post cracked me up!

  33. I like my chicken salads more "plain" like that. I do not like grapes, walnuts, and stuff in mine. I guess that's because my mom made it basic when I was a kid.

  34. Chris, same here for the "plain." Sometimes you have to go with the basics! Have a good day!

  35. im so glad you posted this recipe. I love chicken salad! My favorite was from a place called Schoolfield Lunch. They were opened from 1912 until march of 2010. They had the best chicken salad sandwich ever. Cute little place, could maybe hold about 40 people. Lunch counter. oo sorry I started to ramble. Yours sounds wonderful!

  36. BigBearswife, very interesting! I love the way some foods brings back great memories! It must have been a great place since it was open for so long. I worked one time with a similar place nearby, very tiny, and the lady made such great sandwiches. I often wonder what happened to her after it closed.


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