Garlic-Basted Chicken

Many folks insist that garlic is “good for what ails you.”  I know that it’s good for flavoring chicken, especially when combined with the subtle hop overtones from beer.

Chicken was definitely made for the grill but, with its mild neutral flavor it needs a little boost and that is why it is so nice to baste it.  The basting not only keeps the chicken moist, it flavors the poultry with something extra.

This dish brought rave reviews from Bill!  Of course, he grilled it but, I delivered the sauce for basting!  The melted butter with the garlic, beer and other flavors resulted in flavorful, very moist chicken. And it requires no marinating for hours!

So, start grilling and kick your chicken up a notch with this tasty recipe ~ it’s really delicious!

Garlic-Basted Chicken


3 whole chicken breasts or 6 whole chicken legs, thighs attached
½ cup butter
5 cloves garlic, minced
¼ cup onions, chopped
1 cup dark beer
1 tablespoon chopped parsley
¼ teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon McCormick’s Seasoned Pepper


Rinse chicken, pat dry.
Melt butter in skillet or small pan over medium heat.
Add garlic and onion.
Cook, stirring occasionally until onion is soft.
Add beer, bring to a boil, stirring.
Remove from heat.
Stir in parsley, salt and pepper.
Pour into a large bowl.
Turn chicken in butter mixture to coat.
Lift out and drain briefly.
Reserve butter mixture.
Place chicken on grill and cook, turning and basting frequently until meat is no longer pink.

If you live for the grill, you have to try this!


  1. Pam your beer basted chicken sounds great!

  2. Oh this sounds so good!! I'll definitely be giving this one a try. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. looks and smells so good!

  4. Garlic, beer & grilling! Sounds perfect. I'll have to try this for the weekend.

  5. Love garlic! This would so be a winning recipe here!

  6. Pam, this looks delicious--and pairing it with the pepper coleslaw could guarantee me a kudos-winning dinner. Thanks!


  7. Oooh this looks delish Pam! Your pictures are mouthwatering!

  8. Garlicky chicken is love. :)

  9. I am making this recipe next week; son and his family are coming and i was looking for a chicken recipe for the grill; thank you.

  10. This is easy; thanks for this recipe...Happy weekend Pam!

  11. love the sound of this Pam - definately one I'll try. May even pick up some chicken today and make it with sweetcorn fritters and some homemade baps.

    Sounds like an awesome summertime meal

  12. I never use beer in marinades... no reason, just never think of it. Love all the garlic.... Have to give this a try!

  13. Garlic and beer? I'm intrigued. And possibly enamored. It sounds quite tasty!

  14. Bo, thanks! It's a wonderful thing!

    Jenn, great! I hope you like it!

    Lyndsey, it did have a great aroma also. Yum!

    Betty Ray, it makes for some great flavors for the chicken!

    Debbi, me too! There can never be too much garlic!

    Bonnie, right on! They'd go great together! Good thinking!

    Diane, thank you! Love that garlic flavor!

    Catherine, thanks so much! It tastes so good!

    Mo, love for sure! Garlic is the best and a great addition to chicken!

    Sage, wonderful! Let me know how you like it if you try it! It makes the chicken so moist and is great for the grill.

    Jacqueline, you're right! It is easy! You have a wonderful weekend also and hugs to your fur buddies!

    Dishesdone, it is! Thanks for stopping by!

    Sarah-Jane, those corn fritters sound good to me! I'm hoping the local sweet corn is available at the farmer's market today!

    katiez, the beer really adds to it and helps to keep it moist! Yum!

    Joanne, I'm so glad you're intrigued and enamored! Hope you give it a go!

  15. I'm going to have to steal this recipe Pam. Hubby and I love chicken on the barbie and I am just starting to 'brnach' out with using beer in cooking too. Looks so tasty.

  16. Chele, great, go ahead and steal it! It's really tasty!

  17. Really scrumptious looking and sounding chicken. You have delicious recipes that I can't wait to try out! Awesome blog by the way.

  18. New to your site. I read your profile and I agree with all of it. I began reading cookbooks for fun when I was 12 and started babysitting. I think food is such an important part of family life and really tells a story of love. Thanks for sharing.

  19. The garlic and beer combination has me really intrigued. I have to give this a try. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

  20. The garlic basted chicken looks so tempting!

  21. Everything's better with garlic and beer! Thanks for the great grilling recipe :)

  22. I've never used beer in a marinade, so I'm very excited to give it this a try!

  23. Not your ordinary chicken recipe this packs a flavor punch. Great job!

  24. Sweetums, thanks so much! You are very kind and I hope you give some of them a try!

    Big Dude, thanks! It is good and you have a good day!

    Jacqueline, welcome! It's nice to meet you and thank you for the nice comments! Great minds think alike...

    Mary, thank you! Here's wishing you a wonderful Sunday! Blessings..

    Angie's Recipes, thanks! It's really moist and flavorful!

    scrambledhenfruit, you are so right! Thanks for stopping by!

    Celeste, I hope you try it and like it! Have a good day!

    Lazaro Cooks! It's filled with good flavors with that butter and beer punch! Thanks!

  25. Hi Pam,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Your garlic chicken makes me hungry!! Hope you get to try out the cocktail bun and shall hear from you soon! Cheers!

  26. Honey boy, thanks for stopping by! I will be trying the recipe soon! They surely look delicious!

  27. Sounds wonderful Pam - will try it next time the non chicken eaters are out :-}

  28. Both beer and garlic? I'm SO there - two of my favorite things in the whole wide world :-)

  29. It sounds really yummy. I love lots of garlic in my cooking too. :)

  30. I am going to have to try this on the stovetop, my grill just gave out. :P But I did get some awesome garlic from a farmers market when I was vacationing in NY so that would be perfect for this dish! :)

  31. Love garlic. Thanks for the recipe because I am always looking for new chicken recipes.

  32. The chicken looks fantastic--perfectly cooked!

  33. Brownieville Girl, great! I hope you like it!

    Martha (MM), thank you! Have a good day!

    Little Inbox, there's nothing like garlic to flavor it!

    The Cilantropist, sorry about your grill. It would be just as good done inside! Thanks for stopping by!

    Joyce, you're welcome and thank you for the visit!

    A SPICY PERSPECTIVE, thank you! It's really good!

  34. That marinade looks fantastic. I see it used for chicken but I am sure, it would be good on a multitude of foods. Off to print it.

  35. chayacomfycook, you're right! I'm sure it would work with most meat., cerveza does it up fine!

  36. Mmmmmm ..... garlicky chicken, what could be better ?! This is just the sort of 'husband pleasing' recipe my hubby would enjoy, too. The photo's look good enough to eat (can you tell I'm hungry as I type this ?!)

  37. Lynda, thank you! That garlic works every time!


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