Cheddary Corn Casserole

I love corn in just about any form, even candy!

Fresh corn on the cob from our local farmer’s market is my favorite but, that won’t be available until sometime in June.  In the meantime, I bake this great corn casserole now and then to satisfy my craving.  And since I love corn bread also, this recipe combines both of those wonderful things in one dish!

This is a savory delicious dish and so very easy to make with the help of Jiffy cornbread mix.  It is similar to a custard, dappled with tender corn kernels.  I’m sure Southerners would like it with a touch of sugar! 

Cheddary Corn Casserole


1 can whole kernel corn, drained
1 can creamed corn
1 box Jiffy cornbread mix
2 eggs, beaten
1 stick butter
1½ cups cheddar cheese, shredded


Melt butter and place in large mixing bowl.
Add corn and Jiffy mix, stir well.
Add beaten eggs to mixture.
Place in medium greased casserole dish.
Bake at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes until golden.
Top with cheddar cheese.
Continue baking for 5-10 minutes until cheese is melted.

It is corny cheddary delicious!


  1. This looks very good. Nice and simple too! Thanks for another great side dish. I love corn and make it a lot here.

  2. This sounds great, but Jiffy Corn Bread Mix must be American. I have never heard of it in either the UK or France. Diane

  3. Sounds good and easy, a great combination!!...Have a fun Saturday.

  4. I love love love this corn casserole! It's the best!

  5. I make one very similar except it doesn't have the cheese.....I am going to try it with the cheese next time...Yummy!!!

  6. Ohh that looks good! You and I are going to get lots of recipes from each other! Love it!
    My posts are a week behind real life. I am storing up for summer LOL when we get really busy with traveling. For the grocery/menu listing mentioned in last nights post you will have to view this post.
    Hope that's not too confusing! :)

  7. I've made this before, but never with the cheese in it. Who knew???
    Looks marvelous! Need to get!
    Love your new bloggie redo. Very spiffy, and veggie!

  8. Oh yes! you gotta love that Jiffy Cornbread mix! Love it!

    Nice blog change Pam! Having fun playing with it?

  9. OMY Goodness Pam! You just keep bringin' it:) I don't know how to act. This is a must for my Sunday dinner next week. Thank you!

    God Bless

  10. The corn I love to eat when I can't get my hand on the good stuff is Market Pantry frozen white and yellow corn. It's about as close to home as it gets!

  11. I'm with you on corn. I love it, fresh corn, candy corn or popcorn. And my favorite is fresh corn, boiled or roasted, but this looks yummy.

  12. Debbi Smith, you're welcome! We love corn here that's for sure!

    Food, Fun and Life in the Charente, yes! Jiffy Corn Bread Mix is an American thing and I'm sorry it is not available by you. On the other hand, you have so many great foods over there that I would love to have here! :-) Hope you're having a wonderful day!

    Jacqueline, thanks! It's raining and supposed to be stormy here in early evening and tomorrow. Hope you're having a terrific day!

    Shamrocks and Shenanigans, yes we will! You've got some great dishes yourself that I want to try! I know what you mean about the storing up! Thanks for the link, I will be checking it out! Nice to see you!

    Corgidogmama, thanks! I never made it with cheese either until a few years ago when a friend did so I blame the extra calories on her! Thanks about the new blog look. I imagine you are having a lot of rain your way now also. Storms too, maybe. It's one wet weekend and you have a good one!

    Lyndsey, oh yeah! Jiffy makes it easy! Thanks about the blog change! Yes, I'm having fun with it and it's a little frustrating sometimes too. It keeps me out of trouble anyway! ;)

    legendwife, glad you like it! It's really good! Can't wait until it's fresh at the farmer's markets though. I could easily just let that by my dinner with a salad!

    Buttercup, you got it! Love, love corn! Fresh is my favorite also and can't wait for it! Have a good weekend!

  13. Wish I could try this one Pam (no Jiffy here in Ireland)

    Love the new look:}

  14. Browonieville Girl, I'm so sorry! It's truly delicious! Love that Ireland though! Thanks for the look comment! You have a great rest of the weekend!

  15. I had this recipe years ago and have been looking for it--with no luck. Thank you so much!!!!


  16. This looks so good!! I love comfort food and love corn!!

  17. Yum - that looks absolutely delcious, and I bet would be a hit in my household ;)

  18. From the Kitchen, glad that I helped you out! The same has happened to me with other recipes. Thanks!

    Sharon, comfort food works for me! Love it! Thank you!

    Lynda, great and I hope you try it and they like it! Thanks for the visit!

  19. Yummy! I make corn cakes using very similar ingredients (2 boxes of Jiffy mixed by their directions and then adding corn, creamed corn and making like pancakes. Love the casserole idea, makes it even easier and love the addition of cheddar cheese too. I think I'll do this and maybe add some spicy sausage or bacon. Thanks for the great idea! :-)

  20. Martha, I will be trying what you said; it sounds delicious and I imagine they are a little crusty. Yum! Bacon or sausage would be good with this dish too, you're right! Thanks!


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