Cheese Beef Sticks

Bubba has made another great thing! 

Many years ago, when man started eating meat, the only way to preserve it was to dry it.  Beef sticks are an excellent source of protein with most of the fat being removed.  It’s easy to make and by making it yourself, you know exactly what has been added to it; no chemicals and preservatives.  And besides that, it tastes so much better than store bought! 

Bubba likes to cook and experiment with the ingredients in recipes.  He has made this recipe with many different combinations and finally ended up with this great recipe.  It has a little heat with the jalapeños.  Then, Bubba flavored the beef with lots of garlic, cayenne, black pepper, liquid smoke and the star ingredient, sharp cheddar cheese.

He mixed together the ingredients and extruded it through a jerky gun.  I really have never seen one but it works on the same principal as a caulking gun or my cookie gun for shaping spritz cookies, etc. The final part of the process is dehydrating the sticks in a dehydrator per the manufacturer’s instructions.  It’s a wonderful thing for a snack!


2 ¼ pounds, 90% ground beef
4 ounces sharp cheddar cheese, grated
5 jalapeños
3 tablespoons minced garlic
1 tablespoon cayenne pepper
1 tablespoon black pepper
2 tablespoons Morton Tender Quick Cure
1 tablespoons liquid smoke


Place jalapeños and garlic in food processor.
Purée, almost liquefy them.
Place all ingredients in a large bowl.
Mix well then knead until all ingredients are well blended.
Place in refrigerator for 1 hour.
Using a jerky gun, extrude the mixture out into tubes about 3/8” diameter.
Dehydrate for 5½  hours.

Thanks Bubba!

They’re the best!  Yum!!!


  1. They make this in S.Africa and it is called biltong sticks over there. I think that jerky is dried meat the same as biltong. Diane

  2. Hi am,
    It looks so yummy and different and the sweet potato salad, what a wonderful suggestion!!

  3. This is a different recipe for jerky! Looks good!

  4. Boy do I wish I had a dehydrator because that sounds so good. I love beef jerky:)

  5. Oh, this is good! With mon mari being diabetic his snacking is limited to protein (and fat) and I'm always looking for stuff to have on hand for him..... He gets a bit bored with eggs and cheese.

  6. That would be a good reason for me to get a dehydrator; looks wonderful.

  7. These are so cool! I would have never thought to flavor jerky like this!

  8. I think I need to find a jerky gun. I buy them often and don't like all the additives.
    Thanks for the info.

  9. What a great recipe! I love that these are all natural and not full of nasty chemicals!

  10. That is really neat! Never saw homemade before!

  11. I do not truly feel qualified to make an appropriate comment since I'm not a fan of beef.
    That said, I can very much appreciate the combination of flavours used...and I can see how I can adapt this to other proteins.

    Thanks Pam for showing me something that I really was not familiar with.

    Have a great weekend and flavourful wishes,

  12. Awesome! I have got to try making thses. So unusual .. You know your way around a kitchen, my friend. Really cool. keri

  13. My husband would love these Pam! He is going to want to be your taste tester if he see this posting. Beef and cheese with the kick of Jalapeno, it's right up his alley!

  14. Food, Fun and Life in the Charente, sounds good to me! Have a great day!

    Salsa Verde, you're welcome and thank you!

    Lyndsey, thanks! Have a good day!

    Raina, yes! I know what you mean.

    katiez, this would be great for your hubby since there is no sugar and carbs.

    Sage, yes for the dehydrator!

    Joanne, it's really tasty with the cheese added.

    Carla and Michael, that's the good thing about making them yourself. You know exactly what's in it.

    Kathleen, thanks! You're so right!

    Dishesdone, it's best homemade! Thanks!

    Foodessa, this definitely would not be for someone who does not care for beef but I'm glad you like the mix of flavors. You have a wonderful day!

    Sam, thanks! Bubba knows his way around the kitchen also!

    Linda, great! I always can use another taste tester and I'm sure he'd like these because of the kick with the good flavors!

  15. I bet these taste a whole lot better than the ones at the store. I like that there are no preservatives. The process of making these beef sticks is an art, and I am looking forward to mastering it someday

  16. I've never made jerky at home - I need to get a dehydrator! But my inlaws make it and I love it!

  17. Fresh Local and Best, that's the good thing about this! You know exactly what it consists of! Thanks!

    Deborah, I've never made it either but my son always shares when he makes it so that works for me!


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