Stone-Ground Garlic Grits with Cheddar and Mozzarella

“What’s with that white stuff on my plate? I didn’t order that with my eggs and sausage!” That’s what Bill used to say when he ordered breakfast down South. No more! He now loves grits as much as I do and even asked me to cook up some grits last night for dinner.

Most people around here are not familiar with grits or else shudder at the thought of it.  There’s baked grits, grits with a glob of butter, shrimp and grits, bacon and grits and then there’s stone-ground grits.  That’s the way to go but if you’ve followed my blog, you may recall it is not available here so I order the stone-ground grits from Nora Mill

Stone-ground grits are crunchy delicious with a little garlic and cheddar cheese.  This time; however, I added mozzarella cheese.  Don’t water it down and make it like cream of wheat and no sugar, please!  Think of grits as a side dish and dress it like a baked potato: cheese, onions, bacon, chives, green onions, sautéed mushrooms, jalapeño peppers or hot sauce.    

Here’s what Nora Mill advises for leftover grits:  Pour into a glass and chill.  The next day, slide them out, slice and fry them like mush for breakfast.  It’s great!

Stone-Ground Garlic Grits with Cheddar and Mozzarella


1 cup stone ground grits
1 teaspoons salt
3 cups water
1 tablespoon garlic powder (I use more)
1 cup cheddar cheese, grated
½ cup mozzarella cheese, grated


In a medium saucepan, bring water to a boil.
Stir in grits and garlic powder and return to boil.
Reduce to low heat.
Cover and simmer for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.
Add more water as needed, being sure not to make it soupy.
Add cheeses.
Continue cooking on low heat for 5-10 minutes, stirring frequently until cheese is melted and grits are creamy.

Start cooking and dress up your grits!


  1. Yum, I don't eat these very often any more but they are GOOD!

  2. I've never tasted Grits. I'll have to try these. Cheese flavored - yummy!

  3. We do not get grits here either, but we do get south African Mealie Meal which is probably finer than grits. I have some here in France, and as I have never tried it with cheese there is going to be a first time in the next couple of days. Thanks Pam. Diane

  4. I love cheesy grits with a dash of garlic. It's heaven. Will check out the site for stone ground grits, those would be wonderful.
    Thanks Pam dear!

  5. I love grits with lots of cheese! These look excellent!

  6. Looks so delicious and appetising!!!

  7. I'm from New Orleans, so you know I love grits!!...Great recipe and post about an old family staple!!...Have a great day Pam.

  8. I don't think I really understand what grits are. We don't get them here in the UK, so far as I know.

  9. Your grits sound delicious, and I love the what you'd do with the leftovers! and, LOL, I love Cream of Wheat!

  10. This grits look absolutely yummy dear, huggs gloria

  11. These sound like some fabulous grits!

  12. Debbi, it is good! Just wish it was low calorie!

    Subhashini, thanks! It tastes yum yum!

    JG, go for it and try it! The cheese makes it even better!

    Diane, I've never heard of AMM but hope you like it with the cheese added. Is it still raining there?

    Corgidogmama, great! Nora Mill products are really good and they ship quickly so you'll be eating stone ground grits before you know it. The difference in grits is like comparing regular white bread with artisan bread ~ stone ground grits are so much better!

    Cinnamon-Girl, good for you! You know what I'm talking about and I say the more cheese, the better. Although, I love them plain also.

    Lia, it is! Thanks for stopping by!

    Jacqueline ~ Oh, I love, love NOLA!!! You lucky girl to have grown up there. The music is great, the architecture, the flowers, and beignets! So you know all about those delicious grits!

    Jean, hominy grits are made from corn that has been soaked in weak lye water to make the kernels swell. The kernels are then dried and ground. This is done at a grist (not grits) mill such as Nora Mill. Stone ground grits have a crunchy texture and a corny taste. Hope this enlightens you a little!

    Dishesdone, they are good. I don't think I've ever had cream of wheat and now I will have to try that. Thanks for stopping by!

    Gloria, it is delicious and I could eat the dish much more often, for sure! huggs to you!

  13. Cheese grits are one of my favorite things. You have sure posted some great looking dishes this past week or so.

  14. I have never had grits, but boy do yours sound delicious and with the cheeses..yum! Definitely got to try it:)

  15. I've never had grits but seeing as how I ADORE polenta, I know I would love these! Your mix-ins have me drooling!

  16. I'm not a huge grit person, but my husband is. He would absolutely love this!

  17. I've never had grits, but these look SO good!!! I also love how you say to dress them like a baked potato...I'm definitely intrigued by these!!

  18. You had me at GARLIC!!! more is always better! Sounds wonderful!

  19. Pam do you have a shelter you would like to have a chance to win some cat scratchers I will donate a package to one shelter

    chance to win scratchers 4 shelter

  20. Grits are totally new to me Pam - we don't get them over here and I have never tasted them! I wonder why they have not got a market in the UK? They are obviously wholesome and this recipe looks very tasty. I can't think of an alternative to use in the UK - any ideas?

  21. Kathleen, thank you! Hope you have a great day!

    Bo, great! Thanks for the visit!

    Big Dude, there's nothing like grits! Thanks, some weeks are better than others! ;)

    Raina, go for trying it! It's really delcious!

    Joanne, thanks! The mix-ins are like icing on the cake, they work perfectly!

    Deborah, maybe you'll make it for your hubby? Thanks for stopping by!

    Autumn @Good Eats Girl, they're good plain but dressed up, they're great!

    Danielle, it sounds like you're a garlic fan too and you are so right; more!

    Esme, yes I do and I entered Crystal Lake Helping Paws Animal Shelter. Thanks for heads up!

    Sue, we've got to get a campaign started for having grits available in the UK! They are tasty, easy and wholesome. Polenta would be the close to grits, I would think. Thanks for stopping by!

  22. mr. pineapple man, thanks! It is!

  23. Yum! Being a Georgia Girl, we love our grits too. My dad makes them with bacon grease...oh my word, they are so good!

  24. I hate runny grits but I absolutely love coarse ground grits like this. They are the perfect side dish for so many meals and they are a great platform for carrying other flavors.

  25. Candi, yum! I will be trying them with bacon grease now! :-)

    Chris, yes! Grits work well with most any meat or seafood. And I like it stone-ground and thick also! Just wish people weren't so afraid of trying it!


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