I love Brun-uusto!!!

I came upon this cheese in the store the other day and it makes for a perfect appetizer or snack.  If you love cheese like we do here, you will love this one!  It’s “Brun-uusto,” Brunkow’s Baked Cheese made at Brunkow Cheese in Darlington, Wisconsin.

It’s a wonderful thing!  The recipe comes from Finland, where it is known as Juustalepia, (Hoostah-lee-pah) or “bread cheese.”  It is an appropriate name because Brun-uusto’s aroma and appearance likens itself to toasted bread.   The cheese has a browned, caramelized crisp crust with the flavor being mild, buttery and a little salty.

Brun-uusto can be eaten right out of the packaging but, it is meant to be enjoyed warm whether by heating in a skillet, on a grill or even in the micro for a short time.  It can definitely stand alone but is especially good with a tomato slice atop it and then warmed, adding a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese.  It also has an amazing flavor when warmed and topped with something sweet such as maple syrup, marmalade or honey.  

You simply have to try it to discover how incredibly delicious it is ~ it’s an addicting, unique cheese and you won’t be able to stop at one piece! 

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  1. Looks yummy! I am gamed....unfortunately, I can't get it here.

  2. I wish I had a slice of that delicious cheese right now! Maybe you should include it in the box of goodies this fall:)

  3. This cheesy dish is so delicious.

  4. Jennie, too bad, I'm not sure of their distribution points. Glad you're gamed though!

    Linda, LOL! You just never know what might show up in that box of goodies this fall!

    RV, it is very tasty! Have a good day!

  5. Oh my!! That looks so good. I'll have to look for it here too. Have a lovely day!!

  6. It looks good but I won't have a chance to try it cos I think it's not available from where I come from.

  7. That looks very yummy! I will be on the lookout for it:)

  8. Hi Pam..so HAPPY to see you at Farmhouse...and this cheese looks so GOOD!!!!

    i love your blog...really cute

    so Happy to follow you as well

    i'll be back very soon


  9. I need to find that cheese. . . stat!!

    That looks absolutely wonderful - although I would pear it with an apple - not a huge fan of sliced tomatoes, yet I love pasta sauce!

  10. I have never heard of this cheese but it looks really yummy. Diane

  11. Cheese and tomato is great=I just had a cheese pizza yesterday with tomato slices and it was wonderful!...Happy week, sweet friend and kisses to your beautiful M/M babies!

  12. Wow, it is something that I'd love to try since I love cheese...will looks for it :-)

  13. This looks just delicious, Pam! Is it easy to find in the regular supermarket? I can't wait to try it! I have already signed up for your giveaway...keeping my fingers crossed!

  14. I have never seen that before...but I am a cheese girl, and that looks so dang good!

  15. That looked D E L I S H and especially the tomato on top - I love food like that. Yum.


  16. Oh. My! I can't believe how awesome this looks! I'm definitely going to have to hunt some of this down!

  17. I have never seen that before but it looks fantastic! We love cheese, I'll be on the look out for some!

  18. Looks awesome Pam! Something tells me u have to be a cheese love to enjoy this!

  19. what a fabulous looking cheese! it's totally like bread cheese :)

  20. looks gd but too bad dun think can get it from where I am :(

  21. Never tested before, never seen it in supermarkets around here!!
    But I'm curious, it looks so good!!

  22. So it's kinda like Greek haloumi? I love it, such a cool concept!

  23. I did not realize this cheese would be so hard to find. You may be able to order the cheese by fax (608) 776-3716.

    Sheila, I'm hoping it's available by you!

    busygran, hope the above info helps!

    The Fajdich Times, it's really delicious! Thanks!

    My Farmhouse Kitchen, great! Thanks so much!

    biz319, apples would be great with it also. Have a good day!

    Food, Fun and Life in the Charente, thanks and have a great day!

    Jacqueline, I'm sure your pizza was delicious. Love it with tomatoes! Same to your babies!

    Juliana, here's hoping you'll find it!

    ~Carrie from Cottage Cozy~ It's easy to find here in farmer's markets, some grocery stores and in the specialty food section of liquor stores.

    Clements Family, me too, love cheese!

    Chatty Crone, it's really good plain but the tomato surely kicks it up!

    theUngourmet, good and I hope you have no problem finding it!

    Dishesdone, good luck with it and have a good day!

    The Sudden Cook, absolutely you'd have to be a cheese lover!

    Kathleen, thanks for stopping by!

    Kelsey, it's unique and is like bread cheese, very good!

    Jess @ Bakericious, sorry to say, I'm just not sure where they distribute the cheese. Hope you come across it!

    Zia Elle, it's definitely something different for cheese lover's! Have a great day!

  24. Sounds really good! I wonder if you can get it in Canada?

  25. Looks fantastic. I could eat it now.


    Please stop by.

  26. I've never seen this before, it looks soooo good. I'll have to look for it at the supermarket if they even have it where I am.

  27. Looks so simple and delicious ...mmm !

  28. grace, great!

    Rosanne: sorry to say, I'm just not sure where it's available. Maybe ordering direct from the company.

    Chaya, thanks so much! You're the best!

    Candy, good luck in finding it and thanks for stopping by!

    paprika, it is! Hope you're having a good day!

  29. I have never heard of this cheese before - but it looks and sounds very interesting and very delicious, indeed ! I doubt we would ever get it here in Tanzania, but I will be on the look out for it in my travels ....

  30. FoodFunFarmLife, it was new to me also. Here's hoping you come across it in your travels.


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