Mom’s Sweet Pickles from Dill Pickles

Have you ever tasted a pickle made in this fashion?  I don’t even know how to describe the taste other than to say they are incredibly delicious!  They do not taste like a dill pickle nor do they taste like a sweet pickle.  They are a totally unique pickle!

I remember these pickles from my early years when Mom made them and what a treat they were.  I wanted her to make them much more often!  They are like candy, I kid you not! 

These pickles are easy, easy to make, there is no canning and all of that involved.  Just empty the dill pickle jar, cook a little brine with spices, plunk them back in the jar and refrigerate.  That’s it!  They’re done!  

I love all pickles but these are truly my favorite!  Try them; they just might become your favorite.  They are just so different.  If you love pickles the way I love pickles; believe me, you will love these pickles!

Sweet Pickles from Dill Pickles


1 quart whole dill pickles
2 cups sugar
½ cup vinegar
1 teaspoon celery seed
1 teaspoon mustard seed


Pour off juice from pickles.
Soak pickles in water for a minute.
Drain well. 
Slice pickles into halves or sticks.
Place pickles back in jar.
Mix sugar, vinegar, and seeds in a saucepan.
Bring to a boil.
Pour over pickles.
Best to let them set for a day before eating.

EAT and ENJOY!!!!  They are addictive, I’m telling you!  YUM!!!


  1. Never tried to make this before. Usually just make papaya and mango pickles.

  2. These sound excellent, a must try!

  3. I love how easy these sound. I definitely need to give these a try. Thanks for the recipe. Have a nice day! Twyla

  4. I love pickles and I just discovered fried dill pickles a few months ago!...This sounds easy and very good!

  5. Mmmmmm...yum I LOVE pickles!!

  6. Thank you so much for the kind words and well wishes Pam! You are Awesome!


  7. Yum....these sounds good. Hope to try soon:)

  8. This sounds really cool. I'll try these when my kids come home.

  9. Little Inbox, sounds interesting! I've never made mango and papaya pickles.

    5 Star Foodie, great!

    Twyla, thanks! Hope you and Lindsey are having a wonderful day also!

    Jacqueline, I have heard of fried dill pickles but have never had one. That is definitely something different! I'll have to try one!

    Holly, I do too!

    Pam, thank you! You are pretty great yourself!

    The Fadjich Times, I hope you do and that you like them!

    Kathleen, cool! They're a great pickle! Thanks!

  10. Nobody does different pickeled things anymore!! I love this idea. Will have to try it.
    (if I can manage to read the directions correctly. LOL )
    sorry your scalloped potatoes were not what you were hoping for.

  11. Pam,
    I made pickles, once. I canned bread and butter pickles and yes, they were good. I just don't know that I was any "good" at canning. (Maybe something I should try later in life?)(Like now?)
    Growing up, visiting my paternal Grandma's farm, she had a "back room" between the well house and the kitchen that had her washer & dryer in it, one of those old tin box showers and a sink. She used to pickle her pickles in big old crocs and cover them with cheesecloth. I wonder if these were somethiing like what she made? (I need to ask my mother about this.)
    hugs, Cheryl

  12. These sound excellent! I will be trying them.

  13. Never heard of these! But I may have to try them. They'd be great alongside a grilled burger, eaten on the patio!

  14. I've never heard of doing this. How fun! I want to try it! :)

  15. I have never heard of these but we are all about the pickles, it sounds interesting & tasty too! Thanks for posting this one.

  16. My partner LOVES pickles. I think I might have to give these a try for him. Thanks for the idea!

  17. I used to make dozens of large jars of dill pickles; mine had garlic in them. That was a long time ago; good memories.

  18. Nothing beats homemade pickles, especially in the summer!

  19. Wow pretty simple. My son is a sweet pickle eater. When he was small his favorite lunch was a piece of meat or cheese wrapped around a sweet pickle. He will be delighted when I make these.

  20. This is a great idea! Manly brought home this ridiculously huge jar of dill pickles from work so it's nice to know how to convert some of them into sweet ones.

  21. Debbie, go for it! These are some great pickles!

    Whosyergurl, I haven't "canned" pickles in a long time. What is great about this recipe is that it requires no actual canning. I know what you mean with your grandmother and her pickling. We had an attached smoke house and Mom did a lot of that type stuff there. Wish I had one!

    Farmchick, good luck and I hope you enjoy them!

    Abby, they'd go great with a burger. Grilling season just started here. Love it!

    theUngourmet, they are are fun to make and something a little different.

    Dee, you're welcome and thanks for the visit!

    Elizabeth and Jared, hope you try them and that it's just what he likes!

    Sage, there's nothing like a good freshly made dill pickle. Sounds great to me!

    Fresh Local and Best, I agree with you wholeheartedly! Thanks for stopping by!

    Mimi, yes! They're very easy. I hope your son likes these with his meat or cheese. It beats bread!

    Danielle, the timing is perfect. Hope you enjoy them!


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