MMMarvelous Coconut Margarita for Cinco de Mayo and a Happy Birthday to my cats!

I don’t know about you but Cinco de Mayo means time for my favorite cocktail.

Restaurants around here have a long list of margaritas.  There are different tequilas and different mixers all ending up in a zingy cocktail.  It’s the perfect drink for summer, festivals, parties, happy hour and Cinco de Mayo.

Cinco de Mayo not only commemorates the Mexican Army’s victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, it is also the 6th birthday of our two cats, Minnie and Moocher! 

We adopted them from a rescue shelter when they were 6 weeks old.  Minnie is feisty with a mind of her own and Moocher is laid-back and affectionate, contrary to what some people in this family think; you know who you are! 

That's Minnie on the left and Moocher yawning.

This is not the same old margarita ~ the ones with strawberry, lime or banana.  This margarita is shaken up a bit with the subtle taste of coconut. 

Minnie and Moocher will be diving into a can of tuna while I enjoy a Coconut Margarita.  Here’s the recipe:

Coconut Margarita


4 cups ice
4 teaspoons Coco Lopez, Cream of Coconut
8 ounces pineapple juice
4 ounces tequila
8 ounces Sweet & Sour mix
2 ounces Triple Sec or other orange liqueur
Lime wedges
Sugar or toasted coconut


Place ice in blender and add remaining ingredients except for lime wedges ans sugar. 
Blend until slushy.
Add more ice for a thicker margarita.
Rub rims of glasses with lime wedges.
Dip rims in sugar or toasted coconut
Pour margaritas.
Sip and enjoy!
Makes about 4 margaritas.

¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo amigos!

¡Feliz cumpleaΓ±os Minnie and Moocher!


  1. Oh my gosh Pam this looks good. i love the toasted coconut on the rim. You are so prepared for the up and coming "anything" My cinco de Mayo isn't even prpared yet! :D

    Every time I turn around you have a new blog header and back ground! I glad I'm not the only one who does that! I like it.

  2. Lyndsey, thanks! All I need is the music and dancers! ;)
    Yes, I've changed the background again. It was so hard to read the type on the green one I had before so had to change it and this is it for a good while I hope! :-)

  3. Yeah, I know who I am. Where did you get the crane to lift Moocher into the chair?

  4. Bubba, if I would need a crane to lift him, I would call the same place that you did for Bucky! :-)

  5. Love your new background and header. This looks wonderful, but what is sweet and sour mix? I have never heard of it before and doubt if it is obtainable here. Is it possible to make it? Diane

  6. Happy, Happy Birthday to Minnie and Moocher!...I hope their birthday wishes come true!...Wishing them great health, many cuddles and lots of treats!..Happy Cinco de Mayo Pam!...I love Margaritas, it sounds like the perfect way to celebrate such a festive day!...Kisses to your gorgeous birthday babies!

  7. Food, Fun and Life in the Charente, sweet and sour mix is a mixer of sugar and lime or lemon juice. It's very easy to make and is a great addition to a cocktail. I usually buy a bottle of it but, here's a website for it:

    Store unused amounts in the refrigerator. I hope this helps you out!

  8. Jacqueline, thank you so much for all the good wishes! They will get their tuna treat later and gobble it up like good kitties. I'm glad you like the margaritas also! Thanks for stopping by and here's wishing you a great day! Give yours a belly rub for me! :-)

  9. Happy birthday to your nice cats!!
    I love coconut taste ancd in a drink wow, it looks delicious!!

  10. Should try this one soon...looks great !

  11. Zia Elle, thanks! They're great cats! The coconut flavor in the margarita is delicious!

    Gulmohar, hope you do! Thanks!

  12. Happy Birthday, kitties! This Rita looks good and so different from the usual. Love the toasted coconut around the rim :)

  13. This sounds a super cocktail - I am going to have to try it! Love your kitties too! What great names!

  14. That sounds delicious! I love your blog!

  15. Karen, they say thanks! I love coconut and Rita's so it's my favorite for sure.

    Sue, it's a great cocktail with a twist! Thanks about the kitties. Their names came from the Cab Calloway song, "Minnie the Moocher" and fits them perfectly!

  16. Sonia, thank you and I'm glad you stopped by!

  17. Yah, margarita! I've never heard of this version before but I love margaritas.

  18. Your coconut margarita sounds exciting. Happy Birthday to your cats :)

  19. Happy Cinco de Mayo! I agree there's nothing quite like an icy cold margarita on a sweaty summer day.

  20. Xiao Yen Recipes, if you like coconut, try it! Yum!

    Biren, thanks! It is and thanks too for the birthday wishes. They had their tuna and are content now!

    Fresh Local and Best, the same to you and I hope you've had a good day. I can hardly wait for a sweaty summer day!

  21. Happy Birthday to your Minnie and Moocher! Your cocktail looks fabulous!

  22. Yum! I want to run out and buy the fixings. So what if it's almost midnight.
    P.S. Your blog is adorable and the music is fabulous.

  23. I love anything with coconut - epsecially margaritas!

  24. Thanks Pam for the link to the sweet and sour - I will follow this up. Diane

  25. Dishesdone, thanks so much! It's a great cocktail!

    Buttercup, don't believe I've ever shopped at midnight but the stores probably aren't crowded then so it would work! Thanks so much about the blog, music is about as good as food!

    Pam, me too! I'm a sucker for about anything with coconut!

    Food, Fun and Life in the Charente, you're welcome! Have a good day!

  26. Yum, I love all the flavors in this drink. I'm usually a wine drinker but would make an exception for this delicious cocktail.

  27. Happy birthday to your kitties!! i hope you made them a special treat :)))
    Your photo has me drooling on my screen and it's only 9:30 am, lol
    Thanks for the comment on my pork roast, it was a giant hit :)

  28. Wohoo. That sounds so refreshing and delicious. Can you believe I went through nearly the entire day without realizing it was cinco de mayo yesterday?! That's what happens when you move away from California. We had some Mexican inspired chicken in the end, but I sure would have liked to end the day with this. I'll just tuck the recipe away for the weekend.

  29. Pam, is it o.k. to have margarita on May 6? Wish I'd seen it yesterday but--I'll just start celebrating early for next year. Thanks!


  30. This looks amazing!! I'm going to have to pass this recipe on to a friend of mine...she loves coconut, this would be right up her alley! Your cats are so cute!

  31. I'll have what you're having. That sounds so delicious.

  32. Pass one my way, please! These look like heaven in a glass. Your kitties are adorable!

  33. Yum! This looks very yum...hmmm...but toasted coconut on the rim of the glass? How does that taste like?

  34. i can't even remember the last time i had a sip of booze, but my love for coconut makes this creation mighty tempting! as long as it tastes more like coconut than anything else, i think i'd enjoy it just fine. :)
    also, your kitties are fiercely adorable.

  35. Hello Pam!!

    What a superb & tasty festive drink this surely is!!

    Your cats look lovely too!

  36. Cathy, thanks for stopping by!

    ~RED~ Thanks so much! I did, their favorite, tuna. There's nothing like drooling early in the morning!

    gastroanthropologist, funny with cinco de mayo! Hope you enjoy the margarita this weekend and thanks for the visit!

    From the Kitchen, you'll be ahead of the game if you start drinking it now; it's good for any day of the year!

    Autumn @Good Eats Girl, hope your friend tries it, from one coconut lover to another! Thanks about the cats!

    Mags, that works! Thanks for the visit!

    Cinnamon-Girl, it's on its way to you! Enjoy! Thanks about the kitties!

    The Sudden Cook, it tastes like coconut and definitely not like the usual salt. If you love coconut, try it!

    grace, it really has a strong coconut flavor because of the Cream of Coconut. I'm glad you like the kitties, they're the best!

  37. Sophie, hello! it is a festive drink but delicious any time! Thanks about M&M and thank you for stopping by!

  38. This cocktail looks delicious! Mommie Dearest just may have to mix up a pitcher this Sunday (ha!).

  39. Great recipe... I have never tried a coconut version but what a great combination and the toasted edge looks soooo good!

  40. I love pina coladas and I love the toasted coconut. Happy Birthday little kittys!

  41. Karen Harris, it makes a great pitcher of a good thing! Thanks!

    lostpastremembered, you must try it! It's different and yummy!

    Megan, coconut is the best in my book! Thanks with the kitties!

  42. That cocktail looks fantastic! I am so going to make that soon.

    Oh, and I adore your comment about Spam that opens your blog. I grew up in Austin, MN, the hometown of Spam where there is a Spam Museum. I'm always amused.

  43. Sally, thank you! I will have to tell Bill to visit Austin! He is a Spam lover from way back and that would be right up his alley. I can't imagine...

  44. Looks delicious... yummy :)
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