Thanksgiving Wishes from Our House to Yours!

Ode to Thanksgiving

May your stuffing be tasty
May your turkey be plump,
May your potatoes and gravy
Have nary a lump.
May your yams be delicious
And your pies take the prize,
And may your Thanksgiving dinner
Stay off your thighs!

Thanksgiving Day is the day to reflect on what we have to be thankful for and count our blessings; giving thanks to God.   I am thankful for life itself and the good health of my family members, allowing all of us to be together today, smiling and laughing. 

With the pies made, the turkey and goose in the oven and fragrant aromas starting to permeate through the house, it’s time to take a short break before the big feast.  A Bloody Mary is not an exotic drink, but one that will fill your need to relax.  

Spicy Bloody Mary


24 ounces tomato juice
4 T. drained prepared horseradish, drained
6 ounces vodka
4-6 dashes hot sauce
4 dashes Worcestershire sauce
¼ t. celery salt
½ t. pepper
6 T. lemon juice
Celery spears
Large olives

Pour all of the above ingredients, except celery spears and lemon wedges, in a glass pitcher and blend well.
Pour into glasses over ice.
Garnish with celery spears and olives.
Serve immediately.

May all of you enjoy the day and give thanks for all!

Happy Thanksgiving!



I want to enjoy my life, and food is a big part of it.

~ Gwyneth Paltrow

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