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My Blackberry Buckle and So Forth

There are grunts, cobblers, crumbles, crisps, pandowdy’s, slumps, clafouti’s, betty’s and then there’s my favorite ~ buckles.

All of the above always confuse me so here’s the lowdown:

Grunt:  It is a simple, dumpling-like fruit dessert that is cooked on the stove-top.  Large dollops of biscuit dough are dropped on top of the fruit; the dough is steam cooked through the escaping steam of the fruit.  The name supposedly comes from the sound the fruit makes as it stews.

Slump:  It’s the same as grunt.

Cobbler:  A cobbler is a deep-dish fruit dessert with the fruit filling in the bottom of the dish and topped with thick biscuit dough, usually dropped in spoonfuls.

Crisp:  This dessert is baked with the fruit on the bottom and having a sweet crunchy topping which is crumbled over the top.  The crumb topping can be made with flour, nuts, breadcrumbs, graham cracker or cookie crumbs, or even cereal and baked until the top is brown and crunchy.  Crisps are the homey, American version of the British crumbles. 

Crumble:  Similar to a crisp except that it is topped with a crumbly pastry mixture.  The dish is of British origin and is not as rich as a crisp.   
Pandowdy:  This is a layer of sweetened fruit with a thick top crust, usually made with piecrust.  As the dessert bakes and the crust hardens, the crust is pushed and broken into the fruit with a fork, which allows the juices of the baking fruit to partially cover the crust.  The name supposedly refers to its rumpled or “dowdy” appearance after baking.  It’s generally made with apples; hence, apple pandowdy.

Clafouti:  This is a French dessert in which the fruit is topped with either a pudding or cake topping.  It’s often considered a baked pudding.  It’s easy to make, has a great presentation and is excellent for a quickie dessert for a dinner party.  It’s perfect for cherries and is usually served warm.

Betty:  This dessert goes back to colonial days and is usually known as Apple Brown Betty.  It’s made with brown sugar and baked between layers of buttered bread crumbs with an assortment of spices such as nutmeg or cinnamon.

Buckle:  A cake layer is on the bottom of the pan, the berries are spread over this and the top layer is a crumble mixture.  The result is a rich, dense cake with a moist crumb which can be compared to coffee cake.  It’s an excellent summer dessert, served hot or cold, dressed with drizzles of sauce, ice cream or plain.  The origin is mysterious ~ it may be colonial.

Like I said earlier, buckle is my favorite and especially if it’s made with blackberries!  This recipe for blackberry buckle is great.  The flavor with the combined cake layer, fruit and topping is to die for!  It keeps very well. 

The day after it is baked, heat a slice in the micro for a few seconds and it is a HEAVENLY thing when slightly warm with maybe a scoop of ice cream or a dab of butter on it as Bill does.  I like it just all by itself.  The aroma while baking is outstanding ~ it is truly delicious!

 Look at those berries ~ almost ready to bake...
Ready for the oven...

Blackberry Buckle

Cake ingredients:
1 cup flour
1½ teaspoons baking powder
¼ teaspoon salt
½ cup butter
½ cup sugar
1 egg
5 tablespoons milk
2 tablespoons blackberry brandy
2 teaspoons vanilla
2½ cups fresh or frozen blackberries


Sift together flour, baking powder and salt.  Set aside.
In a mixer bowl, beat together butter and sugar until fluffy and light with an electric mixer on medium speed.
Add egg.  Beat until smooth.
Combine milk, blackberry brandy and vanilla.
Add dry ingredients and milk alternately to the batter, beating at low speed after each addition.
Pour batter into a greased and floured 1½ quart baking dish.
Spoon berries evenly over batter.

Crumble topping ingredients:
¼ cup sugar
¼ cup flour
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
3 tablespoons butter


Combine sugar, flour and cinnamon.
Cut in butter until crumbly.
Sprinkle over blackberries.
Bake in a 375 degree oven for 35-40 minutes until golden brown on top.

Pam’s note:
Here’s a tip:  I use cold or frozen butter and grate it.  If you are in need of room temperature butter quickly, grate your cold or frozen butter!  I do this with butter in most of my baking and it aids the product in baking perfectly.  Cookies will not spread as they do when using room temperature butter.  Plus, if you decide to bake on the spur of the moment you are not concerned with having cold butter! 

This blackberry buckle gets rave reviews every time, bake it and yours will also!!!

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  1. Yummy Pam. This looks wonderful! I'm with you, I love a fresh fruit buckle. It's a sort of cake, with fruit. Serve it with ice cream and you can't go wrong there. Yum-Me!

  2. Pam I love this post! Great recipe and you cleared up the confusing dessert terms.

  3. Thanks for the course on desserts! I learned something!!!
    This looks amazing!

  4. Mmmm...your buckle looks wonderful, you might change my mind. I always favored crisps made with oats for the topping. I've never heard of a pandowdy or grunt before. I love learning new things about food! Nice photos too Pam! I can hear my tummy rumble!

  5. Yummy - I'll have mine with a scoop of ice cream just as in your photo! It's mid AM and time for a snack. :)

    I've never baked a Buckle. I make Apple and also Peach Crisp using old Fashioned Oats in the topping.

  6. Oh my, does this ever look yummy. Thanks for the definitions. Some of the words I wasn't familiar with at all.
    Have a great weekend!
    Ladybug Creek

  7. Oh I love buckles! I've only had strawberry ones, but the blackberry sounds much better...maybe not so sweet. And I'm so glad you defined all the different desserts-my family always argues over which is which! thanks-this sounds and looks outstanding!

  8. I've never had a buckle and thanks for clearing up those terms. My mom used to make blueberry dumplings--what you call a grunt. I like how it supposedly got it's name!! Now I am hungry for a blueberry grunt!! I've never made it but I may have to give it a try this weekend. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  9. Love the picrures, looks so so good

  10. Great photos and just love your explanation. I always wonderd about thank; thank you; now I know.

  11. Oooo... never knew there were so many names! I personally love buckle.. just instantly makes me think of a field of berries.. but I'm also liking grunt, that's just too funny! :)

  12. Pam, this looks incredible. I'll have to find time to give it a try. Blessings...Mary

  13. Pam...THANK YOU for stopping by Faithfulness Farm and leaving a note for me. Now I have found your wonderful blog. I just adore this post. I am a pie (in all it's wonderful forms) freak and would rather have that than cake, cookies, etc.,

    I look forward to reading more posts :)


  14. Pam...I never knew the difference in all the summer fruit dessert names...well a few of them i did...but I know they all taste good.

  15. Thanks for clearing up the confusion! Your Buckle is a Beauty!

  16. Pam! Thank you so much for coming by Natural selection! I'm happy to know we have things in common, and cobbler is one of my favorite especially Peach! I do declare! I'm doing the wine thing not much time I will come by and give you the proper visit at your wonderful Blog!


  17. I've never had blackberries before, but this looks really good!

    I've done this with my butter before, too. Works like a charm!

  18. Thank you for stopping by Grandma's Recipes! Love the look of your Blog. So fresh and cheerful! This cobbler looks delicious. The blackberry brandy sounds pretty good in there. :)

  19. Hey Pam! So glad to "meet" you here. This reminds me so much of a dessert we used to love when we lived in Atlanta at a restaurant called "Slopes". Love your blog and the great recipes!

  20. Thank you for the timely post, I was just asking my wife the difference in the various desserts as people were posting them and she didn't know either.

  21. Thank you for the interesting information. I never knew what the differences were between some of I do:) I have never had a buckle. Yours sounds wonderful. This is something I know I would love. Looking forward to tasting it.

    Thanks for the tip about the butter too. I always forget to take the butter out ahead of time.

  22. I am a big fan og blackberries! That buckle looks extremely scrumptious! I love those names: "slump" & "grunt"! ;-)



  23. Oh my!
    I would rename this recipe...
    "Husband Bait!"

  24. Thanks for telling us of the differences! I usually lump them all together. Crisps and buckles are my favorite! This looks truly scrumptious!

  25. Thanks for all the tips (especially the one about cold butter). Your buckle looks great!

  26. I'm drooling for that blackberry bucket. I'll go to bed dreaming about it. sandie

  27. Thanks for this crash course! I can never tell those fruit desserts apart. Your buckle looks fantastic. I think it might be my favorite fruit dessert of the can you go wrong with a cake layer?

  28. Terrianne, Call me Ree, it's a wonderful thing! Have a good weekend!

    Linda, thanks! Love those desserts with fresh fruit!

    Clements Family, great and you're welcome!

    Lyndsey, thank you! I like crisps also, all of the above really. I know what you mean about the rumblings!

    JG, yours sounds good also! Ice cream goes perfectly with any of them!

    Karen, thank you! Glad you like the definitions, they all kind of confused me.

    Abbey, thanks! This is not very sweet at all, just a really delicious blackberry taste. Glad you like it all!

    Sheila, the blueberry dumplings sound delicious. I've never had that and must give it a go. Thanks for the visit and you have a great weekend also!

    Jennifurla, thank you! Have a good weekend!

    Sage, thanks! Glad that enlightened you as well as me. Thanks for stopping by!

    mr. and mrs., thanks! Funny with the names for some of them. Love those berries and buckles!

    Mary, I hope you find the time! It's good!

    Gail @ Faithfulness Farm, me too! Pies and these dishes are great and so are cookies! Love them all! Thanks for the visit!

    Bo, you said it! They all taste good!

    Sue Sparks, thanks! It's a great treat!

    natural selection, peach cobbler works also! Hope the wine thing is going well!

    The Sugar Queen, I hope you try blackberries sometime! They taste great. Then you know the butter thing works beautifully!

    Joan, thanks so much! The brandy really adds great flavor!

    Kim... and Her Coffee, that's new one! I've never heard of slopes but it must be good! Thanks for stopping by!

    Big Dude, great hope it helped and you're making one of them!

    Raina, you're welcome! Buckles are really great and I hope you try the butter thing. Have a good weekend!

    Rosa's Yummy Yums, me too! Blackberries are my favorite! Food names amaze me sometimes!

    Corgidogmama, you always give me a chuckle. If the buckle wouldn't do it, I don't know what would!

    Cinnamon-Girl, you're welcome. Lots of names and all pretty similar. Thanks!

    Tessa, you're welcome and thank you for the visit!

    Chatty Crone, oh, it's so delicious! Have a good weekend!

    Food, Fun and Life in the Charente, thanks! You have a great weekend, Diane! We're getting all the rain now that you had earlier.

    Joanne, I'm guessing you know all about crash courses with school and all! ;) Cake layer works for me! Thanks for stopping by!

  29. I love them all! Thanks for providing clarity. Your blackberry buckle rocks.

  30. I know what to do with my clamshell of blackberries now! ;) Enjoyed your post about the different styles/types of desserts. The different names confuse me too and I wondered if some of the names were alternative names for others.

  31. Velva, thanks! Love that fresh fruit in the summer time! Have a good weekend!

    Cristina, great! Hope you try this and like it. There are so many great methods for making fruit desserts and they're all good!

  32. Pam, this looks insane!!! WOW i would imagine the flavor combos and summer nostalgia would hit me with each bite! YUMMYYY!! <3

    glad you found my blog, equally glad to find yours!!! now i get even more delcious food to look at and fabulous recipes!!

  33. This looks wonderful! Thanks for the explanations of each type of dessert. I've always been so confused! As a baby, my favorite baby food was called blueberry buckle. Seems I've always loved it from the start. =)

  34. This look fantastic, really delicious, x gloria

  35. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Your blog is wonderful (those berries look delicious). Will be stopping by often! ~Mrs Tarts

  36. Kelsey, glad you like it and thanks so much for stopping by! I will enjoy your future posts!

    Me, Myself and Pie, funny with the baby food and I will have to make the buckle with blueberries for sure. Thanks for the idea!

    Gloria, thank you! It's great! Have a good weekend!

    Peachy Tarts, it's nice to see you! Summer is wonderful just because of all the great fresh berries! Have a good day!

  37. wow...thanks so much for all that great info!! and I have to say your buckle just buckled my knees!!! I have been trying to think of something to use blackberries in and that looks delicious!!

  38. OK, first of all, thanks for the rundown and definitions of all those terms. I've been seeing clafoutis everywhere and have been too lazy to look up the term. You're always full of good information girl!

    And lovely buckle, by the way!

  39. Whatever they're called, I like them al! Thanks for explaining the differences though. Your buckle looks delicious!

  40. Fantastic well written informative post. Your blackberry buckle looks and sounds divine.

  41. Very informative post. Your blackberry buckle looks so tempting.

  42. Wowow Pam, you are an encyclopedia!

  43. Chef Dennis, LOL! That's the first time I've done that to anyone! Glad you're like those blackberries too!

    Mags, thanks! There are so many of them and they all sound great to me!

    scrambledhenfruit, me too! Thanks and have a good day!

    Lazaro Cooks! Thank you! It is a divine thing! ;)

    Anncoo, tempting enough to try, right? :-) Thanks for stopping by!

    Alessandra, LOL! Thanks and you have a great day!

  44. I can see why it would get rave reviews, it looks like a plate of perfection to me! Delicious!!

  45. Great recipe.... love your blog... :)

  46. This looks so amazingly good! And thanks for all the explanations, good to know!

  47. Whoa Pam! I know you're a legitmate cook, I absolutely love this. A dense cake with berries and a crunchy topping - this would hit any hunger spot. Thanks for visiting and following my blog - I'm gladly following this blog for sure! ...Oooweee, you have a coffee cake recipe here I see -it's a candy store!


  48. Confusing to me, too, thanks for the definitions! They all sound good, but your buckle looks so good!

  49. Hi Pam ~ I am so glad that you found me. I am now following you too.. Look at all of these recipes, holy shmoly.. I love it.

    Have a great week

  50. Blackberry Season isn't it such fun. I'm amazed at the array of recipes this year. Wonderful post Pam, garnished with delectable definitions and your enticing Blackberry Buckle!

    Thank you so much for sharing...

  51. Martha (MM), thanks and have a good day!

    Jannett, thank you and I hope you return soon!

    jacqui, you're welcome and thanks for stopping by!

    Haupi, thanks so much, I cook! I'm so glad you see good things here and I will be returning to your great blog soon!

    Dishesdone, amazing with all the terms for about the same thing. Thanks for the coming by!

    Leslie, great and thank you! Lots of recipes for sure. Have a good day!

    louise, thanks! I love blackberries and wish they were easier to find. Glad the buckle enticed you!

  52. wooo hooo - That was some post Pam! love it! Learned a ton and I am sure that a piece the next day warmed a bit is heavenly! Have a super delicious day -

  53., great! Thank you! Hope you try it too! I will have a super delicious day and you do the same!!

  54. OMG! I have always wanted to know the difference. Some seem to be exactly the same. Thanks for the info! Great blog!

  55. Twin Tables, thanks so much and you have a great day!

  56. I have a major abundance of blueberries (now frozen) that someone told me I should make a buckle with. I'll have to do that. Your cake looks de-lish.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  57. you have some really yummy recipes. I can't wait to try this.

  58. Katrina, blueberries would be excellent in a buckle! Thanks for stopping by!

    Jenny, thanks so much! I hope you like it as much as we do!

  59. That's such a great post! Delicious!

  60. Yay! OMG I'm totally citing this page for the descriptions of all the different types of desserts when people ask me! They are always asking me "what's a grunt?" and then I have to explain to them what it is and then the difference between and a cobbler.

    Though I've always been told that a crisp has rolled oats or nuts or other granola-esque ingredients, vs a crumble which doesn't have those ingredients.

    But what do I know. I think they are all fantastic! I'm totally making this...when I get back from vacation. I have blackberries I need to use up. I guess I'm going to have to freeze them.

  61. Beautiful!! Love that dessert!

  62. chriesi, thanks so much! It was so good, just wish I could pass out samples.

    Mr. Jackhonky, thanks! The crisp and crumble are so close that it makes it a little confusing according to what you read; I will clarify it. Great with all the blackberries you have. Wish they were easier to find here!

    Mr. Bill, thank you! Glad it caught your eye and wish I could give you a sample!

  63. Wow, this looks heavenly!

    I love your blog! I've add you to my blog roll! :)


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