Tangy Tilapia

Most people are fans of tilapia and it is one of the most versatile, mild-flavored fish that I can think of.  The price is usually right and is readily available.   It is un-fishy and tends to take on the flavor of whatever sauce you use.

There are more uses for tilapia than just dining on them.  They are becoming the plant control method of choice due to their consumption of undesirable plants and algae.  Arizona stocks tilapia in the canals that provide water to Mesa and Phoenix, among others.  The water is purified by the tilapia ingesting the vegetation and detritus.  Arkansas stocks many public lakes and ponds for the same reason and to the enjoyment of anglers as well. 

This citrus tilapia is filled with just that ~ lots of good lemon, lime and orange flavors blended with honey that combine perfectly with the fish.  There’s a hint of spiciness with the garlic and chili powder.  What I really like is adding the panko bread crumbs before baking; it gives the fish a little crunch texture on top and I love the way this blackens a touch due to the honey. 

Tangy Tilapia


1½ pounds tilapia
2 tablespoons butter, melted
3 garlic cloves, minced
¼ teaspoon chili powder
¼ teaspoon lemon zest
¼ teaspoon orange zest
¼ cup lime juice
¼ cup orange juice
¼ cup lemon juice
1/3 cup honey
Salt and pepper, to taste
¼ cup panko bread crumbs


Melt butter in micro or a saucepan.
Add the remaining ingredients, except salt, pepper and bread crumbs.
Blend well.
Place fish in a baking dish.
Pour sauce over the fish.
Season with salt and pepper.
Sprinkle with bread crumbs.
Bake at 400 degrees for about 15-20 minutes or until fish flakes easily with a fork.

It’s refreshingly delicious!


  1. I love Tilapia but have not seen it or sale for ages. Must look around as this recipe sounds great. Diane

  2. This looks like a great recipe, but I just can't eat tilapia since reading about how they live in warm waters and they are ground feeders. I would use another fish. We have lots of tilipia in our ponds where we live. So many better tasting fish.

  3. Diane, sorry you have a problem finding it. It is definitely plentiful here. Have a good day!

    Susan, I've read a couple of articles about that. However, I like the mild taste of it and it's on many restaurant menu's here. Thanks for stopping by!

    Bo, thanks! Hope you have a great day!

  4. Mmm I love tilapia! This looks like a great recipe to spice it up :)

  5. Yum! That looks amazing. I am finally deciding that I like fish. We must try this!

  6. Hi Pam,
    We so love Tilapia and very happy to find a new method of serving it;looks so good.

  7. Yes, we love Tilapia as well. Thanks for a new recipe idea.

  8. Tilapia is a favorite of my family...I don't eat it because I don't like fish, but I have a feeling that this is going to be a hit with my husband, father, and sister!!

  9. Okay, I wasn't a fan of Talapia until I saw this. It actually looks delicious so I'm going to try it. I've been buying some wonderful fish lately, but it's all so expensive. I see Talapia all over the place but never buy because of a bad dinner I had at someones house years ago. You have me turning around. I'll keep you posted. Thanks Pam. Keri from www.alwayscurtsywhenyousneeze.com (a.k.a. Sam)

  10. Taylor, me too! Thanks so much!

    Clements Family, thanks! I hope you try this one for a flavorful fish since you are liking fish now!

    Sage, thank you and you have a great day!

    My Kitchen in the Rockies, great! I'm so glad you like tilapia as well!

    Autumn @Good Eats Girl, I know what you mean, I just started eating more fish several years ago and really like it now! Thanks!

    Adventures in Domestic Cooking, thank you and you have a marvelous day!

    Sam/Keri, I know what you mean as I had a similar experience with eating some bad liver at someone's house and haven't eaten it since. Hope you make a turn around and try this, it's delicious! Have a great day!

  11. I eat a lot of fish and love tilapia; this recipe sounds wonderful and I love that it's easy=added bonus points!!...Thanks so much Pam, have a fun day and kiss your babies for me.

  12. Hi Pam,
    Must be delicious with all the citrus in!!

  13. It sounds good and looks wonderful! I bet you could use it on many kinds of fish!

  14. Jacqueline, we do too! It is easy! I did and you do the same for me for your cutie fur balls!

    Salsa Verde, it's great if you like tilapia!

    Lyndsey, you're right! I think it would work well with most white fish!

  15. Now that I'm eating tilapia again (had a bad tilapia experience years ago) I can't wait to try this recipe. It sounds delicious.

  16. I have never tried tilapia. You have convinced me that I should give it a try. Your recipe sounds wonderful:)

  17. I eat seafood every week, but have never tried Tilapia. Thanks for the background info, too.

    Your recipe sounds so good! Citrus yummy!

  18. I need to eat more fish and this would be a great way to have it!

  19. Since you've visited my site a time or two, you know my love for Tilapia... I'm always looking for new recipes! This sounds delicious!

  20. Mags, great! Hope you like it!

    Raina, give it a try, it's delicious!

    JG, it is and you have a good day!

    Deborah, thanks! It's a good mild fish.

    Jenn, yes, I know you like tilapia and this recipe is really tasty with it. Thanks!

  21. This one looks amazing, can't wait to try it, the family has finally decided they like fish!

  22. Dishesdone, tilapia is so mild and flavorful, a great fish to try!

  23. We used to buy frozen whole tilapia and grill them. Delicious!

  24. I love love citrus, more than pancakes or anything for that fact!

  25. Karen, now I have to try them on the grill. Yum!

    Chef E, me too! It's refreshing and tangy~


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