Happy Mother's Day!


Your Mother Is Always With You

Your mother is always with you...
She's the whisper of the leaves
as you walk down the street.
She's the smell of bleach
in your freshly laundered socks.
She's the cool hand on your brow
when you're not well.
Your mother lives inside your laughter.
She's crystallized in every tear drop.
She's the place you came from,
your first home...
She's the map you follow
with every step that you take.
She's your first love
and your first heart break...
and nothing on earth can separate you.
Not time, Not space...
Not even death...
will ever separate you
from your mother...
You carry her inside of you...
Author Unknown

Here's wishing you all a wonderful Mother's Day!


  1. Lovely and sweet poem!
    Happy Mother's Day to you too.

  2. A bushel of Mother's Day happiness to you, too!

  3. Beautiful words Pam. Happy Mother's Day to you. Lucie x

  4. What lovely words, Hope that you had a good Mothers Day. Diane

  5. Lovely post!

    Happy Mother's Day!

  6. A lovely post for Mother's Day! I am not good with poems so I just posted some photos for Mother's day on my Aqua Sunday blog. My mom lives far from me but I'm lucky she spends a month in Florida.

    Thanks for this post, they are always with us! Happy Mother's Day Pam!!

  7. Happy mothers day to you too! Eating out today?

  8. Fantastic Mother's Day poem. Hope you had a blessed day with your family.


  9. What a lovely poem. It really says it all, doesn't it?

    Happy Mother's Day!

  10. great post and hope you had a wonderful mothers day...i loved the line from the poem..."you carry her inside of you"...so true!!

  11. Happy (now belated) Mother's Day to you too! Very sweet post :)

  12. What a lovely - and so true - poem. Hope you had a wonderful day !

  13. Many thanks to all of you and here's hoping you all had a wonderful Mother's Day also!

  14. Lovely poem and happy mother's day to you!

  15. tasteofbeirut, thank you so much!


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