Mom’s Roquefort and Watercress Dip

With barbecue season getting in full swing, we all need appetizers to serve our guests and this is a great recipe of Mom’s.  She made it many times and we always thought it was a wonderful thing.

If you love Roquefort cheese the way I do, this recipe is a must try.  It is delicious served with raw vegetables, particularly mushrooms and cauliflower.  Besides the Roquefort and watercress, the dip is packed with good flavors such as cream cheese and Tabasco.

Watercress is a fast-growing aquatic perennial plant and is one of the oldest known leaf vegetables consumed by people.  It has a peppery, tangy flavor and if you’ve ever attended an afternoon tea, you’ve probably enjoyed it in those dainty tea sandwiches.  



½ pound Roquefort cheese
1 cup finely chopped watercress
Couple of dashes of Tabasco sauce
¼ pound cream cheese
1 cup heavy cream


Cream Roquefort and cream cheese together until soft and smooth.
Add cream until mixture is of a dip consistency.
Add Tabasco, mixing well.
Fold in chopped watercress.
Prepare platter of raw vegetables: cauliflower, mushrooms, carrots, celery, zucchini, bell peppers and cherry tomatoes.
Place dip in center of platter and surround with vegetables.

It’s delicious; try it for your next party!


  1. Guess what is on my shopping list for tomorrow...... Diane

  2. Pam, this looks wonderful! We used to have watercress growin on our property...what a treat that was. Love anything with blue cheese. Joni

  3. Diane, thanks! Happy shopping and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

    Red Couch Recipes, lucky you with growing the watercress when you did. I've never tried that. It works great with the cheese!

  4. Pam, you had me at "Roquefort" which I love. I love all types of blue cheese! I am going to make this one for sure!!

    I used to drive by the largest watercress farm in Hawaii, when I would drive to Aiea for work every Friday! It just brought back memories...

  5. Pam dear....are you satan?
    This recipe has SIN written all over it!!!

  6. This looks really good. We have lots of watercress around here. Thanks for the idea!

  7. Lyndsey, I'm with you all the way on the blue cheese! Cool with the watercress farm in Hawaii ~ I'd love to return there and see it as I've never seen one. Glad it brought back good memories for you!

    Corgidogmama, it is a little sinful! Sometimes that's a good thing. ;) Don't even want to think about the fat content with it!

    Dedene, you're welcome and have a good day!

  8. Simple and easy, just the way I like it! Your recipes are always wonderful!

  9. Easy and delicious. I love those ingredients!!

  10. That looks delicious, as all your recipes do .... mmmmmmm :)

  11. You had me at Tabasco! I didn't even TRY blue cheese until a few years ago - I love it now!

  12. Linda, thank you! Easy always works for me also.

    Lia, you've got it! Thanks!

    TWS, thanks!

    Lynda, it's good to see you! Hope you had a great vacation!

    biz319, LOL with the Tabasco. I know several people who've said the same about blue cheese! It's great!

  13. I love Roquefort! I've never had it in a dip before. This sounds rich and delicious!

  14. This looks wonderful Pam. And thanks so much for stopping by my blogs.

  15. Does the cream cheese and cream mellow out the Roquefort so it's not so strong tasting? I respect blue cheese and usually keep my distance. Sometimes I do indulge when it's in a recipe and mixed in with other ingredients. I have trouble eating it alone.

  16. Oh this is fun. I have a pot with watercress groing every which way and some lovely gorgonzola that should work. Mom's have the best recipes.

  17. Cinnamon-Girl, it's delicious as a dip and I hope you give it a try!

    Kat, thanks for stopping by!

    M, yes, it does mellow out but you will still notice a Roquefort taste. Thanks for the visit!

    Claudia, Gorgonzola would be great with the watercress. You're so right about Mom's!

  18. This is a brilliant combination for two very strongly flavored ingredients. I love the spiciness of watercress.

  19. Fresh Local and Best, thank you! Yes, the watercress definitely adds a great taste!

  20. Oh wow - what a mouth watering temptation. Definitely one for me to try! Thank you!

  21. Great combination of flavors.

  22. Sue, wonderful! Hope you like it! It is really tangy delicious!

    Mimi, thanks! Love that roquefort!


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